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OS: Carnivornia n' The World Bearers

Real Name:
Unit #53728
Alias: Carni
Race: World Bearer
Powers: Extraterrestrial Machine / Planetary Physiology; Container Mimicry; Size Artillery / Teleportation Beam Emission.
Equipment: Can fire a beam from it's visor that both shrinks and teleports whatever it hits. Objects hit by this beam are teleported to the micro world within a World Bearer's container. This process can be reversed and allow beings on a micro world to be enlarged and teleported to outside the World Bearer's shell. Can also open the hatches on it's sides to extend a pair of metal tendrils that allow a World Bearer to grab and move things.
First Appearance: Deviantart (3/10/2020)

A recent addition to The Super-Sargasso Sea & The Ever-Changing City, World Bearers were originally normal Micralian Containers that numbered in the thousands on a singular spacecraft that's the size of a cargo ship. This vessel being on a constant voyage throughout the cosmos to shrink down different planets from their original size and collect them to prevent their destruction from a variety of events that can result in the absolute destruction of an inhabited planet. Or in some cases, preventing a planet's inhabitants from threatening the rest of the galaxy.

However during the spacecraft's eternal voyage, the ship ended up entering a singularity. That singularity being a wormhole that led into The Super-Sargasso Sea and near The Ever-Changing City. And once the ship passed through the doorway, it ended up becoming exposed to massive amounts of Elohim in the atmosphere. This resulted in the pilot of the craft dying from the shock of rampant bodily mutation and having the craft crash a mile or so away from The City's shores and into The Sea.

And as the wreck laid in the expansive sea of junk, in the cargo hold many of the containers became affected by the Elohim, warping their physical forms and granting them sapience as the planets inside of their respective shells became the "brain" of each new mechanical lifeform with the lifeforms on said planets functioning similar to the neurons in a normal brain. Though the inhabitants do not experience anything different inside their contained worlds and are completely oblivious to everything happening in the outside world. And depending on the planet, these machines gain a variety of personalities inspired by aspects of their respective planet along with naming themselves after the planet they contain.

An example of these new beings is Carnivornia or Carni for short. A World Bearer that contains a dangerous jungle planet with a variety of deadly jungle beasts & carnivorous flora along with a population of humans that originated from colonizing vessels centuries ago, but due to various circumstances they became stranded on the planet and were abandoned by their people. Over the centuries these humans adapted to the harsh conditions and their descendants became splintered into various factions. Such as The Feral Natives, Tarzan / Sheena-style jungle people and a few colonies scattered about that are the only forms of modern civilization, some of these colonies are inspired by old earth cultures like Ancient Egypt and Victorian England. And it's these factors that make Carni a wild child, very adventurous and knowledgeable about various jungle wildlife & the arts of hunting, trapping and survival.

Each World Bearer comes equipped with a beam that fires from their visors and both shrinks down & teleports the object to the surface of their micro planet and into a special building that resembles an airport terminal. However most of the time these terminals have been abandoned for centuries by the inhabitants as they figured that no one else will be coming to their planet so actually leaving the micro planet is a difficult endeavor.

If there is one thing that all World Bearers fear is damage to their shells. As even a slight crack can result in microbes entering the container through the crack and ending up on the planet inside. Which to the microscopic inhabitants, these bacteria are massive in size and could be considered giant monsters in their own way as they can do significant damage if not completely kill the planet entirely if not dealt with before they undergo mitosis and grow in numbers.

The World Bearers' relationship with the people of The Ever-Changing City is rather sketchy. Most of the World Bearers stay inside of their spaceship and never venturing out into the wider ocean of junk for fear of what might happen if they go out and endanger the millions of people inside them. Those with the capacity to do so will use the ship's automated defenses to protect them from possible intruders. However a small number of World Bearers were bold enough to actually venture out of the safety of their ship via escape pod and travel to the near-by city. Two of these wayward World Bearers are the previously mentioned Carni and one called Xeron, whose planet is a massive prison world that contained it's galaxy's worst criminals and acts like a proper law enforcement officer."---)

Like I said with the Micralian Containers, these creatures are another way of doing a crossover with The Super-Sargasso Sea. In that the people of The Sea can enter these locations and vice versa. So if you want say want the raiders from the Fist of the North Star anime, or xenomorphs, or the races from Warhammer Fantasy to take on the Sargassians, here's a way to make that happen. Hell, maybe have MLP's Equestria be a micro planet for the sheer WTF factor.

Besides that, I do have plans to flesh out some of these new planets, most notably Carnivornia since I got plenty of ideas for the jungle planet. So expect to see Fletcher Hanks' Fantomah, Tarzan and other jungle characters in this setting. Think of it as like a free version of Jumanji or Warhammer 40k's Catachan.

Xeron is also going to get his own character page as to give a very brief summary about his story, he will become one of the most important "people" in The Ever-Changing City since his planet is one gigantic and fully functional prison world, which means that the Sargassian police are able to properly put away their more dangerous criminals there instead of just sending them to the regular Penal Colony which isn't as escape proof as one would like it to be.

Though the last World Bearer I am going to mention will actually be a villain, Karin. From Flash Gordon: Akim the Terrible, The world of Karin is ruled by a dictatorship that considers weakness and sympathy to be crimes punishable by death. Murder, assault, theft and most other evils are considered perfectly legal. The capital city is in ruins and the last honest people on the planet are trying to flee. The rulers of the planet wished to spread their doctrine throughout the galaxy and they have built a machine that enhances a person's aggression and inhibits their moral center for a matter of weeks. However due to their containment, these plans are shelved. So Karin (The World Bearer) will be a devious and ruthless villain whose evil plans draw the attention of the serial killer, T.H.O. who is delighted to find a world full of evil people so he would fit right in with that crowd. Plus it would be an all you can eat buffet for him if he wanted to start eating the inhabitant's hearts there.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Carnivornia & The World Bearers are open source characters created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar

Love that they have become sentient, too. I can imagine Carnie dressed up like an old English explorer with a fake handle bar moustache and a monocle.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Now that sounds really awesome! :D

Like they also have a posh English accent while calling people either Sunny Jim (if they're male) or Moppet (if they're female.)

This is another great idea!

I could use Carnivornia as a setting for a character.I love jungles and I plan to use them as settings for several different stories that I have in mind.

I love the idea of a jungle planet and it being like a free Jumanji or Warhammer 40k's Catachan(your idea also reminds me of Pandora from James Cameron's Avatar and The Savage Land inhabited by Marvel's Tarzan knockoff,Ka-Zar,it reminds me of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book,too-which is free anyways,since it is in the public domain).

I could fill Carnivornia up with all sorts of exotic and dangerous species of extraterrestrial animals and monsters and carnivorous flora!

And the Tarzan/Sheena-style feral natives and a few colonies scattered about on a jungle planet is something I love,too! Excellent stuff!

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Thanks! :)

Well I wasn't thinking of Pandora when I was working on Carnivornia, but it would make sense to have some alien wildlife in the jungle planet.

Still though, one of the main figures that plenty of the planet's inhabitants consider a goddess is Fantomah, who has taken residence in one of the many ancient ruins one can find on the planet and is rather protective of the wildlife. Plus it looks like she can somewhat bend reality to her whims and she uses this power to make really creative punishments for poachers, people who want to kill everything in the jungle and people who defile the sacred lands that can be found on Carnivornia. I mean it has it's own version of The Elephant Graveyard. That and the non-feral colonists would probably have to make a few agreements with Fantomah so as to have her allow them to live on the planet unscathed and they have to follow her rules precisely.

That can make for a good plot device,too.

Fantomah being worshiped as a goddess by many of the inhabitants and taking up residence in one of the many ancient ruins and being protective of the wildlife. Her being able to somewhat bend reality to her whims and using this power to be really creative in terms of how she punishes poachers,people who want to kill everything in the jungle and people who defile the sacred lands that can be found on Carnivornia. At first, I was thinking of making her a villain for the specific story that I have in mind but I'll probably come up with a villain for the story or use a public domain villain and have Fantomah be more like this ruthless, avenging angel-like powerful figure, a force of nature and a spirit of vengeance-like character like Marvel's Ghost Rider(which I suppose,all of which she was to begin with when Fletcher Hanks created her and in mentioning Ghost Rider, she was like Ghost Rider in some aspects before there WAS a Ghost Rider-but obviously much more powerful than him).

What I'll probably do with Fantomah is the same thing that I plan to do with Stardust The Super-Wizard.

I'll still make her an extremely powerful god-like super being and she'll be even more powerful than the character who I'm using as the main heroic protagonist of the story and he'll be one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy,himself and a Superman-archetype(but not TOO MUCH of a Superman archetype), so that's how powerful even my depowered version of Fantomah will still be.

But she'll still have limitations to EVEN HER powers(not very many,granted but she will still have them)-otherwise and I've heard other writers say this,I find it's harder to create any real sense of jeopardy and conflict if the character can do anything-because Stardust,just like Fantomah as Fletcher Hanks created them,were originally basically gods.

I can't imagine writing a story for an overpowered character who is practically a god.I love Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen and I remember the Watchmen prequel comics from DC(''Before Wathcmen'') and the one specifically, on Doctor Manhattan,who is basically a god,stood out to me.

It didn't even have a villain! Or any kind of real conflict. And how could it,right?

It just explored the different universes that Doctor Manhattan simultaneously perceives and how he now views life,humankind and time. But I like how you've incorporated Fantomah into the history and mythos of Carnivornia and I'll be sure to make her an important part of the story that I have in mind using Carnivornia!

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Sounds good! :D
And thanks! :)
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Just imagine Nexus-Earth getting sealed inside of a World Bearer. Possibly to prevent it's destruction from something that can cause The End of the Universe.
WOLFBLADE111's avatar

Ooooh That would be cool actually. I might have to consider that. :D
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