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Their first kiss had been unsure, hesitant, as if they were both afraid of what it could lead to. Ki had been teasing Hyun for months already, of course, but it had never gone further than that.

Until now, at least.

Because now, Ki’s face hovered inches from Hyun’s, an unspoken question in his eyes. Surprisingly, Hyun was the one to close the distance, brushing his lips chastely against the witch’s. It only lasted a moment before the vampire ducked away, face burning. It was enough though, and Ki laughed softly and kissed his cheek before taking his leave.

Hyun felt the ghost of Ki’s lips for the rest of the night.

Their next kiss was much more intense. Hyun was pushed up against the wall, Ki’s hand sneaking up his shirt as their breath mingled. Hyun’s hands moved of their own will, fisting in Ki’s jacket and pulling him close as their lips parted and the kiss deepened. He sighed softly as Ki pulled away ever-so-slightly to bite at his lower lip, one hand moving up to card through the taller boy’s hair.

Several minutes later, they finally peeled away from each other and parted ways for the night.

They shared many passionate kisses exactly like that over the following months. Hyun was left feeling dizzy and warm every time.

Another two months passed before they shared a kiss that was different from the previous ones. They layed in bed together, limbs tangled and chests heaving. Ki murmured sweet somethings into Hyun’s ear, pressing lazy kisses all over his face as they both fought to catch their breath. Hyun occupied himself by trailing his fingers up and down the witch’s spine, tapping out some nonsensical rhythm as he basked in the attention.

It was the most content he’d ever felt, and he was terrified that one day he would lose it. But for now, he was happy to lay there in exhausted bliss and enjoy it while he could.

The next was a short kiss, not even on the lips. They were in Hyun’s dressing room, just an hour before his newest performance. Hyun frowned at his reflection, one fang worrying at his lower lip as he studied his makeup. He finally sighed, checking to make sure his lipstick hadn’t gotten messed up, before glancing up at the reflection of Ki standing behind him. The expression on the witch’s face could only be described as dreamy as he watched his almost-lover.
Once Hyun’s attention turned to him however, he leaned down to press a soft kiss into the vampire’s hair, lips lingering for just a moment before he pulled back and smiled down at the other.

"You look stunning," Ki murmured, running his hand carefully through Hyun’s hair before leaving him to finish getting ready.


It was the middle of the night. Ki walked into the kitchen to find Hyun sitting on the floor, knees pulled up to his chest, shoulders trembling, breath shaky. Hyun looked up and Ki immediately took note of his terrified expression, of wet cheeks and eyes swimming with more tears still unshed. He stopped for a moment, shocked, before moving to kneel in front of the vampire, murmuring his name softly. He pulled Hyun’s hands away from himself, brows furrowing at the fresh, shallow scratch marks left across the old scar on his throat. Ki kissed his knuckles, his palms, the tips of his fingers, before dropping his hands and moving his attention to Hyun’s face instead. Sweet, gentle kisses were pressed to cheeks, forehead, eyelids, anywhere he could reach while Hyun explained his nightmare, voice scratchy from crying.

"Calm down, darling, it’s alright. They can’t hurt you anymore."

characters ; hyun & ki
word count ; 614
rating ; teen & up

five kisses. five times two boys fell more and more in love.

for my qpp, chloe ; prompts found here

hyun is mine, ki belongs to chlo

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February 3, 2018
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