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Open Source: Dr. Marceline Magdalene

Doctor "Mad Mad" Magdalene
Real Name: Marceline Magdalene
Powers: Genius Intellect when it involves more unusual subjects such as Xenobiology and Reverse-Engineering Xenotech & despite her unusual appearance, she is for all intents and purposes, a human.
Equipment: Whatever she can build.
First Appearance: Fanpro #0739

"A curious individual that can be found in Sargasso, though she's mostly found at a dock yard that borders the sea of junk on her personal sea-faring vessel, "The Deviant." The Deviant is a re-purposed research vessel that Marceline modified to make it more easily sail across the sea of junk and be her base of operations. As a fanatical researcher of the more unusual objects & lifeforms found in both the city and the near-infinite sea, Doctor Magdalene sails out farther then most Tosher ships are willing to go to find and study new discoveries that can be found beyond the horizon with a crew of mostly Basura with a few well-bodied humanoids, Nephilim, and one Brewborn.

Though since she is one of the few who would go into what is considered uncharted waters, Marceline and her crew have to be extra careful, since there are many different threats that one can encounter on the sea such as what more experienced Toshers have called "Da' Black Bones." An undead abomination that is a giant, blackened skeleton of a predatory fish the size of a blue whale that prowls the deeper depths and feeds on any lifeform unfortunate enough to be in it's path; all to try and fill it's non-existent stomach while in a state of perpetual hunger. One of the main signs that Da' Black Bones is approaching is the sound of dramatic music that can somehow be heard playing in the air, which gets more and more intense as Da' Black Bones draws closer to it's prey."

And another scientist is added to go along with Professor Cal. A scientist that goes out to find discoveries beyond the boundaries of the city. These discoveries could be what could be considered "Islands" on the sea's surface such as Shopping Malls, Housing Projects, and even entire city blocks. Maybe even an "island" that is a version of the Kowloon Walled City from Hong Kong.

'Dr. Marceline Magdalene is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.'
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Nice work! Those colors match so much together! 
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You're welcome!
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Gotta say, I love her design. Good work with her