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Open Source: Lacer

Real Name: Birdeater "Birdie" Zauber
Powers: Spider (Tarantula) Physiology; When merged with the living textile, "Denim", Birdie gains Dermal Armor, Supernatural Body, two pairs of giant shoe laces from the back that can stretch up to 30ft long each and can support both Birdie's body weight and an additional 7 tons, and finally a long, prehensile tongue.
Equipment: A living piece of textile name "Denim" that is symbiotically bound to a host body. Wearing this entity grants a couple of powers to the user.
First Appearance: (7/30/2018)

Ever since the official trailer for Venom came out, I wanted to do a parody of Venom himself. And I know I did symbiotes already with The Horrid, but this one was too good to pass up. Plus the idea of this guy trying to be threatening and badass by saying, "We... Are Denim" would be hilarious.

For the basic story of this guy, Birdeater, Birdie for short, was one of the spiderlings that Catalyst created including his 7 brothers and only sister, Reddie Redback. While Birdie does have the DNA of a Goliath Birdeater spider, he's still dwarfed by his much larger sister due to him still being a male spider. At a point in time, Catalyst's R&D department noticed that two of the 9 spiders aren't actually up to the recommended standard, the two being Birdeater and his smaller brother, Harvestman, Harvey for short.

So as a way to figure out how to boost their efficiency, the two were exposed to a shard of Sargassite, which had the effect of turning the two from their normal jumping spider-like form to a more humanoid shape, similar to their genetic contributer, Creepy Crawler, but lacking the additional arms Crawler and Reddie had. However, even with this change, the two still weren't that great at being infiltrators nor hackers.

Both the spiders' handlers were told by the higher ups that the two spider humans were to be "retired" the next day due to them being a waste of resources. The handlers, who had grown attached to their respective spiderling, decided to release the  two during the night. The handlers gave them orders to leave the district and Sargasso itself so as to not have the spiders "retired", possibly with the higher-ups using the spiders' mental kill switch.

But the two didn't get to far from the main building as Reddie managed to catch up to them, having been sent by the higher ups to retrieve them, in pieces if necessary. As both Birdie and Harvey traverse the city to evade capture, the two managed to enter a condemned apartment building near the city's border, a building that was about as structurally sound as a jenga tower with a couple bricks missing. Their chase through the building caused the building to start collapsing, with Reddie managing to grab Harvey's arm as he leaped through a window, tearing it off at the shoulder joint before the building finally came tumbling down with Redback still inside. Birdie and Harvey both escaped into the surrounding forest after evading the collapse.

At some point afterwards, Birdie ends up encountering a living piece of denim cloth which merges itself with him. This living cloth talks to Birdie mentally, saying that it's name is Denim. Denim is kind of the less successful, poser cousin to Venom. Someone who tries to be threatening and badass, but it's more of an insecure douche that doesn't have the same grip on Birdie that the Venom Symbiote had on Spiderman. Now the two have to work together so that they and Harvey can survive the wilderness outside the city.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Lacer, his siblings and Denim are open source characters created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use them any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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Wait, is this inspired by Z-Strap? Its been ages since I've seen anything related to any of Skechers' marketing superheroes.