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Black and White Paw Print Bracelet by amalym Black and White Paw Print Bracelet :iconamalym:amalym 5 2 Fun Striped Peyote Bracelet by amalym Fun Striped Peyote Bracelet :iconamalym:amalym 1 0
The Life of a Customer Service Representative
Unedited from August 31st, 2004
Don't yell at me!
I'm just like you -
tired, troubled and busy too.
Yet you find it fit
to blame me
for your fatigue and stupidity.
If I could yell back - I would!
I'd tell you that I'm human,
that life isn't easy for me.
Caught up in societies claw
I take your anger as my job.
Am I happy?
Would you be if you were me?
I'd yell right back,
and blame you for
a computer's lack of simplicity.
Yet here we are,
you yelling at me,
as I try to solve your problems.
But you're still not happy!
:iconamalym:amalym 2 2
My Biggest Regrets
My biggest regrets
are always for myself.
Those times I knew I should
walkaway but I didn't.
The times I knew it wasn't right
but I kept trying.
I blame other's for the
choices they made, but
my biggest regrets are mine.
:iconamalym:amalym 3 2
Just Not Ready
Every time I think of you I feel happy.
When I see you I feel comfortable.
But when I hold you I feel safe.
When I hold you I cry, I smile, I remember.
My whole life you have never let me down.
Family threw me away but you stood your ground.
When I was angry, sad or happy you stuck around.
Never judging me you were always ready for hugs, tears and secrets.
Oh my teddy, my best friend, I'm still not  ready to let you go!
:iconamalym:amalym 3 4
Book Review Emotional Fitness
Title: Emotional Fitness: Discovering our Natural Healing Power
Author: Janice Berger and Harry Hall
Genre: Self Help
ISBN: 0-14-305557-7
The author of Emotional Fitness seems to have made it into more than just a publication. She has made cds, hosts workshops and seminars and counsels people through their own healing. Her website
( has wonderful information about the process to healing ourselves. Janice Berger is considered to be a pioneer off Deep Emotional Therapy and has been counselling for over 30 years.
Janice Berger co-authored Emotional Healing with Harry Hall who has been practicing Deep Emotional Therapy for over 20 years. Harry trained in the psychiatric practice of the late Dr. L. Macintosh here in Toronto.
To best review this book I began looking at the sections. The introduction to this book is filled with powerful emotions. The author has openly shared her pain with the reader in order to allow them feel more comfortable with their own past
:iconamalym:amalym 1 0
Texturized Down Town Toronto by amalym Texturized Down Town Toronto :iconamalym:amalym 3 0 I'm sick mommy by amalym I'm sick mommy :iconamalym:amalym 9 17 Don't make me go without you by amalym Don't make me go without you :iconamalym:amalym 4 2 blueberries in fall by amalym blueberries in fall :iconamalym:amalym 2 2
Bubbling, boiling anger
Pushing at the brim
Ready to burst over
Blistering skin
Wreaking havoc
To all's chagrin
:iconamalym:amalym 3 0
My Groundhog by amalym My Groundhog :iconamalym:amalym 8 38
Silent or Not?
Is silence truly the answer?
Some say that silence is strength.
Some believe it is weakness.
To be silent and feared,
or to be silent and walked on?
Which seems more likely?
I keep silent and am lost in concerns.
I keep silent and am abused.
I keep silent and die inside from my pain.
I speak up and stand tall.
I speak up and am known.
I speak up and am seen.
I am silent and no one knows me.
I am silent and everyone fears me.
I am silent and no one remembers me.
I say my piece and am considered.
I speak my mind and am liberated.
I share my emotions and I am freed.
To be silent and feared
or silent and abused?
To speak and be hated
or speak and be heard?
To be me or to please
others who think they know best?
:iconamalym:amalym 3 5
No Notes?
You sad I left no notes
But did you read my poetry?
I had tried to tell you,
How, when and where I'd be going.
Instead you ignored me.
You claimed I would be fine.
You never understood,
I already was gone.
:iconamalym:amalym 2 0
Mature content
The Plea for The End :iconamalym:amalym 5 10
Mature content
The End 2 :iconamalym:amalym 6 2

Random Favourites

One Of Those Days
You know those days...?
Thoughts float around;
while telling your friend,
you stop in the middle,
never reaching the end.
You know those days...?
Your speech trails off,
as you stare into space,
your mind far, far away;
dreamy look on your face.
You know those days...?
Most of your time wasted,
spent staring at a wall;
your head's in the clouds,
and you can't focus at all.
It's one of those days.
:iconlovelyloon:lovelyloon 1 17
One Of Those Carefree Days by lovelyloon One Of Those Carefree Days :iconlovelyloon:lovelyloon 7 37
Safety Blanket People
The recently flipped-shut cellphone lay on her stomach as she gazed up at the vaguely starry sky. The phone was a slight pressure compared to the pressure of the recently ended conversation replaying in her mind.
Living so near a huge city, there was only a handful of stars strewn about the dark heavens. Similarly, this night there were only a handful of complete thoughts scattered through her mind. The sidewalk was warm beneath her, a rough comfort; the hardness under her head a subtle reminder of reality. Her fingers found a small rock to play with on the cement.
Tonight, she was thinking only about her best friends, those familiar and comforting souls who were her safety blankets in times like this. True, the calls had kept cutting out; sure, they were farther apart than they had been in a while. But they had all been through this before, more times than any of them cared to count. They all knew the drill, one of the perks of knowing one another for too long. They each knew exactly
:iconlovelyloon:lovelyloon 3 21
Perspective Is Reality...
Perspective is reality, she thought as she lay sprawled amid the alarming messiness accumulating atop her very unmade bed, unfinished Chemistry homework sandwiched, forgotten, beneath her. Sitting up and stretching mightily, she pondered her latest activities. The numbers of the digital clock perched precariously on the edge of her cluttered dresser now read 2:48 AM. Oh good, she thought as she attempted to fix her tangled hair, it's only 1:36. (For no apparent reason, the clock had suddenly jumped ahead one day last summer; she had yet to figure out how to fix it.) Hair once more piled messily on top of her head, she once again wondered idly at the mystery of how the clock had come to be an hour and twelve minutes ahead of reality.
For the past several hours, she had been reading a book. But not just any book; not only was this book not homework of any kind, it was also a book she had already read. Now, from any other sensible person's point of view, her night had
:iconlovelyloon:lovelyloon 7 28
Good Enough by lovelyloon Good Enough :iconlovelyloon:lovelyloon 10 58 Somewhere, Up There by lovelyloon Somewhere, Up There :iconlovelyloon:lovelyloon 46 58
Tumbling Insides Out
You catch his eye, hear your heart race;
turn coyly 'round, begin the chase.
He smiles, your blood flows...
...and next thing you know,
you've tripped, fallen flat on your face.
:iconlovelyloon:lovelyloon 3 21
A Dreamlike Day, 1 by lovelyloon A Dreamlike Day, 1 :iconlovelyloon:lovelyloon 4 11
Empty Bubbles, Empty Names
The test's math problems used names no one actually used anymore, names like Doris and Chuck and Beth.
She paused for a moment, almost in the middle of filling in one of those endless little bubbles, to consider such names went out of style, just how they became obsolete. Just what made different people in different generations pick the names they did for the people in the next generation, until certain names weren't picked anymore.
Was it the way certain letters were arranged? Did the sounds of those letters become unfashionable, like styles of clothes?
She wondered these things even as she turned back to those countless little empty circles, waiting to be filled. Perhaps she was strange for wondering such things in the middle of other such things, or for wondering them at all. But she didn't mind, if she even realized it at all.
She then came to a problem in which her own name was used. It was even spelled correctly, the very first word of the problem.
She paused to wond
:iconlovelyloon:lovelyloon 3 16
leaves between the breeze
between the breeze, leaves rustling to and fro,
with rip'ling, clapping laughing, and so free.
this moment now, the breeze is what they know.
with rising gusts, louder, greater they go,
now rolling, leaping; smoothly, swiftily.
between the winds, leaves dancing to and fro.
departing clouds, the opening skies grow,
and faster, higher, far as one can see.
this moment now, the earth is what they know.
but as all peaks have a decline, all slow,
so quiet they become, and finally;
between slight gusts, leaves swaying to and fro.
with gradual descent, and dwind'ling flow,
a silent calm surrounds, so soundlessly.
this moment now, the stillness they can know.
but all is not forgotten; stirrings show,
a gentle swell appears, growing quietly.
between the breeze, leaves rustling to and fro;
this moment now, the breeze is all they know.
:iconlovelyloon:lovelyloon 13 8
Feel Calm by Saeed-Al-Amri Feel Calm :iconsaeed-al-amri:Saeed-Al-Amri 31 8 -PRINCESS AMALYN O THE CLOUDS- by GreenStarrySkies -PRINCESS AMALYN O THE CLOUDS- :icongreenstarryskies:GreenStarrySkies 9 5


This photo speaks volumes. Many people take a photo at an upward angle to show the sky and under side of flowers but neglect to show a ...


Geisha by lukpazera Geisha :iconlukpazera:lukpazera 7,038 602 Euphoria by Solkku Euphoria :iconsolkku:Solkku 2,695 871 Farmer's Wife by folkvangar Farmer's Wife :iconfolkvangar:folkvangar 505 113 A slice of life by gilad A slice of life :icongilad:gilad 33,159 3,188 .waterfall. by noah-kh .waterfall. :iconnoah-kh:noah-kh 7,873 577 Underwater Love by AreteEirene Underwater Love :iconareteeirene:AreteEirene 117 66 Dance of Seasons by windfalcon Dance of Seasons :iconwindfalcon:windfalcon 1,257 145 Sad Melody by karemelancholia Sad Melody :iconkaremelancholia:karemelancholia 359 124



I have been so increasingly busy that I have not given DA my time. But with the launch of a new creative brand and a giveaway I didn't want anyone here who watches me to miss out.

Those who sign up for my newsletter on between July 1st and 12am Eastern on July 14th will be entered in to a draw to win one of 4 $25 Amazon gift certificates.

This is just the first giveaway. This week I am launching the bead store and will likely have another giveaway in August.

If you are a beader, crafter and/or a creative Canadian this all may be of interest to you. All prices are in Canadian Dollars and I am striving to get the same great low prices the US shops have (before conversion of course).

If you know any one who is interested they are welcome to come enter and start building the Canadian craft scene with me at!!

I will also be making more time to be involved with DeviantArt again so I look forward to seeing more of your work and hey, you never know, you may be a feature through my social media or in a blog post :D



Amanda Lynne Murtagh


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