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Real Name: Harry
Powers: Enhanced Physical Condition and can enter into a state of Madness that boosts his strength & speed, suppresses pain and making him overall unpredictable in his attacks.
Equipment: "List down below"
First Appearance: Deviantart (12/4/2017)

(---List of Weapons from Left to Right---)
A sword said to have possessed great power and was claimed to have never failed anyone who used it. Though some beasts are invulnerable against it. It is most effective when the user uses it as a thrusting weapon or when they throw it.

An enchanted blade forged by giants that can cut through most heavy armor and the weapon itself is almost unbreakable. The blade was reforged after it was melted from a monster's poisonous blood.

-Benkei Backpack
A mechanical backpack that is connected to sensors inside the top hat, allowing the wearer to have control over four mechanical arms, which the wearer can use to hold up to six weapons. This backpack also has a pocket dimension for storing up to six weapons and any smaller items like bottles, books and other knick-knacks.

A dagger used by Beowulf during his last battle with a dragon. The dragon's blood enchanted the blade, allowing the dagger's blade to inflict deadly dragon poison.

A gem-studded sword that King Hygelac gives Beowulf to celebrate his great deeds. The Blade was reforged after Beowulf broke it in half during his battle against a dragon.

-Explorer's Mace
A mace with an old-style street light-esque head that can light up when one presses a button on the handle. Mostly used as a torch, the mace can be used as a magical weapon that can draw nocturnal insects towards it, "hypnotize" them, and have them fly around the wielder's enemies as a distraction.

("Not Shown")
-Amorphous Body Bag

A suspicious-looking bodybag that looks occupied, but the zipper is stuck so no-one can see who or what is inside. While most sane people wouldn't want to hold, let alone touch this bag; but those who use the bag as a weapon claim that the bag morphs into into different melee weapons like clubs, flails and axes.
(---End List---)

This is a tribute to one of my most frequent commenters after we talked about my as of then new additions to Sargasso Items and I was inspired by that exchange to make this. I used both his Avatar and this Chibi version of him as a basis for the actual character. Though I couldn't recreate the last item on the list, The Amorphous Body Bag, but that's part of this hatter's armaments. If I managed to actually recreate it and make it look decent, I'll update this picture.

The Explorer's Mace was created using one of these staves by FrozenStocks and the actual lantern part was made using This picture by Sylar113, who says on his profile that we can use his pictures for non-commercial use without his permission. Well I wasn't planning to sell this or anything, so I think I'm good. I used these pieces ostly because I couldn't get it right in Hero Machine.

The Weapons as shown on this picture are under the Creative Commons License CC-0, meaning you can use their designs without my permission. Though don't let that stop you from doing your own take on them.

This character & most of the items were made using Hero Machine 3.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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Nicely done!

Good description of the character's powers and the character's weapons and equipment.

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Thanks! :)

He liked them too!

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I look absolutely badass. The way you’ve portrayed my avatar is brilliant and the Madness state was inspired.
You are a certified genius.
Thanks so much.

You absolutely look bad-

ass here and I couldn't agree more about Amancer-Fiend0 being a certified genius!

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You're welcome. :)
Glad you liked it.

I based the Madness state on you liking to be a Berserker in my version of Mass Effect.