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Open Source: Chroma-Ki

Character  Iron FistCharacter  Luke CageLocation  Sargasso, The Ever-Changing City
Real Name:
Nate Harlensen
Equipment: None
First Appearance: Deviantart (6/29/2018)
Powers: Skilled Street Fighter; Nate can manipulate the flow of latent energy that is present in his body, specifically three forms of Ki, each representing the colors Red, Blue and Green. Combining two of these forms of Ki allows Nate to use different Ki-based abilities. These mixes results in such:
->Mix Blue with Green allows Chroma-Ki to launch cyan-colored Ki energy spheres from his hands or cover Nate's fists and feet with the energy, which lets his blows inflict more damage.
->Mix Red with Green, which results in Yellow Ki that grants Nate super speed.
->Mix Red with Blue results in a magenta aura that slowly heals Nate overtime as a form of regeneration.
->Mixing all three together allows Chroma-Ki to fire a beam of white Ki energy from his mouth, which he can build up internally to fire a much larger beam, but this results in Nate's eyes bugging out of his eye sockets during both the charge and the initial release.

Nate Harlensen was the son of Ace Harlensen, a New York detective stationed around Harlem. Ace's presence in Harlem along with his good track record in solving cases had people giving him the nickname, Ace Harlem. Ace however, is a single father who lost his wife when Nate was much younger due to a massive gang war. So with Ace currently being Nate's only legal guardian, he raises his son to be a good man with a decent chance of attaining a bright future, as he'd personally seen what happens to black youths whose fathers abandoned them and those youths end up joining a gang for a father figure, learning how to be criminals instead of productive members of society. Though that doesn't stop Ace from training Nate to learn a couple of self-defense techniques to protect himself from the more violent aspects of his city.

When Nate became a teenager, he did volunteer work for the local shelter. However, even though he did get his father's empathy for the unfortunate, he had the tendancy to lash out whenever he sees an injustice as his self-restraint isn't as developed as his father's. This does get him into conflict with the local gangs, receiveing a couple of injuries for his troubles.

One day, when Nate was working at the shelter, everyone felt the ground beneath them start to shake. The quakes became more and more violent with each passing second. The majority of people managed to escape before a barrier of light surrounded the shelter, trapping Nate, Ace and a few other people inside it. The tried to break through it, but nothing worked, even when Ace used his pistol, only for the bullet to bounce right off. And as the sky opened up above, and the ground they stood on started to rise in the air, everyone blacked out.

Nate and the others woke up some time later, now seeing that the sky was a collage of different colored nebulae with the sun hanging overhead. Nate noticed that the shelter was sandwiched between two apartment buildings, though that was nothing compared to what came along the shelter. There were three of them, a super fast teenage white boy wearing a white hoodie with a yellow chest area and green stripes, a humanoid slug riding on a small wave of slime, and finally a humanoid spider that swung in using spider webbing from it's multiple arms. People started to freak out at the sight of the three, but the human of this group told everyone to relax and that they were checking to see if anyone was hurt from the drop.

Nate called them out, demanding to know who they are and where they are. The three introduced themselves as Sammy Swift, Creepy Crawler & Slug Boy, and together they are The Weird Boys, a superhero team. And where they are is the Super Sargasso-Sea, the multiverse's dumping grounds and that they are in the 2000s district of The Ever-Changing City.

Nate was becoming more confrontational towards the three since everything just didn't seem real, until the point that he started to get so riled up that his hands started to glow, one turning blue, the other green. The people behind him backed away from him as he tried to flail his arms to get it off. Slug Boy explained that he should calm down, he just gained a superpower like a lot of people that have first crossed through into The Sea. Nate stopped flailing for a minute, allowing the energy to go away on it's own."---)

And a new member for the Weird Boys team! There will be two more members for this so as to have a Weird Boys East and Weird Boys West. And as some of you might of noticed, I added a meme from the mid 2000s to him. Can you guess what it is?

Chroma-Ki was actually a result of me talking to TitleKnown, where we kinda bounced around ideas for a black superhero since he agreed that companies like Marvel should make wholly original characters instead of characters that co-oped existing heroes' identities, so we co-created Chroma-Ki here, who in his original context was a mutant from Harlem in Marvel's 616 universe who developed chi powers, though they weren't as well controlled as Iron Fist's. He was a big fan of The Defenders, who after they discovered him, had both Iron Fist and Daredevil help train him to better use his abilities. I envisioned Chroma-Ki to be like DC's Static from the Static Shock cartoon, though more rough around the edges in terms of personality.

Edit (9/12/2020): Here's 8 Facts about Chroma-Ki that you may not know about.

1. During their time in The Ever-Changing City of Sargasso, The Weird Boys had collected several artifacts to use to help tip the scales in their favor in their battles against villains like The Aberrant Men, who have also gained an arsenal of artifacts. With Nate, he gained the following artifacts*: The Pretender's Lead Pipe, The Firestarter Gloves & The Police Gun. With the Pretender's Lead Pipe, Nate can focus his Ki-based powers into the pipe to empower it's capabilities. The Firestarter Gloves are both a weapon and a tool in Nate's hands, with the fiery burst becoming more powerful when combined with his cyan Ki energy. And finally The Police Gun is Nate's secret weapon to go with his Combined Ki mouth laser in that when Nate is knocked down, he can pull this gun out for a surprise attack.

2. Nate discovered that he can use his cyan-colored explosions as a form of locomotion via enveloping the energy on his feet, jumping in the air, and when his feet hit the ground the resulting explosion will propel him into the air. However this method does result in his shoes getting blasted apart so Nate has to buy new ones after each, what he dubs, "Boom Bounce." There's also the issue of trying to aim his body correctly when he does a Boom Bounce and make sure he doesn't end up flipped over and landing on his face or back.

3. Speaking of Explosion-Based Locomotion, when combining his Cyan Ki with his Firestarter Gloves, Nate can use the kinetic force provided by the explosions to propel him in different directions, but like the Boom Bounce, this technique requires a lot of practice so he doesn't end up blasting himself into the wrong direction or worse, through a wall with a poorly executed blast.

4. While the Pretender's Lead Pipe can be used as a bo staff with proper training, Chroma-Ki currently uses the pipe more like a baseball bat. Such as throwing his Energy Sphere up in the air and striking it like it was a baseball. This technique can be made stronger by charging the pipe with his Cyan Ki and when the pipe hits the sphere, all that focused energy is added into the ball and it fires with much greater force.

5. Nate discovered that he can charge his Ki-Powers much like when he does his with his mouth laser, making his attacks more powerful in the process.

6. While Nate is fast enough to keep up with someone like Sammy for a while thanks to using his Yellow Ki, his still human body isn't built to handle running at the kinds of intense speed other Speedsters can do for prolongued periods of time. Though the Yellow Ki does shield him from the effects of friction if Nate were to try and go at Sammy's top speed, his muscles would most likely tear from the strain alone.

7. While Nate uses his Cyan Ki, it shields his body from getting damaged by not only his own explosions, but explosions from outside sources up to a blast from a bundle of dynamite. Though this doesn't protect his clothes from getting blown to pieces very well besides his Firestarter Gloves. With his training, he can strengthen this Ki so as to shield him better against stronger explosions and keep his clothes intact. And with enough training he could even use this Ki to soften the blows from physical attacks that would normally break bones.

8. As a day job for when he's not out fighting crime with the other Weird Boys, Nate is usually found in the homeless shelter that came with him when they first entered The Super-Sargasso Sea, assisting the homeless as he worked in the soup kitchen and preparing the food using the different recipies for cooking the strange sea life that exists in The Sea.

*: These artifacts and many others can be found in these lists:

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Chroma-Ki is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give the creator(s) credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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Nice design and interesting powers. Just his eyes bulging out of his head must be intimidating, let alone the Ki blast.
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Probably even more so when he makes a noise like this while firing.
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He's firin' his lazors! 

White Ki imagery made me laugh.