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Amalgamation Galaxy Map (Updated)

Amalgamation is a Universe where a multitude of Sci-Fi videogame universes fit together as one, with it's own timeline, galaxy map and canon and stories. Images are organised into folders on the left:…

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Amalgamation Galaxy Map (Vindicates Only Edition) by Amalgamation100



Amalgamation Timeline

Star Wars exists in this universe, but it's in another Galaxy...

Far Far Away... ;)

There are three galactic superpowers in the Amalgamation Universe, the Citadel Council (Mass Effect), The Covenant (Halo) and the Galactic Federation (Metroid)

This is a brief overview on how these universes developed together using combined information from different cannon sources. It's purely giving information from the perspective of there shared history, for more in-depth timelines on each one visit these three links, if something isn't mentioned here it is likely that it hasn't been changed from the original canon

Mass Effect Timeline

Halo Timeline

Metroid Timeline

P.S/Side-note: There is much more lore about the universe from other franchises not discussed here, this will mainly focus on the three alien super-powers and the impact they have on the galaxy.


With humanity (The UEGA; United Earth Government Alliance) coming up as close fourth in a very short amount of time due to there aggressive expansion, adaptability and well roundedness, this is somewhat irrelevant though with Humanities admission to the Council and fragments of it being absorbed by the Galactic Federation.

Please note that the timeline here is for the Amalgamation Universe and thus is different from each individual franchise that it represents, so the history/canon related to it won't match up with most franchise canons, just like this entire Galaxy Map. Though both the Galaxy Map and Timeline uses Mass Effect as it's primary base somewhat, I still felt that I had to move the Mass Relays away from the Space the Covenant occupies otherwise it changes the entirety of the games too much. I am aware that a lot of those locations are based on real life nebulas but moving them seems like the best option. To help people who may be familiar with some of the franchise's I talk about and unfamiliar with others I have linked certain topics and species to wiki pages which explain more about them from the direct canon perspective, which unless directly stated otherwise or for obvious reasons should be the correct perspective for this universe.

Brief Overview of Galactic Superpowers:

Covenant, 852 BCE

The Covenant Empire was formed around 852 BCE by the San'Shyumm and the Sangheili at the conclusion of a great war between the two by signing the write of Union, afterwards the San'Shyuum became none-combatants leaving that role entirely to the Sangheili who were much better suited for it. Whilst the Sangheili were in charge of the Covenant military the San'Shyumm filled in the leadership role of the Covenant when it came to politics and religion. The Covenant admits more species later on by subjugation and force and because of this it is seen throughout the galactic community as a loathsome tyrannical force even by the races within it, especially the lower ranking species. The Terminus systems also despise the Covenant because of the Empire's push into there systems, the Covenant have even conquered free worlds and laid claim to space within the territory as there own (see Kig-Yar and Yonhet homeworld's).

Even so it's been rumoured that the Covenant has sometimes paid mercenary bands to do there dirty work, and the pirate gangs always accept any job for the right price.

Later species to join were the LekgoloYanme'eKig-Yar, Unggoy, Jiralhanae , and Huragok all of which could be utilised as combat units except the Huragok who were utilised as Engineers

There were also species within what was known as the Covenant Fringe which were affiliated but not apart of the Covenant, such as the Yonhet and Sharqoui.

Crossover Note: "Conflict Zone" is the area where Geth and Covenant territories overlap, it signifies the two groups constantly at war with each other over that portion of territory. Because of the Geth's annoyance the Covenant has developed a hatred for the Quarians, the Geth's creators, and thus threatens to fire upon the Migrant fleet should it ever enter Covenant Space. 


Citadel Council 500 BCE

The Citadel Council was formed sometime in 500 BCE by the Asari and the Salarians. One of the first wars the Citadel ever fought was against the Rachni upon accidentally discovering them, as a result of the conflict the Salarians uplifted a primitive and aggressive species called the Krogan to fight for them. This was called the Rachni Wars. At the conclusion of the Rachni-War the uplifted Krogan began aggressively expanding and breeding, and rose up against the Citadel when they refused to permit them more worlds. Salarian Scientists developed the "Genophage" a biological weapon designed to severely reduce Krogan numbers by "infecting" the species with a genetic mutation, it was deployed by the Turians and effectively ended the war before it escalated saving countless of lives at the cost of reducing Krogan numbers and birthrate. Due to there help with the Krogan Rebellions and there military might the Turians earned not only the third seat on the Citadel Council but now also fill in the majority of the military and police roles within the Citadel Council, whilst the Asari are more political leaning and the Salarians lead more scientific efforts. The Council is seen throughout the Galaxy as a relatively "good" and a peaceful democracy and is well liked by most except outlaws, though there are a few who view it's trinity hierarchy as self-serving and obnoxious.

After the three Council races there are none-Council members of the Citadel government which hold embassies and an alliance with it, these are the Drell, Hanar, Elcor, and the Volus, most of which should be noted aren't very combat friendly (except for the Drell) as ground units but do posses navies of some description.

Ex Council races include the Batarians, Krogan and Quarians, the Quarians were later re-admitted in this universe (all this happens centuries later)

Crossover Note:

The Covenant's expansion of territory over Geth space has made the prospect of returning to the homeworld even more hopeless for Amalgamation's Quarians than it is for them in the Mass Effect Universe, as in Amalgamation the Covenant did not occupy that space 300 years prior to current events when the Quarians lived there peacefully and had an embassy with the council.

However some even among the Quarians say it was somewhat of a blessing, had the Quarians not been pushed out, the Covenant may of absorbed the Quarians into it's ranks when it reached them. The Geth are too hard to conquer, they constantly rebuild themselves and hack into Covenant technology whenever they get near, also the Perseus veil obscures there location making intelligence gathering neigh impossible. Because of the trouble the Geth have caused the Covenant, as well as the threat that they (The Covenant) pose, the Quarians embassy was re-established not long before humanity opened there embassy under strict conditions, making there lives a little easier as Citadel allies.

The Quarians have still not been able to find a planet to colonize even though the Council now grants them that privilege in Citadel Space.


The War of two Council's 1213 AD

The Citadel Council and Covenant differ in the Amalgamation Universe to Mass Effect and Halo canon simply by sharing there space in the galaxy with each other, sometime after 1200 AD the two entities met for the first time, the Citadel with it's three Council members and some support from Batarians and Quarians against a young Covenant Alliance with just the San'Shyuum, Huragok (support role, adding shields and tech assistance) Sangheili, Yanme'e and Lekgolo as it's only members.

The Covenant was dismayed to see that the Council races knew nothing of and dismissed the "great journey" as a fictional religious pursuit, and the Council was more appalled at how the Covenant treated it's "lower" members, with such a lack of care and representation coupled with there forced partnership they were basically slave races. Unfortunately due to many difference's in politics, religion, ethics and altogether ideals the two groups waged a war which was brought to a stalemate, the Elites admired the honour and tactics the Turians fought with, but despised the female warriors of the Asari simply for being feminine, and the cowardly espionage of the Salarians. The Council races held no respect for any of the Covenant and saw them as vicious brutes, a despicable empire which enslaved it's armies, but felt sympathy for both the Yanme'e and Lekgolo as they were forced into the Empire. The war ended in a stalemated "cold-war" with each side grappling for as much territory and technology in the time ahead as they could, each building there fleets and armies to deter another war with the other side. A treaty was signed between the two but relations are mediocre at the best of time.


Galactic Federation 2003 AD

Many species from different civilised worlds coalesced to form the Galactic Federation for the purpose of establishing a multi-cultural government within the galaxy which was egalitarian and none-hierarchical after 2000 AD, it also stood as a way for many of these smaller, less powerful worlds to form tremendous strength through numbers and unity. Guided by the wisdom and technological prowess of the Chozo they soon became a galactic super-power to rival both the Covenant and the Citadel, though the Federation's mandate was for peace so they never sought to provoke their enemies into war.

Many of the Federation's trade routes have been disrupted by the "Space Pirates" (Metroid Species) who in the Amalgamation Universe reside within the Terminus Systems like all other pirate species, including the Yonhet and Kig-Yar. The pirates not only attack supply ships but have also gone a step further than other Terminus system gangs and conquered entire worlds, using the populace as slave labor and even insultingly taking on the host planets dominate species name as there own, implying they are the true inhabitants of the world and reducing the natives to second class citizens. As a response to the raids and attacks the Federation created it's own military to deal with the problem. Like the Citadel and the Covenant, the Federation is not popular with the Terminus Systems, though they do use Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries to help with hunting down Space-Pirates, calling upon some of the Galaxies best hunters with fair and flattering prices.

Other Federation races include, but are not limited too, the Chozo, Ceratopsid, ElfinSimian'sVhozon and Jovian.

Note: although it is unclear in Metroid canon whether or not the species highlighted in bold font are apart of the Federation I have included them in the Amalgamation to be apart it for the sake of populating the Federation in Amalgamation, also Metroid canon is just not very well developed like other universe's so some assumptions have to be made.

See here again for the Metroid Canon timeline I used as a guide


Galactic Federation's relationship with the other galactic super-powers

The Federation has a healthy relationship with the Citadel as they share trade routes and even some policies between there intermingled borders, they've formed peace contracts, treaties and have embassies in each other's territory. The Federation is seen by the galactic community as somewhat "better" than the Council as all it's members share seats on the "Supreme Council" though it has been criticised by a few for discriminating against some races, as it has turned down more primitive species from joining in the past.

With the Covenant though the Federation has attempted many times to form peaceful dialogue but there fanatical religious devotion gets in the way every time like it did with the Citadel. If you do not worship the Forerunners you are a heretic in the Covenant's eyes, the Chozo have suggested that the Federation cease all contact with the Covenant altogether, and for the most part they have, seeking to stay out of there way.



Though it can be seen in the Galaxy map it should be noted that there are several groups and species which are known in the galaxy but do not submit themselves, willingly or unwillingly to any of the big three Galactic Super Powers:

The Yautja, who are to an extent xenophobic and reclusive choose to stay isolated from the galactic community and politics. Some tribes have less transgressions with members of the Sangheili and Krogan species than with others, and you may very rarely find banished Yautja working as pirates int he Terminus Systems.

The Xenomorph's are an intelligent species who, due to relying upon other sentient species as prey, do not have the capacity or desire to socialise or cooperate with other species.

The Geth, who see and accept that Organics fear them. They stay beyond the prying eyes of the Perseus Veil, fighting off Covenant Advances into there territory.

The Cybertronians who are locked in constant Civil War, like the Geth the rest of the Galaxy fears machines and artificial intelligence. It is debated on in the galactic community whether or not Cybertronians were created or "born." There presence in the galaxy has pushed the creation of Titans to help prepare for attacks by the dangerous Decepticon faction, the Turians have even began developing there own line of mechs to help combat the threat.

The Terminus systems also harbour many independent species and factions of mixed-matched aliens from several lone-wolf cultures. In this universe the Terminus systems include the assortment of Space Pirates, Jackal's and Skirmishers, and Covenant Fringe species which are not apart of or escaped the Covenant's regime, and the numerous other species you'd usually expect there from the Mass Effect games.


UEGA/Humanities involvement within the galactic community

The UEGA (United Earth Government Alliance, also known as just "The Alliance") was established in the 2091's alongside the simultaneous discoveries of slip-space travel by Tobias Shaw and Wallace Fujikawa, and the Prothean base on Mars which unlocked the secrets of "Mass Effect Physics" Faster Than Light travel and the Mass Relays. Note: Mass Effect Physics FTL is cheaper but less effective than Slip-Space travel in Amalgamation so both are used, Mass Relays are both convenient and cheaper so whilst the Galaxy isn't dependant on them they are the first option if available. Mass Effect fields are also consistently used for surface-to-orbit transit.

With all of these mind-blowing discoveries happening at once, plus the fact that Earth had been invaded by extra-terrestrials in it's past (all of which were eventually discovered to be from other galaxies or even dimensions) humanity propelled itself into an allied government before leaving the bounds of it's solar-system to face the unknown and colonize worlds outside Sol. Though there are rumours that persist to this day that a ruthless secret shadow-government seeping into every nation on Earth was the main driving force behind this unity. The UNSC "United Nations Space Command" (Halo) is the main military force of humanity and in direct control of the UEGA.

Many different privately owned corporations and para-military groups also headed exploration and colonisation into space, like Weyland-Yutani and the IMC

Amalgamation UEGA

Citadel Council

Humanity joins the Citadel and erects an embassy after the 2157 "first contact" war with the Turians came to it's short conclusion, debate on the title is wide-spread among humans as it wasn't the first time humanity had come into contact with extra-terrestrials, some humans call it what the Turians called it, the "relay 314 incident." It is the first time humanity made contact with an extra terrestrial presence since leaving Earth though.

Humanity eventually gains a seat on the Council in 2183 after it's first Spectre's (two commander Shepard's for this universe, un-identical twin's male and female) save the Council and Destiny Ascension from the Geth. This happens three years before the traditional Mass Effect universe. Eden Prime was also attacked by the Geth earlier that year.


Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation is home to many species most of which are humanoid and somewhat mysterious, Federation armour completely conceals it's wearers identity so species identification can be hard. When humanity spread out among the stars it's formal government joined the Citadel with the goal of one-day obtaining a Council seat, however many outer human colonies were unhappy with the UEGA's policies and taxes which they deemed unfair and as a result a lot of rebellious factions have broken off to join with the Federation, when the flood of humans came into it's ranks the Federation accepted them with open arms and began integrating humans into it's military in 2160.

This has caused some political tension between the UEGA and the Federation, the UEGA has made it clear that it does not condone the Federation absorbing colonies and people which owe it tax money, as fronting costs for colonies is very expensive and considers it to not only be stealing, but an act of war and aggression. The Galactic Federation considered themselves to be liberating these people from an oppressive regime, but the UEGA affirms that the Federation has no right to decide how Humanity should govern it's people. It should be noted though that UEGA colonial taxes are more expensive than anything ever seen in recorded galactic history, even the Covenant doesn't charge as much for it's slaves. The Galactic Federation has offered to pay off what these colonies owe but the UEGA is still unhappy about losing the colonies. They eventually came to a compromise.

Since the initial integration of humans the Federation has stopped taking on-board human colonies and granting new human's Galactic Federation citizenship, without giving up the worlds it has already absorbed but it has nevertheless began paying reparations to the UEGA not just for what the colonies owe but extra for the burden of populating new ones. Because of this t
he UEGA and Federation manage to maintain embassies and trade routes within each other's territory, but there are also rumours that the supposed tyrannical shadow government within the UEGA has infiltrated many human levels of the Federation and corrupted it. Also, because the outer colonies now have no where to turn, many rebellions have broken out, two notable factions or cells (whether or not these groups are in unity is yet to be seen) are the Insurrection (Halo) and the Militia (Titanfall).


The Covenant declares all out war with humanity in 2162 upon discovering there existence, declaring them an "unclean" race and calling for there extermination.

Note: In the Amalgamation Universe humanity is much more technologically advanced than any of the individual franchise's as one because of the Amalgamated technology, which means that they were more capable than Halo's UNSC, for example unlike in the traditional halo universe, Amalgamation Universe's humanity is equipped with kinetic barriers as well as particle shields for all infantry soldiers, which faired better than armour against plasma weapons, mass effect fields to enhance ballistic weapons such as MAC guns and more. But the Covenant still had it’s edge with better shielding, slipspace technology and overwhelming numbers, so despite this, 
Amalgamation's UNSC is still not on the level of the Covenant and thus they still posed a massive threat to the UEGA due also to the timing of the conflict. Humanity was somewhat both lucky and unlucky in it's expansion into the stars, and looked upon by the rest of the galactic community as "violent expanders." It was prosperious but not at all peaceful, humanity at this point colonized over 300 colonial worlds, which caused many outbreaks of small conflicts, which overall added up to tax the UEGA.

Noted conflicts include the "first contact war" with the Turians, the Skillian blitz with the Batarians, the rise of the Locusts Hordes on Sera, a couple of run-ins with the Space Pirates and Metroids which were mainly a Federation issue but still got in the UEGA's way on a number of occasions, numerous pirate raids because of there expansion into the Terminus systems and internal rebellions with the outer colonies, the UEGA was stretched too thin when the Covenant reared it's ugly head.

Even though the Federation and Citadel both did not get along with the Covenant neither was eager to step in and help humanity for multiple reasons (humanity had not made a good first impression on the galaxy), but the main one being that the Covenant was just too powerful to start a war with, it was too risky in the same way America and Russia didn't want to go to war in the cold war, it was more than likely to destroy them both.

Harvest was fully “glassed” by 2167 after a five year long battle with the Covenant, with other worlds also falling to the Covenant's overwhelming odds. The Covenant continued it's advance into human territory.


Current time, 2183: UEGA, Citadel, Federation and Covenant.

When the Geth invaded Eden Prime in 2183 it was thought of as humanities doom, they had not been able to stave off the Covenant's advance and then yet another enemy had created another front for the UEGA to fight on. When the Geth attacked the Citadel with Soverign, humanity sacrificed a portion of it's Fifth Fleet (based at Arcturus Station) to save them and the Destiny Ascension, the act was, needless to say, un-affordable to the UEGA at the time. The military absolutely crippled they could do almost nothing as the Covenant rolled into Reach, ready to take the fortress world on the metaphorical doorstep to Earth. Arcturus Station would have been next.

But that act, that one selfless act would go on to change the galaxy forever, as there heroism was rewarded many aliens watched in both shock and horror as humanity was offered a seat on the Council because it meant only one thing: The Citadel would have to go to war with the Covenant.

It wasn't hard to rally the Citadel species, as the act of saving the Citadel itself had not only changed there power in politics but the Galactic Communities view on humanity altogether, an overwhelming majority viewed helping the humans against the Covenant the only morally right thing to do now. It was seen as repaying a heavy debt that they owed. For the Quarians, removing the Covenant meant getting closer to taking there homeworld back, and the Citadel agreed to help them with the Geth should they contribute to the war effort.

Many considered trying to obtain the Krogans help to fight the Covenant, but the old wounds were scarred deep, the Krogans remembered the Rachni-Wars and how they were treated afterwards, and were unlikely to help even if offered, plus, the old saying goes: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. The Covenant had tried to reach out to the Krogans and were working on there own cure for the Genophage, but with the Krogan homeworld safely in Council Space they were both un-reachable and somewhat unwilling to join another corrupt regime, for now. However the Citadel has resorted to hiring a few Krogan mercenary bands to help in the war, as they're very useful in combatting Sangheili and Brutes.

The Galactic Federation has begun cutting all ties with both the UEGA and Citadel for it does not wish to enter the conflict at all, whilst they were happy to help human refugees and colonies in the beginning it was that very history which prevented them for wanting to help the UEGA in it's fight for survival against the Covenant, as because of how the UEGA treats it's colonist the Federation has no love for either side, and considers the Citadel to be a neutral party to them.

The Federation knows that the Covenant seeks to destroy all humans and will turn it's attention to the Federation if it manages to defeat the UEGA and Citadel, they've made numerous threats already and the Federation has happily stood by it's human citizens which have time and time again put there lives on the line defending Federation territory, but for now it's hands are full with the space pirates and other terminus system gangs that constantly raid there ships. For now they wish to stay out of the conflict whilst the Citadel readies it's fleets.

For more information on the Citadel/Covenant War happening in this universe, checkout these two links

  Amalgamation Contest Update #3What is this? In case you don't know it's a contest where I host an event based in our universe. The event is called "The Covenant vs the Citadel"
All of the information around it can be found in the massively long description of these three deviations

I'm also going to tweak the contest a little bit, add in more rewards and increase the time of the event.
The goal: to create a fanart/poster (accompanied by 250 word minimum short story) depicting a battle based on this theme, composed of Citadel and Covenant forces fighting (may include Quarian and Krogan as apart of Citadel army, or even humans/UEGA, but only as supplements to the main three main Citadel races, refer to Galaxy Map description)
Or: Write a 2K word minimum chapter depicting the same thing
  Halo vs Mass Effect (ship sizes, tech comparison) by Amalgamation100

Need to say special thanks to a few people who've helped out with this part of the project, TheAccursedHunter01 for his council with Metroid Lore, arbiter690 and The-PBG for there council with everything else in-between. :D
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