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Those Demons, in love. [Commission]

By AmaiShi93
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Commission for the lovely :iconthe-timerunner: :heart:
An image of (the awesome, fantastic, amazing) demon Runner and Sebastian from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji. :la:

"Sebby, what are you doing there with Runner?! And what is your hand doing there?!" Shockct2 

Sorry, but... I.Just.Couldn't.Resist. 
I had to draw Sebby and Runner in such a pose. Muaha 

Those demons are just too sexy.

I absolutely love Runner's long hair! Love 
It's so fabolous. I think I've fainted. 
But I have to admit that it was quite a challenge to draw it, since I was used to draw his short hair. xD
However, I hope you like the image, my friend. :meow:

Thank you so much for commissioning me. Huggle! 
And thanks for being such an awesome and amazing friend. :heart: 

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Feb 23, 2017, 10:15:00 PM
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Grell x Sebastian!!!!
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Well, actually this isn't Grell. It's the OC of a friend. :D
But he does look a little bit like Grell in this picture. xD
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((Aaaaaaaaaaaah my goodness :iconblushplz: :iconunclesebs:

Hehe Yessssssss Sebby what are you doing over there...? Sebastian Michaelis (Hawt Response) [V2] 

This is absolutely stunning hehe! I love it so much! You drew both of them so perfectly and I ADORE the pose!
LOVELY LOVELY WORK! I hope to commission you again soon hehe :huggle: :love: :heart:))
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I'm so glad you like it that much. :meow: Huggle! 
It was really so much fun to do and I absolutely enjoyed drawing them both. La la la la 
And I must say, I love the pose myself. xD

-hides behind a wall, peeks around the corner and watches Runner and Sebby doing naughty things- 
"Oooh~ Those sexy demons...
" xD

I'd love to draw something for you again, my friend. :heart:
And I guess I already know what you want me to draw, if you commission me again. xD
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((I absolutely love it :love: :huggle: :heart:
Ah yes? :D I'm so glad to hear it!! ^^ :heart:
It's awesome :D :heart:

-joins you behind corner-....shh, I'm not here, I promise o.o Oooooh XD

Ah yes? XD Hehe I have a different one for my next commission actually :greetings: :heart:))
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Yep, I really love to draw Runner and Sebby. :meow:
They're just my favourites. :heart: 

-grabs tissues- .. damn, they're making my nose bleeding. o.o We should stop them. xD

That's really different. xD
But I love to do another commission for you. :heart:
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>< you are so talented!~
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Thank you, my friend. :heart: 
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All hail Lelouch! Wait, that's not him...
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No, it's not him. I'm sorry. xD
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I still love this though. You get a star xD
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Thank you so much. :meow:
That's really nice of you. :grin: 
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Thank you so much~ :heart:
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