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OS: Urthona's Formula Blade

Object  Buster SwordObject  Red QueenObject  GreatswordLocation  Sargasso, The Ever-Changing City
Urthona's Formula Blade
First Appearance:
Deviantart (4/27/2021)

A Cavorite Kite Sword that has been modified with a Chemical Infusion System built on it. This system has six slots for six different vials of chemicals that; by using the dial control on the handle; the bearer can cause the blade to be infused with one of the serums, changing up the blade's properties until that specific chemical is used up. These chemicals can have effects such as coating the blade in acid, allowing the blade to harm more ethereal entities, can electrify the blade, coating the blade in a liquid that ignites into flames upon exposure to air, can coat the blade in a liquid that can freeze whatever it touches, etc. Thanks to the Cavorite used in it's construction, this blade is far lighter then it appears to be thanks to the mineral's negative gravitational mass."---)

Just a spur of the moment kind of thing, really. I mean I'm not aware of anything similar to this sword, except maybe swords like Nero's Red Queen from the Devil May Cry series. But not to the level of this beast.

Is this weapon ridiculous? I'll admit, Yes. But that's mad science for you, sometimes it's not a matter of "Why?" It's a matter of "Why Not?" to quote Cave Johnson from Portal 2.

Like the other artifacts, I'll leave links to five lists of them that you can look at. And all of them I put in the public domain for you guys to use under Creative Commons 0.

The Urthona's Formula Blade is available for everyone to use i.e. The Creative Commons-0 license, meaning that it is truly in the public domain.

This weapon was made using Hero Machine 3.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.

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Thanks. :D

Kind of a weird one, don't ya think?

I mean I can't imagine Cloud using this since it is rather unorthadox in it's design. Maybe a Monster Hunter who uses Greatswords would use it.

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You're welcome and yeah I can Definitely see a Monster Hunter using it. lol

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Well Jericho's gonna use The Formula Blade a lot while he's in The Broken Wastes since a lot of the times, his default weapon won't cut it against some of the monsters in the wasteland.

Though a Monster Hunter might look at his two swords and go, "Aren't they a little short to be Great Swords?"

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