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Myra stepped into the small inn room, closing the door behind her and immediately halting in her tracks at the sight before her. There was Adrian, facing away from her and staring at his own reflection contemplatively. Oh, and also covered head-to-toe in blood.

She nearly screamed. Keyword being "nearly". Because really, she ought to stop being surprised at things like this when she was born with a gift (curse?) like hers.

She cleared her throat to get his attention after a few moments. "Adrian.. is that blood?"

He started and met her eyes in the reflection of the mirror. "…no?"

"It totally is. You’re bleeding all over my parents' carpet."

Adrian proceeded to roll his eyes before turning around. By the time he was facing Myra, the blood and the injuries it had been pouring from had vanished.

"Relax, pixie. It wasn't real. I can't even bleed anymore, remember?"

"Technically, you can. The wound would just have to be inflicted by another spirit-"

"Oh hell no," he groaned, flopping face-first onto the bed. "Don't you dare start talking ghost-nerd at me again."

"What is that supposed to mean?!" Myra was bristling like an angry cat at this point, glaring daggers at the dead boy.

"Nothing, nothing~" he taunted, rolling over onto his side and smirking up at her. "So, to what do I owe the pleasure of you barging into my room?"

Myra took a deep breath, trying to calm her fried nerves.

"Sasha told me you like me, and that's why you're always making fun of me," she blurted out, "I just came here to tell you to stop."

Which immediately caused Adrian to burst into a fit of laughter.

"What is this, middle school? And even if i did have a crush on you, why are you telling me to stop?"

He got up then, suddenly standing in front Myra before she could blink an eye. She froze, fists clenching at her sides as she backed up against the wall in a futile attempt to put some distance between herself and Adrian's piercing silver eyes.

He tilted his head slightly, prowling towards her again with a dangerous smirk.

"Could it be that Little Miss Exorcist is scared of me?"

"No, no, Adrian, we’re not having this conversation. Step back a little bit."

He laughed again, lower, more menacing, and leaned closer. "You 
are afraid of me."

"Yeah, sure, you win, you’re  absolutely terrifying. Now please, move back. I don’t know why you like me, but I’m not up to flirting while being pinned to a wall."

But he didn't move back. In fact, he did the exact opposite, and Myra suddenly found icy lips on her own and hands cupping her cheeks. Despite her (half-hearted) protests, she practically melted at his touch -- ironic considering how terribly cold he was. Her hands moved up under his shirt, exploring the lines of his stomach and chest as the kiss deepened. After what felt like an eternity, they pulled apart and Myra gasped for air.

"Maybe I should listen to your brother more often when he warns me about you," she murmured, face warm.

"Shut up, pixie," Adrian responded, claiming her mouth again before she had the chance to listen.
more writing practice~ tried out my and my boyfriend's heterosexuals this time

adrian is mine, myra belongs to my bf!!
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January 22, 2018
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