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I am what you would call a Public Domain Enthusiast. Someone who has a fascination with stuff that is found in the Public Domain and all the ways it can be utilized in stories. And I'm not talking about JUST stuff like Greek Mythology, Robin Hood, King Arthur, Grimm's Fairytales and all that. I'm also talking about the more obscure stuff that you may or may not have known is free to use in your own projects. I have an entire gallery dedicated to showcasing the stuff that you may not've known is actually Public Domain.

And as someone who is a PDE, I am of the opinion that the US' Public Domain had been stagnant for too long thanks to companies like Disney lobbying congress to extend the copyright term limit to a ridiculous length. And I was happy when we started getting new content back in 2019. But I believe that we needed a lot more content out there since the Public Domain had been stagnant for 20 years too long, so I decided to make content specifically for people to use in their own projects. As I am also an advocate for more independent creators to rise up as currently, much of the content made from companies like Amazon, Disney and EA has been nothing but trash.

So yeah, if you'd like to start creating, think of my content as a free resource for various ideas that could come in handy to your stories / games / whatever.

Speaking of which:

This is a Superhero / Urban Fantasy setting where there is a metropolis in The Super Sargasso Sea. And this city is made up of many city blocks that have been shanghaied from many dimensions and all collected and organized by what time period they came from. So there are districts made up of city blocks from the 1910, one from the 1920s, one from the 1930s and so on. And with each new piece that ends up in The Super Sargasso Sea, comes with it heroes that try to protect their new home from many threats from both inside the city and beyond it's borders, many crime bosses that want to take control over the city, giant monsters that act more like a natural disaster and other wonders.

So if you're someone with character concepts that you've scrapped, concepts for plot devices and macguffins that have been scrapped, or just stories that haven't got off the ground and/or never finished, maybe you can give those concepts a second chance with this setting.

I'm constantly adding onto this setting so that people can have plenty of material to work with. Also if you'd like you can take out the characters & other concepts found here and add it to your own stories.

And you can do ANYTHING you want with them. You wanna switch Genres and turn a Superhero into a Fantasy character? You can do it. You wanna make Rule 34 of it? You can do it. You wanna use it to make the stories that you'd like see get made that those in Mainstream Entertainment aren't providing currently? You can do it.

Go Freakin' Nuts. :D

Just remember to give proper credit when you do use them and (This is optional) maybe leave a link to my page so that others can find my characters. That's it. There are no other strings attached.

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So here's a new idea that I'm thinking of adding to The KAMI-Verse that's a kind of Sub-Faction of both The United Humanity and Space Outlaws based on the classic stock character of Igor. The Igor Corps. Basically The Igor Corps are many groups made up of technologically savy hunchbacked humans that in the very beginning were the servants and lab assistants for various lords, governors and mad scientists in a part of the galaxy dubbed The Shadow Zone, before those masters ended up dying due to things like do-gooders, angry mobs, stuff like that with the Igors basically appropriating the technology and lands of their former masters for their own purposes. So the individual Corps use things like robots, genetically modified / stitched together monsters, strange formulas, battle mechs, stuff like that. Think of them as like a Hunchbacked mix of Igor, The Squats / Leagues of Voltann and The Skaven. Though as you can imagine The Igor Corps tend to get into competitions with The Grekx
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So here's an idea for a video game for those into programming one. A Buster Keaton video game with Assassin's Creed & Mirror's Edge-Levels of Parkour where you have to perform all manners of crazy stunts & escapes and you get scored by how well you did. Cause Buster did stunts that all had the chance of killing him, all without CGI or the kind of safety features we have today.
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So I have a message to my watchers both Old & New as well as people who are interested in my content. If you have any questions about certain characters, settings, concepts, etc and your afraid that you'd sound dumb if you ask them. Don't feel that way. I swear that I will not treat any of you like idiots for asking questions. Cause I know that the lore on my stuff is very dense and it can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers. So yeah, feel free to ask about anything I make that your curious about. :) As I REALLY like having discussions with people and hearing their thoughts on my stuff.
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Thanks for the Street Faver IV.

I wanted to get your input on something once again!

You recently talked about having a dream for a New Character Concept called ''Bug Brawlers''( and it's a very awesome idea at that).

On that bug theme, I just came up with my own idea for my own Power Rangers- like Sentai fighting group, ''Insect Emissaries'' ( and the group will consist of either five, six or seven members) and they'll now be the main Power Rangers-like group in the Triumphant comic book universe instead of Lurch-Jr's F-Force 5. In the comic book for Shark, I'll be killing off my version of F-Force 5 but the Insect Emissaries(who I was originally going to call ''Bug Force'' but Power Rangers already took it and both ''Geo Guardians'' and ''Terra Guardians'' were taken as names) will step into that void after they're all killed off.

Each one of the Insect Emissaries will represent a different insect similar to how each of The Power Rangers represents a different dinosaur and prehistoric animal( as even Billy Cranston has noted in the Power Rangers comics before that Mastodons and Saber-Tooth Tigers weren't dinosaurs) and they'll have weapons and also be martial arts experts and have similar( but not TOO similar) different colored outfits to the Power Rangers .

But in their regular civilian identities, I don't know that I'll have them wearing the same colored clothes as their Super Hero costumes! Ha! Ha!

I wasn't sure if they should have giant robot insects representing each of their respective insects that can come together to form a singular giant robot s like what the Rangers do with all of their respective zords coming together to for MegaZord. What do you think? Do you think that it would be a good idea for the Insect Emissaries to have their own giant robot insects( and to have them come together like Megazord or Voltron) or even something else like cars ( which the Power Rangers have already had in Power Rangers Turbo) and so on?

Also, another idea that I just came up with is instead of using C.A. Dimaapi's Silver Sentinel as the Silver Surfer stand-in in my comic book universe, I came up with an original Surfer-like character of my own that will drive The Cosmic Corvette( and my version of The Silver Sentinel, like the Force-5 will be killed off, as I've said before, there'll be a lot of high stakes in my comic books and death will mean something- and death will be something that that I think will be a very important part of my stories and it will be a continually recurring theme-but not at at all in a morbid and depressing way ). I've been trying to decide if either '' The Cosmic Cruiser'' or ''The Cosmic Crusader'' would be a good name for The Silver Surfer-like character. Which of the two names do you think would be a good one for me to go with for a character like that?

And as always, I welcome any ideas or suggestions that you may have( or even if you think there that are other names that could work as a Super Hero group name for the Insect Emissaries)!

-Well I think it would be fine if you kept the robots to an insect theme.

-The Cosmic Cruiser rolls off the tongue better IMO.

Thanks for the input! I appreciate it! The Cosmic Cruiser it is, then! And I'll keep the robots to an insect theme! You're right, The Cosmic Cruiser does roll off the tongue better than The Cosmic Crusader!

hey man, I saw that you argued with FALSE AND HENCE after you asked them to proof things when they say that but they stood quiet after, proofed your point, they don't have evidence, also here's some evidence of Palestine being nazi Al-Husseini has been described by the American Jewish Congress as "Hitler's henchman"[g] and some scholars, such as Schwanitz and Rubin, have argued that Husseini made the Final Solution inevitable by shutting out the possibility of Jews escaping to Palestine.[200]

In his memoirs al-Husseini recalled that Heinrich Himmler, in the summer of 1943, while confiding some German war secrets, inveighed against Jewish "war guilt", and revealed the ongoing extermination (in Arabic, abadna) of the Jews.[201]1921, Herbert Samuel, the British High Commissioner appointed him Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a position he used to promote Islam while rallying a non-confessional Arab nationalism against Zionism.[10][11] During the 1921–1936 period, he was considered an important ally by the British authorities.[12] His appointment by the British for the role of grand mufti of all Palestine (a new role established by the British) helped divide the Palestinian leadership structure and national movement.[13]

In 1937, evading an arrest warrant for aligning himself as leader of the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine against British rule, he fled and took refuge in Lebanon and afterwards Iraq. He then established himself in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, which he collaborated with during World War II against Britain, requesting during a meeting with Adolf Hitler backing for Arab independence and opposition to the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine.[14] Upon the end of the war, he came under French protection, and then sought refuge in Cairo. In the lead-up to the 1948 Palestine war, Husseini opposed both the 1947 UN Partition PlanIn 1937, evading an arrest warrant for aligning himself as leader of the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine against British rule, he fled and took refuge in Lebanon and afterwards Iraq. He then established himself in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, which he collaborated with during World War II against Britain, requesting during a meeting with Adolf Hitler backing for Arab independence and opposition to the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine

Thank you for that information, it was a very interesting read. :)

Also thank you for becoming a Watcher, that was very awesome of you. :)