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Open Source: Karlie Somebody

Karlie Somebody
Real Name:
Karlie Somebody
Powers: Similar to her more well-known counterpart, Jenny Everywhere, Karlie is able to exist in multiple places at once but she's not directly connected to them in the same way Jenny is with her many counterparts. She has one consciousness in between all of them and can transfer her consciousness to another Karlie, allowing her to gain the knowledge of that specific Karlie. Though when she isn't in another Karlie, those unused Karlies are under "Auto-Pilot" and go about their daily lives as if nothing happened before and after Karlie Prime possesses them.

- Helmet of Bread Control - A strange-looking helmet that looks like a loaf of bread mixed with a knight's helmet. Wearing this helmet allows the bearer the power of Bread Manipulation. Three of the ways that the helmet's bearer can use this power is to either make bread that can infuse the eater with strength. Make a loaf of bread so tantalizing that the mere aroma can enrapture someone and make them susceptible to suggestion. Or create a loaf of bread that can actually heal the one that consumes it.

- Grainsaw - What looks like a loaf of bread that has been made in the shape of a chainsaw, except the chain on the blade is made up of actual grains of wheat. When used along with a Helmet of Bread Control, this loaf actually does function exactly like a regular chainsaw, able to cut through things like wood and flesh like a normal chainsaw. Though with some modifying, the Grainsaw can be useful in cutting down harder materials.

First Appearance: Deviantart (5/30/2020)

The being known as Karlie Somebody is a rather enigmatic entity within The Super-Sargasso Sea. Though from what could be pieced together is that Karlie was originally a part of the heroine known as Jenny Everywhere, but when this counterpart was taken into The Super-Sargasso Sea, the Elohim had caused that Jenny to end up getting completely remade down to her very soul, disconnecting her from the other Jennys in Totality and with no memory as to who she was or where she came from.

Though as she discovered during her time within The Ever-Changing City, she was able to transfer her consciousness to other Karlies that exist within The Super-Sargasso Sea. This power allowed her to go on various adventures within The Sea as different Karlies in different versions of the same locations such as:

-Having the powers of a Flying Brick and joining The Weird Boys in their crimefighting.
-Being a jungle girl in the world of Carnivornia.
-Living in the undersea city of Cloud Nine as a mechanic.
-Being a mutant within The Sewers of The Ever-Changing City.
-Working for M.U.C.C. as one of Cloacina's followers.
-Being a student with Healing Powers in Roquefort University.
-Being a Gun Moll for a crime boss known as Black Arachnid.
-And so on.

Though Karlie Prime's real home is within the organization known as D.A.R.C.O. Which stands for "Dangerous Artifact Retrieval and Containment Organization." Their job within The Ever-Changing City of Sargasso is the collection of Artifacts, Baubles, Curios, Knicknacks & Trinkets that are considered too dangerous for the regular person or god forbid, criminals to get their hands on. As whenever Toshers finds something in The Expansive Sea of Junk to sell in Tosher's Market, they call Karlie, codenamed Honeybee, or some other member of D.A.R.C.O. to go check it out to make sure that the item is actually empowered in some way. And in what way if so.

And if that item in question has an ability that is considered too dangerous to be sold to the general public, like a fan that can blow the soul out of a person if one swings the fan hard enough to cause a massive gale, D.A.R.C.O. confiscates it and keeps it in their vault with the other dangerous artifacts.

D.A.R.C.O. is also called in whenever there are reports of someone using a dangerous artifact and is causing havoc in the city. When this happens, D.A.R.C.O. agents are sent out with artifacts of their own to better combat the threat.

With Karlie, she has two on her person for when she needs to get into combat. A Helmet of Bread Control & a Grain Saw. Both these specifically since Karlie still has her former self's love for toast and these two artifacts synergize well with her. Especially since she still has the knowledge of the other Karlies she'd taken control of previously to back her up."---)

Ya know, it's about time that I did my own Jenny Everywhere-esque character. I mean it seemed a bit obvious that a character like her could exist within The Sea in some way or fashion. Though unlike the other characters directly connected to Jenny Everywhere, Karlie Somebody can only possess another Karlie that exists within The Super-Sargasso Sea and no other worlds outside of it.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.

And as is tradition with any character directly connected to Jenny Everywhere, I'm gonna use a different disclaimer for this character:

Karlie Somebody is an "Open-Source Character" and was created specifically for use by anyone. The only rule about using her is that your work must have this notation:

"The character of Karlie Somebody is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Karlie Somebody, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed."

While copyrights on an individual's interpretation of the character are allowed and encouraged, the idea and the character are free to use by anyone.
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D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar

Interesting character. I like her design and the role she plays

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Glad you like her! :)

Sparrow9612's avatar

Nice to see D.A.R.C.O. be put to good use. I get the ideas for stuff like that put together and then things just kind of stall, and I can't come up with a full story to use those ideas in. Can get to be rather frustrating.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

So what do you think about the character herself?

Sparrow9612's avatar

She is certainly very interesting, as I am quite fond of the original Jenny Everywhere and the concept of her character. I never really thought of what effect the elohim in The Sea would have on the unusual composition of someone like Jenny, since she is interconnected to her other selves throughout the multiverse.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Yeah, it can be a roll on a million sided die as to what could happen to you if you get exposed to Elohim.

Sparrow9612's avatar

Right, at least in The Sea where the elohim is more condensed. I figure that it might be less prone to monsterizing you in normal space, hence the various superpowers manifesting in my take on the lore. Some can still become monsters though, usually those of a villainous nature. The outside reflects the inside basically.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

I can definitely relate.

I got a lot of material for stories and characters on my harddrive and I just don't use it or even finish them because I lose interest for long periods of time.

WOLFBLADE111's avatar

Awesome! :la: This D.A.R.C.O Group sounds a lot like The SCP Foundation. Which is cool. :D

Also, interesting power there with the bread. Here I was expecting something stupid funny and yet it works pretty well. I do like a Good piece of Bread. XD

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Not a bad comparison, but the big difference between DARCO and the SCP Foundation is that DARCO is more out in the open and that they mostly tackle just artifacts and the people that would abuse their power. While the SCP Foundation goes after ALL anomalous forces and mind wipe every civilian who sees them to keep everything secret. Along with having some questionable ethics when dealing with certain threats.

DARCO is kinda like the organizations in those shows on the old SciFi channel like Warehouse 13 and The Lost Room. While in The Sea, there is no masquerade that keeps the weird out of normality, because what could be considered weird in our reality IS considered normal in The Ever-Changing City. I mean the fact that superhumans, mutants, magic and highly advanced technology exist at the same time in The Sea, if you are an average citizen, you better get yourself armed with whatever you can get to better protect yourself.

And I'm glad you like the Bread Artifacts! :)

WOLFBLADE111's avatar

Aaah I see so they're more like MIB but for objects combined with Argus or Shield.

Nice. :D

That I do. :)

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