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Open Source: Cavorite Kite Sword

Cavorite Kite Sword
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Deviantart (4/26/2021)

A weapon similar to The Cavorite Zweihander (#260) that functions as both a sword and a kite shield made from Cavorite, a metal that when cooled after proper forging, has a negative gravitational mass. Though without another metal mixed in during forging, a weapon forged from pure cavorite has the same durability as an aluminum prop sword, able to bend rather easily with enough force behind a strike. So with this Kite Sword, the highly durable Impervium is mixed in during the forging process, which allows the weapon to be not only impervious to most forms of harm, but the blade's edge can retain it's sharpness for far longer then a normal steel blade."---)

This weapon was inspired by a video by the youtube channel known as Shadiversity. (Who by the way, actually has an account here on DA at shad-brooksThis video showcased a weapon that he designed to help fix the problems related to Giant Swords in fiction and how they function. In the video he calls it The Shward or The Shield Sword. Personally, I'd go with The Kite Sword since it was designed after a Kite Shield and it has a certain ring to it that I like. Also Shad has allowed others to use the concept for their own projects, so that's what I did.

I actually do plan on using this weapon for a character. Though I am thinking of adding this weapon to a previous character I made before, Iggy Rocksnacker. Like when I'm adding onto his origin I could make this like a replacement weapon for when his lance gets broken during a fight.

Edit 1: So I went and made a character who has uses The Kite Sword as their default weapon, Jericho, The SHIELD Bearer.

Like the other artifacts, I'll leave links to five lists of them that you can look at. And all of them I put in the public domain for you guys to use under Creative Commons 0.

The Cavorite Kite Sword is available for everyone to use i.e. The Creative Commons-0 license, meaning that it is truly in the public domain.

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you watch a guy called shadiverstiy?

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Yes. I like his content since it is very useful in providing information about things like Medieval culture, the analysis of various weapons and he even talks about the various fantasy races and what forms of weaponry would be best suited for them. Plus his content on worldbuilding is very useful.

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Well I went and made the original character who would have this sword as their default weapon. As well as use The Musketeer Rings we talked about before.

Jericho, The SHIELD Bearer

And let's just say that you might recognize the inspiration for him. :)

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Awesome. :D

Hmm, kinda see what I think might be two forms of inspiration. Sherlock Holmes and Cloud Strife.XDD