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MnS // Tsuyoshi Watanabe by amaisou MnS // Tsuyoshi Watanabe by amaisou
for those who saw my last journal -- here's the first character design + profile for mahou no sensou project!


Name: Tsuyoshi Watanabe

Nicknames: Tsu-chan (Yuki), Tsu-kun (Masumi [past]), Tsuyo (Yukio)

Gender: Boy (he/him)

Age: 18

Weight: 47 kg

Height: 164 cm

Birthday: December 30

Ability: Gauze manipulation

Voice Claim: Mix of Daiki Yamashita & Soma Saito

Likes: Yukio, cooking, menhera fashion, Gloomy Bear

Dislikes: Acknowledging reality, red peppers, Masumi?

Creator: Mika (decovamp -- that's me!)

Tsuyoshi is a generally apathetic individual; though not so much in a way that is purposely meant to be rude. He merely has a tendency to space out and even go into a full-blown dissociative state quite often, leading to an inattentive appearance. Before the war began, however, he was much more lively -- often teasing his friends and physically clinging to them any chance he got.
He is strictly gay and holds secret, seemingly-unrequited affections for his best friend Yukio Hayami. Nobody knows about this crush except for his former best friend Masumi Asano.
Additionally, Tsuyoshi shows signs of borderline personality disorder, though has yet to see a professional for an official diagnosis. He has also struggled with sickle cell anemia since birth -- an illness that kept him hospitalized for much of his childhood.

art and character are mine, mahou no sensou itself is a collaborative project between me and several of my close friends
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October 26, 2017
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