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announcing mahou no sensou project!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 26, 2017, 3:14 PM

for those who didn't already see my post on tumblr; a bunch of my friends and i have been collaborating on a? story project for lack of a better term.

we’ve only been working on it for a couple months so there’s really not much organization involved yet, but it’s basically a collective oc-verse that we’re all contributing characters and ideas to.

we’re considering actually combining our talents and doing something with it – we’ve discussed the idea of a comic in the future, but for now we've decided to just do a visual novel.

if you’d like to see the tumblr blog we have for it, it’s over at mahounosensou! i’ll add more information on this post as well.

please note that most of the collaborators for this do not have deviantart accounts! it's really a project that we started in our discord groupchat, so that is where i keep contact with everyone the most. however, all but one of us have at least somewhat active tumblr accounts that will probably be mentioned on the group blog. additionally, one of my friends who's working on this does have a deviantart account over at Candy-Bat !


the setting for this story is modern day/possibly futuristic japan – specifically in some sort of city. the basis is that about 10% (or less) of the human population consists of magic users; a.k.a. people with superhuman abilities that are passed down through genetics. most common people don’t know that magic users exist due to their small numbers, as well as government interference.

unfortunately, this could change very quickly. an unorganized, multi-sided war is on the verge of breaking out between the magic users – one that not even the government is completely capable of keeping under wraps. tensions are high and all it takes is a couple of small, near-simultaneous disasters for everything to go over the edge.

the story will most likely follow the paths of multiple characters as they make their ways through this war, showing how they deal with loss and the stress of mass-conflict.

the story is very much inspired by the shounen anime genre, though it will include minor slice-of-life, romance, and comedy elements as well. hopefully we will have more information and concept art available soon!

"i can feel my inner emo stirring… must fight emo urges…" - neku sakuraba, 2008

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