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Open Source: Dynamic Boy

Dynamic Boy
Real Name:
Alias: Roy
Powers: Enhanced Strength, Speed, Stamina, Durability & Senses; Flight; An above-average intellect; and finally, Adaptive Metabolism.
- Clouded Headband of Ice Breathing: A sky-blue headband with patches of white. Wearing this headband allows one to generate from within oneself ice/cold and release them from the mouth.
- Comet Visor: A pair of glass goggles that once belonged to the superhero, The Comet. If the wearer were to cross their eyes, the visor will emit a laser beam that has the potential to cut through steel, but will take some time to cut through substances like titanium.
- Radar Ring: A product of pseudo-science that grants the wearer Radar Vision, which actually functions similar to X-Ray Vision except without any use of actual X-Rays.
- Concussion Camera: An old-fashioned camera with a flashbulb attachment. When the button is pressed, the flashbulb creates and projects a blast of kinetic force at the target, which to a human is comparable to getting punched really hard.
First Appearance: Deviantart (3/17/2019)

In another universe, The planet of Ocarro was on the verge of planetary destruction due to an invasion that wanted to completely strip the planet of all it's resources, minerals, fuel, technology, the combined knowledge of the Ocarrian race, the inhabitants themselves to be sold as a slave race, Everything until there's nothing but a dead and barren planet.

During the invasion, a pair of Ocarrian scientists, a husband and wife duo, had to quickly build a small escape vessel that will take their infant child, Rai-Kod, as far away from the planet as possible so that he wouldn't become a pet for some wealthy alien. Just when the rocket had launched, the soldiers from the invading army had barged into the lab and took the child's parents away at gunpoint.

The invaders detected the child's rocket leaving the planet, so one of their scouting vessels broke off from the main fleet to try and retrieve it. As they didn't want to lose what they considered a valuable commodity.

The chase lasted for a few minutes before the infant's rocket engaged it's faster-than-light engines, allowing it to escape it's pursuer.

So the rocket continued it's journey for several years, Rai-Kod had actually grown as he slept during the trip. This is so because his scientist parents had rigged up life support and a learning device inside the rocket so the baby is kept alive and is subconsciously taught what he needs to not become completely helpless upon landing on a planet out of the invaders' view.

Thirteen years of drifting through the cosmos later, the rocket ended up entering a singularity that appeared in it's path. This singularity was the gateway into The Super-Sargasso Sea, specifically over The Ever-Changing City. The rocket almost collided with both the moon and a living rocket during it's entry and landed in the sea of junk near the shore of the 2000s district.

The rocket's entry didn't go unnoticed, as both The Weird Boys and Dr. Magdalene's crew spotted where it landed. The gang used the doctor's research ship to bring the rocket on board. They were surprised to see through the glass-like hatch a teenage boy wearing some kind of form-fitting spacesuit inside the ship, sleeping through both the rough landing and getting moved by the crew.

So onboard, The crew's engineers worked to open the rocket, at first using the keypad that was next to the hatch. Though after they pressed the first button, the rocket emitted a blue wave of light that briefly swept over everyone in the area before it shrank and reformed into the holographic image of both of Rai-Kod's parents. It was a pre-recorded message that was translated into English, telling everyone around about what happened to their planet of Occarro and why they sent their son in the rocket to begin with. The message finished with the couple saying that they hoped that whoever finds this message would help their son have a life away from the cruel and corrupt.

When the message was finished, the locks on the rocket became unlocked, and the hatch opened. Dr. Magdalene ordered her crew to take the boy below deck to the living quarters while the others looked over the rocket.

It was just about an hour before Rai-Kod opened his eyes for the very first time in over a decade, lying on a hammock in the ship's living quarters with both the doctor and both Sammy Swift and Chroma-Ki in there with him, mostly because they figured that they wouldn't have the other Boys in at first so as to not freak him out when he woke up.

Rai-Kod was confused as he initially couldn't understand what the three were saying as they tried to introduce themselves. However when they motioned towards him to ask for his name, Rai understood enough to reply. Though when he first said his name, he could only get the first half out and it ended up sounding like "Roy", so the others thought that it was his name."---)

This is probably the closest I'll get to actually using Superman, at least until 2033 when the Golden Age version becomes PD. Unless Disney decides to lobby Congress again to have yet another copyright extension before 2024 so that Steamboat Willie doesn't become PD for another couple of years.

Roy's story after the origin is that he does stay on the doctor's ship, with a member or two of The Weird Boys and even their teacher, Skull Glider, checking on Roy each day. One reason is to see if he gained any powers during his entry into The Super-Sargasso Sea, and reason number two being to help Roy get settled into the Sea and show him the ropes with both living in The City itself and learning how to use his powers to defend himself against criminals and people that would exploit him. While obviously he doesn't have the modern Superman's expansive power set, but Roy does collect a few artifacts and trinkets during his time in The City that can help flesh out his arsenal. And if you read the link to Adaptive Metabolism, you'd see that Roy here doesn't immediately get powers by sunlight, he has to build up his strength through constant training and incrimental exposures to different levels of stimuli.

I took a few ques from The Adventures of Superman Radio Show like how instead of arriving on Earth as a baby, Kal-El ended up arriving on Earth already as an adult. So I took the in-between route and made Roy a teenager upon landing. And since Kryptonite actually first appeared in the radio show, Roy does develop a weakness to a certain mineral, what kind I haven't decided.

Another idea I had involving Dynamic Boy was that instead of The Ever-Changing City, it was another city in The Sea that's resembled Metropolis and had the villains from both the radio show and the Fleicher cartoons as his Rogues Gallery. Roy would still work in reporting, but he would be a photographer instead of an ace reporter. Infact, Roy would be more like if Peter Parker was a Kryptonian instead of becoming Spiderman.

Edit (3/31/2019)
: Click Here for part two of Dynamic Boy's story.

Edit (10/13/2019): Click Here to see the mineral that Dynamic Boy is weak against.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Dynamic Boy is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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This is a very interesting twist on the basic concept of the Superman legend(he's been around for the better part of a century so I think it's fair to call Superman's origin story a legend at this point since Superman is arguably the most famous Super Hero not just in the United States but the world and the famous quotation of if you went into the jungle with the cross and the Superman S-Shield,you've got about a 50/50 chance of recognition comes to mind for me when I think of how ubiquitous Superman has become in his popularity ).

I'll absolutely use Dynamic Boy as a character! He'll be a great minor supporting character for me to use for one of my story-lines. I like how the way you approached the Superman origin story for Roy and that twist that you put on it,was having Roy be a teenager when landing(my version of Roy will also land on Earth like Superman did but not in the Mid-West,in fact,I'm not even sure I'll have the ship land in America,I could have it land somewhere in Europe or even in Africa or Asia).

My version of Dynamic Boy will also come into contact with my versions of your other great characters,Sammy Swift,Max Speed and The Weird Boys. I'll keep the weakness to a certain mineral(and I think I'll have him be vulnerable to magic,too,just like Superman is). I'll give him more of a traditional super hero costume and change his hairstyle but I probably won't give him a cape.So many Superman analogues already have capes(including most of the ones that I'll be using),so Dynamic Boy won't have one. Instead of the equipment,I could just have Dynamic Boy have the ability to emit cold-frost breath and devastating laser beams from his eyes(but they'll be closer to the optic-blasts from Cyclops's eyes in the X-Men comics more than it they will be to Superman's heat vision).

The radar vision sounds very interesting,it reminds me of Daredevil's radar sense. I could just have Roy have a kind of radar-vision that he can turn on and off,at will,no different than Superman's X-ray vision and Supes's other vision super-powers. Unlike some of the other Superman analogues that I will be using(who I'll be adding things to,in order to make them different from Superman),I'll embrace and ''lean into''the Superman archetype much more with Dynamic Boy. When you said that Roy would be more like Spider-Man if he were a Kryptonian instead of becoming Spider-Man,I liked the sound of that. I think I'll also give him a similar personality to Spider-Man-that is,using wise-cracking and humor as a coping and defense mechanism. Because Superman-though he has a sense of humor,as Jerry Seinfeld(a die-hard Superman fan) once observed on the classic show,Seinfeld, has never really been that funny -it's not like he's cracking jokes on the regular like Spider-Man,Iron,Deadpool, Harley Quinn,Miles Morales,etc. Making Rai-Kod more of a wise-cracking young buck will make him similar to the Superboy from the 1990s that emerged in the ''Reign Of The Supermen''story-line.

I'll have Dynamic Boy be in his late teens and I'm considering making him cocky,too and having him be like Johnny Storm AKA The Human Torch and more of a pretty-boy womanizing type that girls swoon over(so pretty much merging Spider-Man and Human Torch's personality)but I don't want him to be arrogant in a way that turns people off like Brie Marvel's Captain Marvel apparently does(and I say that as someone who actually likes Brie Larson and who liked Captain Marvel but I get why people would react to both her and her depiction of Captain Marvel that way).

I want Dynamic Boy to be arrogant in more of a charismatic and charming way like how Iron Man,Thor, Doctor Strange,Peter Quill,Han Solo,Captain Jack Sparrow and Brad Pitt's Achilles from Troy are.It's kind of a fine line and a tight rope to walk because as Brad Pitt once said in doing an interview promoting Troy,it's hard to play an character who is arrogant and make them likable-it can be done,obviously but it's still difficult to do(there are a lot of arrogant comic book heroes that I like that some other people can't stand).

Even Spider-Man has been depicted as being cocky-but not in an overly out of control way.

You said that Dynamic Boy is probably the closest you'll get to using Superman-at least until the Golden Age version of Superman becomes PD in 1933.For me,the closest I'll ever get to using Superman is probably Hugo Danner AKA Gladiator and this character of yours,Dynamic Boy.Because,as I said before,I'm going to be using a BUNCH of Superman analogues but most of them will have things that I've added to them to make different from The Man Of Steel(Hugo Danner,included)but I'll have fun embracing Dynmaic Boy being a Superman analogue. And that's one of the reasons why I want him to be a little cocky-not to the point that he's an insufferable,egotistical prick or to the point that he's like Damien Wayne the current Robin but just to show in the comic,that yes,if Superman(whose humility is admirable and whose humility is what I try to emulate in my own life) were to have a bigger ego(but not TOO BIG of an ego) it would still be fine because EVERYBODY has an ego-but you just have to be able control it and keep it in check.

My version of Dynamic Boy won't be a reporter.He'll be more of a corporate-backed Super Hero like how the ''heroes'' in The Boys are (that way he doesn't have to have a secret identity).

But I'll present Dynamic Boy as having a deep love of news and journalism and having a dream of one day no longer being a Super Hero and being a reporter(I think it's a good nod to Clark Kent being a reporter without hitting it right on the nose with having him be a reporter-which would have been fine,too but I just wanted to go in a different direction with the character,like how I wanted to go in a different direction with your character, The Green Trashcan).

I'm excited to use Dynamic Boy!

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Sounds good! :)

Though I should tell you that there is one REALLY big difference between Dynamic Boy and Superman. And that's their biology. You see Occarians on their home planet are kinda like axolotls, they are actually locked in a perpetual larval state thanks to the atmosphere on their planet. But outside of that atmosphere and in, say Earth's atmosphere, that's when they start to fully experience their version of Puberty and morph into their adult forms in multiple stages, which you can find here:

Open Source: Dynamic Beast

That could be a great source of conflict for this character if you wish to go through with it. :)

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It's a shame. There are all kinds of twists on the basic concept which to my knowledge nobody's tried.

• He isn't the sole survivor of his planet, just of the crew of a starship. Decades later, his species tracks his lifeboat's distress beacon to earth and "rescue" him, at which point his upbringing among primitive aliens instead of his own species make "Clark Kent" the kryptonian equivalent of Tarzan.

• He's not superpowered alien baby whose parents sent him away in a prototype spacecraft because their planet Krypton was dying for unspecified reasons, he's a superpowered transhuman baby whose parents sent him away in a prototype time machine because their home planet Krypton was dying for unspecified reasons. He doesn't know this though, not at first. If he ever finds out it'll mean a heroic sacrifice via fixing the start of whatever chain of events would one day lead to Krypton/Future Earth's death, then vanishing in the resulting paradox.

• He's not humanoid. Either from the start or the seemingly human infant the Kents find in the pod is merely a larval stage. He'll grow out of it.

• A race of Supermen. Not Kryptonians, Supermen. They’re adapted to land on planets as eggs and assimilate into the native civilization, developing to mimic the appearance of the locals and becoming the protectors and champions of their adopted worlds. However, any hybrids they sire with the locals are biologically their species and they've got an instinctively programmed biological trigger so that once they make up the entire population, they're all instinctively driven to metamorphosize into their true forms, fly off into space, breed with alien hybrids, drop the eggs on new planets and die. The alien DNA in a hybrid causes an egg when the alien DNA it’s attached to comes in contact with another form of alien DNA. So hybrids from the same planet can breed with each other or natives just fine and produce seemingly normal young, but hybrid/human plus hybrid/martian offspring would end up as eggs suitable for dropping on planets.

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And here's a result of that idea: Dynamic Beast
Open Source: Dynamic Beast by Amanacer-Fiend0
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These ideas are pretty brilliant!

Your third idea sounds like a decent twist for Dynamic Boy! Maybe due to environmental factors on their planet, Rai-Kod and his race are like axolotls, while considered adults in their culture they haven't experienced what can be considered puberty / adulthood. Like how Kryptonians didn't know about how they can develop super powers while under yellow sunlight since all their lives they only had the red sun.

And since Roy was growing in a rocket and not on any planets, he hasn't experienced this form of puberty due to the atmosphere inside the rocket being the same as Occaros. That would all change when he finally landed in The Ever-Changing City. And when his body finally does go through puberty, people would assume that he's experiencing some kind of delayed reaction from Elohim exposure. Though when scanning for Elohim in his system, they actually found very little traces of the energy. Not even close to enough for a mutation to occur.

It could be in stages where stage 1, he becomes like the Adult superman with the idealized male body. Stage two he grows to the proportions of a like that of a Liefeld drawn male with muscles so large that their ridiculous plus Roy would have some increased aggression and mood swings to deal with. With Stage 3 it turns out that stage 2 is actually a mobile cocoon, which splits open like a cicada's shell and the Chestburster scene from Alien, revealing some kind of grotesque mix of Lovecraft's Night Gaunts & Whately from the Dunwitch Horror.

As an aside, there's also our own superman we thought of together; Secutor, The Lovecraftian Superman we made previously.
Open Source: Secutor by Amanacer-Fiend0
Kinda sad that I haven't done much with him, as I do have the part where his parents found out the wife was barren and were desperate to try anything to have a child. Which resulted in a friend of theirs coming to their doorstep about a church that they are apart of, one capable of miracles including immaculate conception. And that's about all I got with him currently.