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Open Source: Freedoom

Real Name: Heather Stalvern
Powers: Demon Physiology, can double jump and maneuver in mid-air with her eagle wings, can create an energy cannon from her own flesh and bones with the red bands around her wrists.
Equipment: Whatever she can use as a weapon.
First Appearance: Deviantart (7/30/2017)

"There are a few questions that people who first come to Sargasso have asked when someone talks about the supernatural elements of the city. Where do the souls of the dead go after they die? Does a Heaven or a Hell exist in this plane of existence? Do souls just stay on the physical plane as immaterial spirits with no place to go or do they just evaporate into nothingness?

Truth be told, most people don't know about a Heaven existing in Sargasso, but there's definitely a Hell. And it's entrances are in the 90's District within walking distance from the nearest "The Inferno" Bar-B-Q joint.

This Hell, called Hellington, is actually a small, suburban-looking town like that found in paintings of picturesque 60s Suburbia, hidden under the 90s District. The demons that inhabit this town are called the Nephilim, and they use to live in a world in which during Genesis when fallen angels mated with humans, God made it so that an angel & a human mating resulted in a demon instead of a giant human being born. And these Nephilim are varied in their looks, some looking like saytrs, some like snake-people, but they mostly looked like demons found in the paintings done by Hieronymus Bosch. [Link][Link][Link]

While these beings aren't evil per say, they were still considered abominations to God. Though instead of just smiting the Nephilim right then and there, he had an idea. The demons were told that if they wanted to earn their place in Heaven, they will have to do a job for God. Having them punish sinners and those who have punished enough evil will gain their place in Heaven.

So the Nephilim set up multiple towns in Sheol, the flip-side of the Material Plane and The Realm of The Dead, where they can live their lives away from the creations of God and do God's work of punishing Evil-Doers. Each town having a Cauldron of Fire, which draws in the souls that are blackened with sin. The Souls that end up in the Cauldron are extracted and handled by a few, more hardy Nephilim and are "re-forged" as usable materials & edibles for sustenance.

However, one of these towns, Hellington, was transported to Sargasso by a great cataclysm. And with the inhabitants so far away from God and their way into Heaven, they had to try and adapt to this new location. And since the city is rife with evil souls, the Nephilim can still do their role. Though this time, they have a chance to interact with the other inhabitants without fear of God smiting them for the attempt, having a contribution to the other inhabitants of Sargasso with their Soul-Forged wares.

A few years later since their relocation, portals opened up all across Hellington, with hundreds of strange and hostile creatures pouring in and attacking the Nephilim. Centipede-esque creatures with tentacles for arms that throw energy balls; floating, one-eyed creatures that fire energy from their eye; man-sized worms that can turn invisible; and some that looked like a horrid mix of undead human and machine are just some of the creatures that came through.

When the Nephilim's more hardy fighters became outgunned and outnumbered, another portal opened up. This time it came with the sound of a large boom with a body of one of the invaders flying out with a large hole in it's torso along with a humanoid walking out of the portal. This humanoid wore red, white & blue armor with a white star on the chest and a blue helmet & yellow visor that didn't show the wearer's face.

The Humanoid then started what can be described as a bloodbath, using weapons like a Double-Barreled Shotgun, a Minigun, a gun that fired plasma energy, an Angle Grinder for when he went up close and a much larger weapon with the name "SKAG 1337" printed on the side, which fired a ball of red energy that shot out lighting at a massive group of the invaders, causing them to explode. Though he seemed to prefer using his own two hands at times to either rip an invader's head in half, or as the case with the worms, stomping down on their middle section, grab them by their "neck" and quickly yank them in half.

During this rampage, The Humanoid spotted a little girl that was also a winged saytr, being chased by one of the centipede invaders who was about to fire an energy sphere at her when she tripped and fell. That was until The Humanoid caught up with the invader and sliced it in half length-wise with the Angle Grinder. When the two pieces fell to the ground in opposite directions, The Humanoid walked towards the girl, extending a hand towards her. The girl gingerly gripped the hand, and The Humanoid pulled her back on her feet. The two looking at each other for a few seconds before the Humanoid gently patted her on the head and turned around to headed off. Before it went too far, the girl squeaked out a "Thank you", causing the Humanoid to stop briefly before holding out it's arm, giving her a thumbs up and saying in a deep voice, "Oohrah."

After that, The Humanoid continued his reign of destruction on the invaders, until they seemed to realize that The Humanoid was thinning their ranks faster then they can replace, so they had to flee back through the portals with The Humanoid following behind.

With the invaders and The Humanoid gone, the Nephilim had to try and rebuild their homes and their businesses from the destruction caused by the invaders, but many new, alien souls were added to the Cauldron, allowing the Nephilim to create more unique items.

Everyone was deeply affected by the invasion, but none moreso then the little girl, who was one of the few demons that was close enough to interact with The Humanoid, though she called him "Oohrah" from the only word that she ever heard him spoke.

Inspired by Oohrah's actions, the girl, who was named Heather, decided to train herself so that she can become as great as him when she gets older, dying her fur and hair to match the colors of her hero when she became an adult."

This character was inspired by FreeDoom, an open source version of the original Doom games. In fact it's one of their main goals to make every part of it available for everyone for free since ID released the source code. And the FreeDoom game is compatible with mods for the original doom games. The link to get FreeDoom is right here. And here is some gameplay footage of FreeDoom if you want to see what it's like.

When I first heard the name I thought, "Huh, sounds like the name of a 90s Image Comics character" then when I found footage for the game, that's when the gears start turning. So my mind was bouncing around with the idea of FreeDoom being part of Sargasso, specifically since the original Doom was released during the 90s.

Also I wanted to add a bit of a twist in that "Hell" was being invaded by the aliens from "FreeDoom" and the Player Character, The Savior of Humanity came in to save it. But since I can't use any of the demons from the Doom games for this version of Hell, I remembered Bogleech talking about the demons in Hieronymus Bosch's paintings of Hell, so I went with those, though if you want to add more types of demons to this Hell, go right ahead.

Then I built onto the more supernatural aspects of Sargasso with the concept of an Afterlife, since the continent is a mishmash of different places across Totality, so it's not unlikely that an afterlife would end up there as well.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Freedoom and the town of Hellington is an open source character & setting created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use them any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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Bet she'll grow up to be a real badass of Oohrah is anything to go off
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That's the idea. I see her as something like Teen Titan's Starfire when out of combat, but when she's in the heat of battle she goes into an almost berserker-like rage like The Doom Slayer with the Berserk power-up in 2016's Doom.