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Open Source: Doctor Mayhem

Doctor Mayhem, The Master of Electricity
Real Name:
Martin Mayhew
Powers: Enhanced Intelligence
First Appearance: Master Comics #52 (July 1944)
> The Lightning Battery - A device created by Martin himself. This wearable device is capable of attracting and absorbing the electricity around it. Currently the battery contains lightning of a divine nature, as the wearer gains the abilities that the original recipient of the lightning was suppose to have. While the battery's wearer becomes powerful, the battery still has to be recharged periodically, preferably with divine lightning to keep the powers potent.
> The Amulet of Annihilation - The Amulet, which is a blue armband with a white lightning bolt on it, grants the wearer powers including super-strength, super-speed, flight, the ability to generate electricity and radiate “lightning heat,” and a measure of invulnerability (e.g., can contain the explosion of a grenade with their bare hands). These powers are temporary, but the amulet can be recharged with electricity. The Amulet boosts the power Martin had already contained in The Lightning Battery, increasing his power further. However, this combo requires much more electricity to fully charge them both to full capacity.

Martin Mayhew, the self-entitled "Master of Electricity", developed a Lightning Battery that can absorb the lightning that empowers a few of his Earth's greatest heroes that was previously destroyed by that hero's young partner. After losing the fight with the junior hero, Martin had been imprisoned for an extended period of time, swearing revenge against Jr. and his family.

A few years had past since he was first behind bars, however Martin seemed to not age a day. That was because he still had the sparks of divine power that he previously drained from the junior hero within him, even after his first Lightning Battery was destroyed. And during his time in prison he sketched out the blueprint for a new and improved Lightning Battery on multiple scraps of paper that he collected.

After he served his sentence, he was released back on the streets. However, it seemed like the criminal underworld had completely forgotten about him, despite his fight with the Jr. hero being well known among criminals at the time. So he had to rebuild his new Lightning Battery and his underworld connections from scratch.

It took him some time, but he did manage to rebuild both to the level that he was at before. And during this time he kept an eye on the family of heroes that defeated him before, keeping tabs on every single member and planning on his master scheme.

This plan came to light later on, when Martin managed to kidnap and gag the civilian identity of the head hero of the family, Billy Batson aka Captain Marvel. When Billy woke up, he saw that he was in a dark room, tied to a chair with a hankerchief around his mouth, preventing him from speaking. Martin revealed himself to Billy, dressed in a new version of his old outfit that he wore along with the new and improved Lightning Battery on his back. Martin revealed to Billy that he had waited a very long time for this moment, but Billy wasn't the exact target he wanted to go for, but one that is needed for his plans.

Martin turned his back as he continued to monologue about how he will get his revenge on The Marvel Family, and during this time Billy managed to move the gag out of his mouth, allowing him to shout his magic word, "Shazam!"

However, to Billy's surprise, the lightning bolt that was meant for him somehow changed course and headed towards the two prongs on The Lightning Battery, energizing both it and Martin himself, causing the mad scientist to regain some of his youth along with growing in both height and muscle mass. Martin looked over his form, as the old feeling of divine power coursing through his being is a much welcomed relief.

Before Billy could say the phrase again, Mayhew, now called Doctor Mayhem, used his super speed to place a piece of duct tape over Billy's mouth, saying that he still needed Billy for the next part of his plan.

During this time, The Marvel Family tried to look over the city to find Billy, though they did gain some help by someone who was actually chosen by one of their patron deities to assist the family, that person being Jerry Printwhistle aka Goetia.

Going to the area where Billy was last seen and using Ipos' power of Retrocognition, Goetia was able to find out what happened to Billy and who took him. The junior hero, Freddy Freeman aka Captain Marvel Jr, was surprised to hear that an old enemy of his had returned, having not even give a single thought about him for years after Martin's arrest.

Jerry then had The Marvel Family follow behind as he tracked Martin's trail, back to an old apartment complex on the edge of the city. Wanting to prove his worth to The Marvel Family, Goetia volunteered to go inside, saying that he will give the signal for the others to come in.So saying Jerry's own word, he reverted back into his civilian form and snuck into the building where he saw both Billy and Martin walk in and, looking through each room and trying not to make too much noise as he does so.

However, one subtle step on a creaky floorboard resulted in Mayhem bursting through the floor. He looked at the frightened Jerry in amusement, saying that the boy shouldn't be snopping in places he doesn't belong. When Martin reached out to grab Jerry, the boy shouted out "Ibaauc!", which then torrents of green fire engulfed him, surprising Mayhem as the doctor backed up quickly. The torrents of flame finally subsided, revealing Jerry's hero persona.

After the initial shock wore off, Mayhem then though that this was the old Marvel Family villain, Ibac, but this one was much different then that brute. Goetia told Mayhew that he was looking for the boy the doctor had kidnapped. The doctor then asked Goetia if he's here to save him, or that he wanted to kill Billy himself.

Goetia gave his answer in the form of quickly firing a green ball of Ukobach's Fire that struck Martin square in the chest, sending him flying through the wall behind him. Thinking quickly, Goetia threw himself through the hole that Martin came from, which was one one of the bottom floors, but no sign of Billy could be found; So he had to quickly find the stairs to the basement. So he'd done so, finding the entrance to the basement behind a locked door, which wasn't that hard to break open. And fortunately, Billy was behind there, under the light as he was bound and gagged. Billy saw Goetia, feeling a familiar, but unpleasant presence that made the boy fearful.

Goetia tried to alleviate his fears by telling him that he's here to rescue him and thet he brought Billy's family with him. Though when Goetia reached to tear apart the rope, Billy looked over Goetia's shoulder and he tried to yell to get his attention. But it was too late, as Mayhem appeared to tackle Goetia into the nearest wall.

Mayhem thanked Goetia for bringing The Marvel Family to him, as that made completing his plan even easier. Goetia tried to fight back as hard as he could, but while The Strength of Behemoth was great, Doctor Mayhem had the powers of 6 gods inside him and he was able to overpower the hero. And Jerry was hesitant of using his fire powers, as he didn't want to risk burning Billy to death. Fortunately however, Caim's Wisdom came in handy as Jerry realized that he had another way of both distracting the mad doctor and help Billy at the same time.

So using the power granted by Andreaphus, Goetia made his body disperse into a large murder of crows, flying all around the room as they flocked around both Mayhem and Billy, with the birds swarming over Mayhem who tried to swat at all of them as they pecked and scratched with some flying over to Billy's chair using their beaks to undo the restraints.

Doctor Mayhem then decided to just use his super speed to spin around into a tornado, sucking up most of the crows. Though the crows did manage to loosen the ropes enough for Billy to slowly inch his arm out of the restraints.

Though while this was going on, one of the crows flew out of the basement during the commotion and flying back outside towards The Marvel Family which was what the gang thought was the signal.

Back inside, the crows were tossed out of the twister and thrown to one side of the room, where they all converged back into Goetia. Jerry felt his body battered and bruised, but he still stood shakely in defiance.

Mayhem then begun to rant about how Jerry's demonic powers cannot even begun to compare to his own might. And that since Goetia already brought Billy's team to him, he no longer had any need for the boy. So he turned towards Billy and slowly walked towards the boy, cracking his knuckles as he prepared a fist. Though before he could get close enough to inflict the killing blow, Goetia roared at the top of his lungs as he lunged towards the villain, tackling him to the ground.

Though before the two could even touch the floor, a rainbow-colored portal opened underneath then, sending the two through it before it shrunk and disappeared. And just before the portal could fully close, Billy finally managed to remove his arms from the ropes, throwing it off of him and ripping off the duct tape on his mouth. Then last of Goetia's crow then flew in through the doorway along with The Marvel Family. Glad to see that Billy was alright, Billy's sister, Mary, asked where both Goetia and Mayhem were.

Billy just looked at the spot where the two disappeared from, only answering that he has no idea."---)

A redesign from a rather obscure Captain Marvel Jr. villain, one that only had one appearance and hasn't been in anything else despite saying in his final panel that he will return. Infact he's so obscure that he has no information anywhere else on the net besides the comic he appeared in. I can't put my finger on why I like this guy so much, maybe I can see the potential for this villain to be something more. Like a mix between Black Adam and Dr. Sivana, though my version is made even more powerful with an artifact used by Ace Magazines' Lightning.

So what happened to both Jerry and Martin? Well as you've read, the two fell into a portal, the kind that leads directly into The Super-Sargasso Sea. Though they seperated halfway through, going out two seperate portals at different points in The Ever-Changing City, with Goetia ending up in the center of Hellington where he meets The Nephilim and it's defenders, Freedoom and Roast Spider. And Mayhem ended up in 50s District.

And during his time in The City, Doctor Mayhem both found out about the gods in the city itself and managed to obtain The Amulet of Annihilation, which boosted his powers greatly so he could be a serious threat to the heroes. He also found out about Fulgora, the Roman Goddess of Lightning who rules over the city's power plant, which allows Martin to gain the divine lightning he needs to keep both The Lightning Battery and The Amulet fully charged.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

This version of Fawcett's Captain Monster is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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My version of Doctor Mayhem will be heavily retooled and re-imagined and he won't be a Captain Marvel villain but a villain my version of The Clock will face off against along with other Super-Villains who are all at each other's throats trying to kill each other with The Clock and an entire city stuck right in the middle of it all-similar to ''The Deadly Foes Of Spider-Man''and how Spider-Man and the city were right in the middle of a bunch of Super Villains battling it out and trying to kill each other.

My version of Doctor Mayhem will still be able to absorb electricity-and he'll be able to manipulate and control it along with having super-strength,the ability to fly,super-speed and being a decent fighter(he won't be as skilled a fighter as The Clock and some of the other characters that I'll be using but he'll be able to hold his own and his super-powers help make him more formidable-we see that with some super-powered characters,sure they have powers but they can't ACTUALLY fight) and a measure of invulnerability but he won't have anything to do with Captain Marvel.

Speaking of which,

it's interesting,most people don't even realize that Captain Marvel as he first appeared in comics,is actually in the public domain as a character! Obviously,Marvel owns the name Captain Marvel and DC owns the names Shazam and Billy Batson but I do think that I will use Captain Marvel from the public domain.

I'll use him as part of a cross-over story-line involving other characters and change his Super Hero name,obviously and his real name obviously won't be Billy Batson and I will change his costume design and revise his backstory but the core of the character will still be based on Captain Marvel. My version of the character will be a little older-most likely late teens -early twenties(and he won't have any need to utter an magic word and turn into an older Super Hero because of my making him older).I'm very excited to use him. I have a lot of ideas for what he'll be able to do with his powers!

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Speaking of Captain Marvel Pastiches. I just made a successor to MLJ's Red Rube though I also did redo their powers along with adding Wind powers like how more recent versions of Captain Marvel use Lightning as a weapon.

This is Red Rube:

Open Source: Red Ruby
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Yeah I was surprised when I first heard that Captain Marvel was PD. And also I was surprised to see that there has been a couple of different Captain Marvel rip-offs from back then like Red Rube, Bingo, Green Mask, Captain Wonder, Black Knight and the UK's Captain Miracle (which I've actually made my own version), Master Man, Electroman & Mr. Apollo. That last one being the most blatant example since his creators literally just traced Captain Marvel and only replaced the chest insignia.

I mean DC did make their own Pastiche of Marvel with Captain Thunder before they used the actual character.

Makes sense though because Captain Marvel was more popular and profitable then Superman was at the time before DC decided to throw a fit and weaponized copyright law against Fawcett. Then they had to twist the knife by using Captain Marvel themselves and put the character & his family through the ringer, especially with what happened to Mary Marvel Pre-Flashpoint.

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Love his design and that lightning pack being used to steal Captain Marvel’s Lightning was a great villainous move

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I'm glad that you like him! :D
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