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Well a few days ago I recently got over 400 Watchers, which is pretty awesome. :)

And I had a post asking my watchers what they want me to do to properly celebrate.

And the majority of them said to make a second Create Your Own Sargassian post.

And for those who aren't in the know, this is where people can submit concepts that they want to add to Sargasso, The Ever-Changing City:

And since Sargasso is The Dumping Grounds of All Reality, just about any character, location and item can be added.

Here's a list of characters that I can add to this:

-A wholly original character made from scratch.

-An old OC from a story you made that you didn't touch for a long time but want to see updated. Like a lot of characters I added to Sargasso being ones I created years ago and haven't touched them again until I made then Sargassians.

-A Pastiche/Parody/Homage/Satire/Spoof of a non-PD character that you particularly like / dislike. Like if you want to have a legally distinct version of RWBY or Luke Skywalker added to Sargasso, that I can do.

-A Pastiche/Parody/Homage/Satire/Spoof of your old OC that you don't feel comfortable fully adding to Sargasso due to that character being your baby and don't want anyone else to have. I'll respect your decision if you like me to.

-A remake of a Public Domain character like the ones listed on this wiki.

Though this one can be mixed with the other parts of this list if you want it so.

Though for this, I like to emphasize the point this time by saying that it's not JUST characters that you can submit. You can submit other concepts like locations, forms of magic, artifacts, new races, organizations, etc that you want to see in Sargasso and want others to use.

The three major restrictions for this time are as such:

1: I won't make or add anything too extreme or too raunchy. I'd like to keep the suggestions clean.

2: Keep the number of submissions to a maximum of about 2 or 3. I don't want to get swamped by people submitting like 5 or 10 characters / other concepts at once. You need to give other people a chance and you need to really think hard about what you want to submit.

And 3 and this is a big one: These submissions have to be ones you are willing to make Open Source. This is to show that this isn't a request thread and keep to the theme of Sargasso as an Open Source Setting. So again, if you don't want to submit your personal OCs or other concepts that you're very attached to, or just feel uncomfortable with the idea of other people using them, you can do one of the other suggestions shown above.

And this is optional, but you can have it so that you can submit any combination of 1 character, 1 location, 1 artifact, 1 organization, 1 race or some other concept. You're not restricted to just submitting characters.

Other then that, just leave a comment down below about what character you'd like to be made. Like maybe add a description of the character, their background, their equipment, their abilities, their personalities. That goes double for locations, artifacts, forms of magic, organizations, etc.

Edit (6/29/2021): So here is a list of the characters that have been submitted so far and this will be updated for each person's entry(s).

  1. @1ofthem 's Gage & Dr. Hamster

  2. @ThegreatKowalsky 's Conrad J. Stewart

  3. @Nostalgia-Gamer 's Sparta & Solomon Bael

  4. @belvis26 's "King" The Mercenary

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Here's an old OC I dug up that you could turn into a Sargassian.

"King" The Mercenary

Affiliation: Anybody that pays him.

Species: Elemental Dragon/Chonchon (This is a monster that Mapuche Wizards can turn into, they're basically birds that look like human heads and fly with their ears.)

Skills: Stealth, Wing Flight, Fire Breathing, Limited Wind and Energy Manipulation, Incredible Strength, Combat Expert, Excellent Athlete, Really good jumper, Is really good with swords and bats

Personality: Agressive, easily triggered, absolutely insane, can't go an hour without a smoke, loves weaponry, enjoys uncontrolled, free dancing, constantly reminds everyone why he's called "King", basically think of Joker as a character in a Kojima game.

Appearance: Tall, intimidating, covers most of his face with a black mask except his eyes, ears and hair, has wings sticking out his back, wears a sort of bartender-esque suit, always wears rings, ears are massive, has scales on his hands, has a tiny crown.

Don't really have a backstory for him but he as somebody that works for anybody that pays him can essentially become a war profiteer and that is something I think could be quite interesting.

That's all, thank you for reading that.

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Nice! :)

I added him to the list!

He'll go great with the other mercenaries that exist in Sargasso!

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Thanks man, appreciate it!

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Sorry for the long wait, but I'm almost done with King's picture. Though I have a few questions.

  1. What is King's hair like? Is it long or short? And what color is it?

  2. When you say wings, do you mean Feathered or leathery like a bat? Also what color are those?

Edit (7/5/2021): Well I finished the first version of King.

King The Mercenary

So anything you want to have changed or add?

belvis26's avatar

1. I was thinking messy brown hair.

2. Leathered wings. Black is fine.

Love the first design.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Glad you like it. :)

Okay then I made a few changes. So how about this?

King The Mercenary v2
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That's good, pretty close to how I imagined him. Good work.

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Alrighty, going through my notes again. OK, this time, I have 1 hero character I’ve decided to bring back and 1 fighting game character I’ve been messing around with since 2 years ago.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Sounds interesting. What can you tell me about them?

Nostalgia-Gamer's avatar

Got my notes. I’ll start with the new hero, Sparta. Born Aleixo Of Sparta, he was an Ancient Greek warrior who was petrified by the Gorgons and pretty much missed out on Greece’s military history: the Trojan War, the Peloponnesian War, the conquest of Alexander The Great, the rise of Rome… He would awaken in modern times, where he was initially branded a villain for constantly waging wars with various armies and ultimately the heroes of his world, promoting the Spartan Code. Finding out about how he missed out on his entire country’s history would pretty much make you a death seeker, but since he was trained as a Spartan warrior, to him, death would be considered a fitting end to a fulfilling life. Aleixo would slowly acclimate to modern society, gradually shifting from an “uncontrollable fossil from a bygone era” into an “inspiring hero” and ultimately cemented his change of heart when he banded together with 6 other heroes and fended off an alien invasion. These 7 heroes would become The Contenders, where he serves as the weapons specialist and trainer. As per the whole “superhero” job requirement, he took the name “Sparta” as his callsign. When he was first unleashed upon the world, he initially wore the traditional hoplite gear from the Classical period, your typical “swords and sandals” look you see in Ancient Greek period pieces. Upon forming The Contenders, he would be given a “modern” look, “futuristic” armor based on the Hellenistic period, fatigues and combat boots.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

I like the sound of this. :)

Though I'm guessing that your Contenders are a lot different then My Contenders, right?

Nostalgia-Gamer's avatar

Yes, they are. Apart from Sparta, you’ve already met 2 other Contenders; Oceana and Johnny Nitro. The other 4 members are: Paragon, a former US Marine who serves as the non-powered leader of the team. Echo Noir, a kunoichi and legacy character, the third Noir, to be precise, and she’s essentially the Silent protagonist. Actions speak louder than words, after all. Master Blaster is the resident hot headed pyro hero. He’s very good friends with Johnny Nitro. And finally Cupid, real name Hedone, or Voluptas in Rome, who apart from taking over as the Goddess Of Love also doubled a a heroine with a multitude of trick arrows. Some of them, I’m still fleshing out their backstories, but they might end up in the Ever-Changing City in the future.

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Nostalgia-Gamer's avatar

So, other than that, Sparta will be the next to enter Sargasso. If you want, I can work on the rest of The Contenders as well, but I do have one other character I want to enter The Ever-Changing City.

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Yeah, you did say that you have 1 fighting game character you've been messing around with. Who is it?

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Okay here i go:

His name is Conrad Joseph Stewart. "Conrad J. Stewart" for short.

Conrad Stewart screenshot

He is a young politician that is sick of all the superhero battles happening, he is sick of the property damage, of all the people living in fear because they can't defend themselves.

His personality is very affable and almost regal, but he opposes all manner of superhumans that aren't registered under the government. But he doesn't seem to have a problem with non-superpowered vigilantes. Since in his opinion, they bring out the peak of human potential. He is a humanist through and through, think of a nice and heroic Lex Luthor.

He lost both of his arms because he was a casualty in a superhero battle, and that seems to be the main reason why he seems to harbor a dislike for costumed superheroes. He got two prosthetic metallic arms as areplacement.

He is also very charismatic and ambitious, as should be expected of any politician, with a dream of one day becoming president of the USA.

He doesn't want to affiliate with any kind of pro-superhero movement, but if there are any pro-humanitarian movements in Sargasso, then you'll most likely find him there.

He has no special abilities, he is at peak human physical condition, but his two metallic arms pack quite a punch. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but if he hits the average man with them, they'll most likely spend the following month at the hospital.

He used to be a fan of superheroes, but once he experienced the effects and consequences of a real superhero battle, he decided that it was time for the government to have these superpowered people get in line.

He has an almost fanatical admiration for Abraham Lincoln, he is almost trying to look like him.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

This does sound like a pretty neat character. :)

So how do you think that he'll react when he ends up in The Ever-Changing City where superhumans are commonplace? Along with the massive number of superheroes that look after each of their home districts?

Though your submission does remind me that I need to still make a piece about what the government in The Ever-Changing City is like. Which works with each of the city's districts having one elected representative in a large council to discuss issues with each other and try to figure out solutions to certain problems. There is a "president" who presides over the meetings but they don't have power like a king would so that they can't abuse their authority. I mean each district has their own set of heroes along with many armed civilians who will bring the hammer down on any council member who decides that they want to abuse the powers granted by their position.

The council members work for the people, not the other way around.

Though even with this set-up, it's still a bit chaotic in The City with the heroes and police constantly keeping order in the streets and fighting superhuman criminals / criminals with very dangerous weapons and artifacts so as to not have them fall to anarchy and lawlessness like what happened at Dread End.

Your thoughts?

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He will most likely accept it, since the government of that particular place seems to be quite orderly, which is something he likes very much. He would obviously still oppose the superpowered criminals and superpowered lawless vigilantes. He only has a problem with superheroes that aren't under the governments jurisdiction though for example, he would most definitely be accepting of a Captain America and oppose a Spider-Man.

I'm glad you seem to like him :)

You can now put a link to my deviation of him if you want.

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Hey! Sorry it took so long, but I finally went and made my design for Conrad here:

Conrad J Stewart
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My goodness its awesome thank you very much!

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Awesome. :D If I have time in a little while I'll have to go through some of my older OC's and have em get the Sargasso treatment. :)

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