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Open Source: Black Opal

Black Opal
Real Name: Leraine Masterson
Powers: Black Opal possesses a smooth, stone-like body as a result of exposure to Sargassite. The mutagenic process caused her musculature, bone structure, internal organ composition, soft tissue structure, and skin to greatly increase in toughness and density. This results in her gaining Supernatural Strength, Stamina, Durability, and Sensory Adaptation. Due to her body becoming similar to Sargassite, she can grant people the same physical power she does with a kiss.
Equipment: None
First Appearance: Deviantart (7/23/2018)

Basic Premise: "A bisexual super model who after becoming exposed to Sargassite, became physically much more powerful and has a body that is now made up of a different form of Sargassite, one that can temporarily grant the same physical prowess as herself to others though a kiss."

Kinda wanted to do my own version of She-Hulk, since she is one of my favorite characters, but then I thought of mixing her with The Thing along with my own substance, Sargassite to help make her stand out and not be as blatant as a rip-off. In that she is a super model in both her old world and in The Ever-Changing City, though after she was exposed to Sargassite, she ended up being bulked-up with larger muscles and having similar properties to Sargassite. Though the main difference between a normal chunk and herself is that she only grants one kind of mutation that is temporary. In that a larger muscle mass and enhanced strength & durabiity though her lips, as the skin on the lips is much thinner then the skin on the rest of her body which shields others of her radiation like the lead lining around radioactive material. She doesn't mind kissing women as she plays both sides of the fence and likes to go out with whoever catches her fancy.

So if you're a person who likes muscular women or regular women becoming muscular, this ones for you. :)

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Black Opal is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image itself is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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Power stealers are pretty common in comics, a power granger is far more rare, I dig that.
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You got any ideas for your own?
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Love how the skin came out, I think this would look absolutely beautiful in action scenes 
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Yeah, it definitely would look beautiful! :)
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D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar
Sargassite is certainly a beautiful stone. She looks like she could punch her way through the planet.
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar
Exactly like that.
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I love any and all shapes. I can just imagine her racing through a near apocalyptic situation, kissing people to protect them from a spreading fire or other natural disaster. 
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I apologise for the late reply.

Anyway, yeah that's an amusing scene you imagined! :)
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