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Open Source: Carl n' The Basura

Given Name: Carl
Race: Basura
Powers: Garbage Mimicry, Trash Swimming, Underwater Senses, Stench Generation, Body Storage and an extendable, worm-like appendage with a metal glove attached that allows Carl to grab objects.
Equipment: Whatever they have collected and stored inside themselves.
First Appearance: Deviantart (6/24/2017)

One of the many different species that exist in the Super Sargasso Sea. The Basura are said to have been trash containers such as burlap / plastic trash bags, garbage cans, dumpsters and even Garbage Trucks that have been dumped into the Sea and due to the energies permeating the Sea, they gain sapience and autonomy. Basuras are scavengers by nature, able to effortlessly swim in the near infinite sea of junk to find objects that are too deep for normal Toshers to look. Basuras have no need for currency to buy things, as they can usually find whatever they want in the Sea itself, but they are willing to trade whatever objects or "Tat", they have stored inside their bodies with other sapient beings. What a Basura wants varies wildly from one to another, though the usual thing they desire is either shiny, pretty (what one considers pretty is wildly different from another) or something they've never seen before. Though after a trade, the recipient may want to vigorously wash and disinfect their purchase to remove the filth.

The people that live in the city of Sargasso tend to have one of two kind of relations with the Basura. One is like a customer with a merchant, the other is like a predator hunting down and ripping open a Basura to take what they might have stored. Though if a Basura is attacked, it can emit a horribly powerful odor made from the expired foods they collected during their dives, which can cause an attacker to get violently ill, allowing the Basura time to escape."--)

When you have a continent that is on top of a near-infinite sea of junk, you're bound to see some form of Life swimming in that sea, the kaiju, Shadanaut being one of them. This individual, Carl, is just how a Bag-Type Basura may look, but you can make any modifications you want for your own Basura. And like it said in the Origin, Basuras can also be other containers of trash such as Trash Cans or Trash Bins if you're British, and even Garbage Trucks, but those are a much rarer breed.

Edit (6/10/2018): And here is a list of notable Bag-Type Basurains like Carl.
Trash Ninja
Token, The Red Cent
Honest Kevin
Officer Richard Powretti

The character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Carl and the Basura species are an open source character & race created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use them any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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I like em. :D I can see these guys being designed by Stark Industries or Capsule Corp to help with the Junkyards and helps to keep things clean while also searching for objects that may not belong in certain heaps.

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Thanks! :D

Just imagine a couple of Basurians ending up in the G-Verse!

Also sorry for the lack of a response, I was on vacation and I just got back.

I'm now going over my messages to see what I missed.

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You're welcome! :D

XDD INdeed.

Ah no worries my friend, I'm still trying to finish all my responses to everyone but one thing just keeps popping up after another after another after another. XP

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Cute for a bag of filth and rubbish. They sound like quite an intriguing species.
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Wait until you see some of the other races I'm doing for this. :)
I'm also trying to put together other types of Basura like the Cans/Bins, Dumpsters & Trucks.
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Looking forward to it.
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