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Open Source: Ferro Kan

Ferro Kan, The Iron Engineer
Given Name: Francis
Race: Basura (Can-Type)
Powers: Garbage Mimicry; Trash Swimming; Underwater Senses; Stench Generation; Body Storage & Mechanical Intuition
First Appearance: Deviantart (6/21/2018)
Equipment: A exo-suit designed and built using Basurian Engineering combined with the advanced technology of Catalyst, which were actually rejected and/or highly experimental components that didn't function as initially intended. This suit does contain thrusters and a jetpack for powered flight, hydrolics for additional strength, plating that can resist getting buckled by a wrecking ball, and a pair of kinetic laser pistols that function as both additional thrusters and laser weapons.

As explained earlier about Basurian Engineering, it can be summed up as one part actual science, one part magic, two parts improvisation & three parts religious belief to fill in the blanks and yet Somehow, a Basuraian Engineer can get the results they want. For if you look at say the inner workings of a fully functioning vehicle manufactured by the Basura, it would be full of all sorts of random components and religious inscriptions to the Offal Gods that would give a real world engineer a brain aneurism just by looking at it. As in almost any other reality, such devices would either simply not function, fall apart or even explode due to that world's laws of physics.

And it's this kind of seemingly impossible nonsense that Catalyst wanted to analyze and exploit. So after spreading ads asking for any Basuraian Engineers to join the company as part of the R&D Department, one such engineer approached them. This Can-Type Basura was called Francis, who was ecstatic about the possibility of using more advanced pieces of tech.

The head of the R&D Department simply gave Francis a large crate full of unused, failed and highly experimental components and scraps like the very bare bones of an exo-suit and told him to make something from it as his test to officially join the R&D Team, which was like being a kid in a candy store for Francis.

So under surveillence by both the R&D head and the company's CEO to see how a Basura, Francis was able to put together a surprisingly functional exo-suit with internal components that really shouldn't go together and other parts that Francis scavenged from the room around him and held together using nuts, bolts, a welding torch and a lot of duct tape that had prayers to the Offal Gods written in permenant marker on it. Though to the CEO's dismay, this suit was only wearable and functional for a Basura, but they were somewhat impressed by how this creature can frankenstein something like this.

One part of Francis' services to Catalyst is that he also get's to join the other "Heroes" that also work for the company, such as the laser-sharp speedster, Nitrox; the spider infiltrator, Reddie Redback; and The Cyborg of Sass, Andra, and together they are called The Catalyst Quartet. Though as Francis works alongside the other three, he ends up feeling a kind of attraction towards Andra, who finds Francis' attempts at romance cute, but she isn't all that interested in having a walking garbage can for a boyfriend as she has other problems she has to take care of, like her sociopathic, superhuman baby sister, Minnie."--)

Got the idea for this from this picture from the Avengers Know Your Meme image gallery. That's why Ferro Kan's helmet looks like one of those office trash cans. So I wanted to do a group made up of the superbeings from Catalyst, but my mind was stuck on the name Catalyst Quartet so I needed to do one more character.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Ferro Kan and The Catalyst Quartet are open source characters created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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I can't tell if it's my computer, but it looks a little blurry? I like it though :D