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Shepard casual

By Amales
Ferret Shepard out of operations looks so!!!))

P.S. Following there will be a female Shepard and other races, and will draw then characters!
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Raise your hand if you think Ferret Shepard should be in the next game!  XD
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Whahahahahaha! I love it! OMG so cute, I wants one. la in love 
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This.... this is like... road crew XD
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This needs to be a game. I would play the Hell out of Mass Ferrets. Holy crap!
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Very original! cool! I would play "Mass Ferret")))
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that is funny how he has a little hoodie! XD
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The scars look good! Nice touch!
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OMG! It's a ferret! Me has a ferret!
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I am speechless.=D
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OMG. Ferret Shepard is SO CUTE!
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Lolerlollerloller Ferrets.
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Oh god, that is adorable beyond words. I have to show this to my brother and his girlfriend who own like, five ferrets.
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