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How to Disappear Completely (cover art)

This is the cover art for How to Disappear Completely  that I did for shortskirtsandexplosions story, this is as far as I am ware is the one of the few and best Flash Sentry going to Equestria premise that that I am aware of. I was rather lukewarm on the issue of Flash Sentry when the controversy about his character, but I did like all the strong opinions that he always seem to follow in is wake.

This was an interesting cover art to do because I have never before drawn an Equestria Girls design character, for the main reason that I was never really enamored to begin with in the first, but it when better then I had hoped, and after doing this I think I have managed to set aside my prejudices about I be more receptive to to explore EQG character designs in the future. I was concerned about how well my drawing style would mesh well with EQG Flash sentry and I think is actually whent rather well in my opinion, especially fro drawing the clothing folds. From the start, I wanted the to have the Canterlot High school horse statue be present on the pedestal, despite having been destroyed in EQG 3, to make the porthole more recognizable to the viewers. So, I went with making the statue have a ethereal magic quality to it show that it leaded to Horseland, huh, I mean Equestria. Doing the pedestal was actually a lot more work them what I have anticipated and a lot more fun to do especially the magical water ripple effects(e.i. Star Gate) and the light emitted from it. The Pegasuss reflection of Flash Sentry was an after though, but was also a lot of fun to do and I think if explain better that going to happen to him when he will cross over the porthole.

In the end, it was a fun Project to do.
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I love this art and I love reading this story!
amalgamzaku's avatar
thank you for the praises, it's really appreciated. 
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You're are most welcome!:happybounce: 
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This is very well done, especially that luminescent effect on the statue...
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Thanks for the praises, It was a fun piece to work on and I loved experimenting with the reflective surfaces.
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After many people hate Flash in human world only one choice for Flash the choice is to leave human world.

Flash will go to Pony World or Equestria Flash will begin a new life in Equestria with every Pony in there look interesting Flash have a new life now but i don't know what will happen to Flash in Equastria will Flash be happy or he will not.But i hope Flash will be happy because Flash will have a new life,new work,new mission,new home,new friends and all of his life in Equestria. Now,Flash will meet Princess Twilight again after such a long separation but Flash will also meet Soarin,Starlight,Trixie and all Ponies in Equastria.

I'm thinking this is so interesting nice work.
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thank you for the praises, I don't know anymore then you do about what is going to happen next for EQG Flash Sentry, your guess is as good as mine. I hope you have a good read for this.
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Not bad! Not bad at all... as someone who feels that Flash gets too much unjustified hatred from the fandom, I'm glade you put so much effort into this.
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Thanks, I am glade that you like.
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Thanks for the praises. So, what do you like about it, or what you don't like? 
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The glow, the Pegasus Flash, and his backpack and jacket behind him.
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This has quite a magical feeling to it. I agree that the effect you used made the statue very ethereal. It would look like glass, except we know it was stone before. Really gives off a vibe of being a gateway/passage to another place. Really like the reflection of Pony Sentry. The pose looked weird at first, but it matches Flash so well that the longer I look, the more I like it. Especially the part where his hand sorts of melt through the pedestal. I hadn't realized at first.

Honestly, I understand why you were worried, but the final result is great. Clothing, folds, posture, it all works out nicely.
amalgamzaku's avatar
Thanks for the praises. For the issue of the weirdness in the reflection of Pony Flash Sentry, the reason for it is simple ponies are way smaller then humans if I where to assume that their head sizes should be a reference, and if I wanted to have both characters be at the same eye level and their hands hooves touch each other the Equestrian Flash would need to be floating in the air, with is not really an issue sense he is a Pegasus pony. All doe, I could have put more of an effort in making his look like he is flapping his wings at least. 
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Sunset telling Flash Sentry to just give up on Princess Twilight... rather than say the two of them doing it together face to face? Felt insult to me. If Flash and Princess Twilight are going to decide they don't have a future together, they should do it themselves, not because Sunset tells them they should.
amalgamzaku's avatar
I would agree with you on that, but I would go even further to say that he could have been insistent with Sunset in wanting to See Twilight again (with the help of the book) anyway after Rainbow Rocks, it would have showed that he as at least have a spine to stand up for himself and and a desire to fight to wanting to her again, which is something that she would need for a long term lover. Plus going to Equestria to be Twilight is a big commitment he could be cut off from everything knew in a strange land it's not an easy step to take either, he would have to show Sunset that he is willing to go thought with it and not chicken out of it if she took the effort to to do it for him.Of course he is a teenager and he school to worry about along with other things in life and might not have gotten around to try and see her again.
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