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Xana Sirius
Hair: Golden Blonde
Eye: Tan
Complexion: Pale

Race: Faunus
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'3

Inspiration: Anubis

Symbol: Golden Jackal's Head

Semblance: Magic
The ability to warp reality in limited facets such as manipulating the elements or controlling time.

Weapon: Stark Warning
Stark Warning is a wandstaff mounted with a golden jackal's head and an anhk of the same color on either end of it's black and red shaft. Xana uses this to channel her magical abilities and manipulate dust. She can also Stark Warning as a blunt instrument for physical combat.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Xana is one of the very few on Remnant with the distinction of being able to use magic. This allows her to bend light into damaging beams, manipulate rock and plant matter, heal wounds at a rapid rate, teleport varying distances depending on her stamina and control water in all three states. She also has an excellent control over her aura and skill in manipulating dust which she utilizes in regular battles with her team as mage. Although, Xana is very easy to incapacitate due to her lack luster endurance. 

Xana grew up in an orphanage in Atlas called "The Clockwork House" in where the staff was notorious for experimenting on the children under their care. And throughout her stay there, Xana was constantly harassed and abused by both staff and the other children due to being a Faunus. One day, she meet and befriended another orphan by the name of Anne whose parents were killed in an accident and it was through Anne's friendship that Xana found self acceptance and love. But this was not to last as during one of the experiments conducted by staff, Anne tragically lost her life. Having witnessed this after crawling through the air ducts in an attempt to rescue Anne, Xana snapped triggering her latent magic which she turned on the majority of the staff to avenge her fallen friend. As she was about to finish off another staff member Xana heard one of the other children scream this caused her to realize that didn't want be a killer and ran off to help the orphans escape their prison. Years after this Xana went to Mistral to join Haven Academy and teamed up with Sumire Shina, Teal Gan Ceann and Morte Yoshimaru to form Team STYX.

The most eloquent way to describe Xana's personality is by the term "mannerable bitch" as she is polite yet snide, honest to the point of bluntness and robotic. However this is only a persona she uses to hide the stress being able to magic puts on her. Those who know Xana best describes as a friendly, caring and warmhearted person. She is also noted as being very intelligent and open-minded acting in part as the voice of reason and strategist of Team STYX.

Xana is a female faunus with jackal's ears, long golden blonde hair worn in large twin drilltails, tan eyes and fair skin. Her typical mode of dress consists of a black frock with gold accents, a brown mantle, tan stockings and black-and-gold slip on shoes. Xana is notably short for her age which causes her to be teased a lot by others.

Black Tea, Sweets and Strategy Games (Chess etc.)

Using Magic, Chai Tea and The White Fang 


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Calvin Frey
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Well I like to take pictures of people, places and things that I find to be interesting. I'm a fan of anime such as the When They Cry series (currently getting into Higanbana), Paranoia Agent, Soul Eater, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, D. Gray Man and Studio Ghibli Films. And I am massive fan of Coldplay. My dislikes are crappy anime, incompetent authority figures, crappy TV shows and movies in general and spiders (how I hate spiders oh and child abuse). Other than photography I'm also an avid writer have an account on FanFiction.Net and have two poems published in books I have also become a Brony in recent years. Other then that I am living with my dad in Albuquerque, NM and am currently unemployed but working to become an author.


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