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Open Source: Honest Kevin

Honest Kevin
Given Name: Kevin
Powers: Garbage Mimicry; Trash Swimming; Underwater Senses; Stench Generation; Body Storage; Enhanced Charisma; can somehow appear and disappear from inside any trash can and dumpster; And finally, when given different components, he can create unique Curios and/or infuse normal objects like baseball bats, steel pipes and even bricks with new, supernatural abilities.
Equipment: Whatever he has stored inside the can or dumpster he's currently residing in.
First Appearance: Deviantart (3/13/2018)

A Bag-Type Basura with the gift of gab, Honest Kevin has made claims of having "Kurios" that cannot be found at Tosher's Market or anywhere else but in his "Kurio Kiosk", which is usually a trash can or a dumpster he appears from. Though a lot of the times, when someone does make a trade with Kevin, the item they receive would actually be a cheap piece of crap or it has some kind of strange gimmick. An example being that if Kevin gave someone "Excalibur" during a trade, the person ends up finding out that "Excalibur" was actually more of a knockoff whose blade bends and crumples like cheap aluminum upon using it. An example of the latter would be when he trades what he describes as a "Soul Eating Sword", though when used, the sole of the victim's shoes would get absorbed into the blade instead of their soul.

Though one of the services Kevin can provide without fail is that, when given enough materials, he can actually create his own Curios that he sells for actual money. Some of the Curios he created are as such:

-An double-sided axe made from a metal baseball bat with two sharpened ice skate blade bolted on. The axe has the ability which, when thrown, can circle back into the thrower's hand like a boomerang.

-A megaphone made from a traffic cone and a handle from a coffee pot taped to it, that has runes etched in permanent marker on the megaphone's rim. This device amplifies the user's voice when spoken like an electronic megaphone, but also it increases the power of spells that require vocalization.

-A pair of blacksmith tongs made from a pair of 2' ft pieces of rebar and with runes etched into the handles. When the tongs have been closed, the head of the tongs starts glowing red like it came out of a forge and a large construct that looks and feels like a burning hot piece of metal, with it usually in the size and shape of a bastard sword's blade, which then crumbles away into slag when the tongs are opened. This function allows the tongs to be used as a bastard sword, but it can also be used for mid-ranged stabbing such as closing the tongs while it is aimed the head towards a target causes the construct to shoot forward into the target.

And it is this kind of service that's the reason why Kevin doesn't get immediately told to shove off or even pummeled into the dirt whenever he shows up to sell his wares."--)

Main Article: Sargasso, The Ever-Changing City

I kinda wanted to do a merchant character, one that both sells things like Final Fantasy's Excalipoor and can work as a blacksmith for your own character. That and his personality is like that of a carnival huckster, someone who can talk people into trading with him. If you want an idea for what his voice and his way of speaking is like, I recommend watching this video by Youtube personality, Ashens, where he reads from a 1969 Ellisdons Novelty Catalogue. Especially at 6:13 for how I imagine Kevin's voice would be.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Honest Kevin is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use them any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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I'm really unsure how to critique this piece, all I can say is the character looks pretty cool ^^
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This is a really creative character, I dig it.
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Glad you approve and to hear from you again! :)
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Thanks its good to be back. Hopefully the stay will be a longer one this time around.
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Sounds like a cool character. I’ve always liked the idea of mysterious merchants who show up randomly.
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