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Published: December 30, 2018
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i made a hypnosis mic oc because i have 0 self control

name: shinya himura
nicknames: shin, shishi
age: 22
race: mixed japanese
gender: gnc man (he/him)
sexuality: bisexual (extreme preference for men)

mc name: CRYPTiC
team: tba
division: minato (? tentative)

eye color: golden yellow, looks orangey-red in certain lighting
hair color: dark fuchsia purple
unusual details: heavy eye makeup (thick eyeliner + the diamond shapes under his eyes), cut brows, nails painted black 24/7, nugoth fashion

personality: smug, kind of a thot, chunibyo (self-proclaimed vampire), sadomasochist, drinks dumb bitch juice every morning, likes to pretend he's a switch but everyone knows he's a bottom
relationships: none......... Yet
- bites his nails when he's angry or nervous
- rollerblades everywhere
- petty bitch but like in a "why you mad? because my pussy pops severely, and yours don't?" way
- secretly reads a lot of manga. would never admit it. "i found 20 volumes of naruto under your bed" "idk what you're talking about (:"
- smokes more than he should bc he's an asshole
- @ his rival after a rap battle: "so are we gonna throw down or make out"
- microphone and speakers r probably some dramatic goth shit
- music style is kinda similar to mind brand by maretu. very vulgar and swings his voice a lil even when rapping
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