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That was the sound Hyun's boots made on the tile as he made his way down the backstage hallway. His feet were absolutely killing him after doing a 4-hour-long performance in those low heels, and all he wanted was to change out of them, go home, and pass out as soon as he made it to his bed.

Grumble grumble.

Okay, maybe he could make time for a meal before he lost consciousness. It'd been at least a week since he'd last fed, and he knew he'd have to check his freezer stock in the morning..

Unfortunately, it was thoughts like these that kept the young vampire too preoccupied to notice when an arm came darting out of a certain witch's dressing room and snaked around his waist, yanking him into the room before Hyun could even think about screaming in protest.

Next thing he knew, the door was shut and he had his back pressed against it. The room itself was dark, with the light switch being flicked off still, but that didn't really concern Hyun in the slightest. After all, he already knew exactly who his kidnapper w-

"Hey there, bat boy. Come here often~?"

A lilting voice came from the darkness directly in front of him, and with it the smell of mint and various other herbs. Hyun sighed.

"I make a point to avoid this place, actually."

He squinted up at the perpetrator as he waited for his eyes to adjust to the sudden lack of light. When he could finally make out the taller boy's face, he made a point to glare at him as hard as physically possible without damaging his eyes. Or getting his face stuck that way permanently. Or both.

"Hey now, no need for such harsh looks! I only want to.. uh.. talk."


"No, really! Scout's honour!"

"You have never been a Boy Scout."

The witch -- otherwise known as Ki -- leaned in then to press a kiss to the edge of Hyun's jaw, just below his ear.

"You looooove me~"


"I have many tactics in mind that I could use to make you admit it."

"It seems like you're already trying to implement them."


Ki's attention moved closer and closer to Hyun's mouth as they spoke, until his lips were hovering just above the vampire's own. Something flashed in his eyes, as if he were actually asking for permission before going any further. After all, he may be insufferably persistent, but he wasn't a complete douchebag.

Hyun let out a sigh of defeat and met Ki's heated gaze evenly, giving his consent without even needing to say a word. That's how it was with them -- they swore up and down that they were rivals until death, yet there was an unspoken bond there, one that allowed them to communicate with just a glance. Hyun hated it, but it thrilled him at the same.

The air became charged as their lips finally met, Hyun's blood surging with electricity as Ki pressed him against the door. The taller boy pulled up one of Hyun's legs to wrap around his own as his tongue flicked out, seeking approval to deepen the kiss. Against his better judgement, the vampire wielded almost instantly, allowing Ki to explore his mouth like he'd done so many times before.

Hyun would never admit how much he loved these moments. The way Ki's one hand slid up his shirt so his fingers could tap out a rhythm on his waist while the other cupped his face, effectively tilting his head up for a better angle. He wanted more, so much more, and he could feel it in the way his pants were suddenly just a little bit tighter, in the way his head became foggy with the heat of it all. When they both pulled back for air, Hyun brought his hand up to block the witch's next assault.

"Oh no. I am not sleeping with you in a dark dressing room. I have at least some semblance of dignity and I am not about to throw that away."

Ki chuckled, low and husky, and the sound of it went right to the shorter boy's crotch. Oh for fuck's sake Hyun pull yourself together-

"Alright alright, no dressing room sex yet. Shall we end this here then, or would you like to come back to my place?"

Hyun paused for a moment, weighing his options. He really was tired still -- and hungry -- but his dick was making a very compelling argument with how tight those pants were to begin with.

"..Let's take this to my place, actually."
i wrote this a while ago but i still like it and it's far from the most risque thing i've written so. take it

hyun is mine, ki belongs to my qpp chloe (@/crownserendipity on tumblr)
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