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Please read! I'M BACK!! + My first manga!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 16, 2015, 9:34 AM

Hello, deviantart! :heart:
Has been forever since I've been active on this site, I got some news.

My first original story: NOI

I am here today to remind you I've started uploading the first pages of my manga project "NOI" (us).
It will be a soft yuri themed manga: Noi is the story of two doe ladies that will have to learn to live together, as they only have each other! This is my first attempt in developing characters so much and creating something all by my own! I am very excited! Here are the first pages:

Do you like it so far?? I hope so!! The more support it gets, the more I can focus on creating pages and sharing them with you!

If you want to support me or want to read more NOI please consider PATREOOON!

What's Patreon?

Hehehe! Patreon is an awesome online platform/site that lets fans support creators by becoming patrons!! And not only that, patron get exclusive goodies monthly in exchange for the help and support. In my case, you would help me to deliver more NOI pages a month and get raffles, private livestreams and art as exchange, like this!:

Commission: Ginn by Amaipetisu Commission: Rae by Amaipetisu Commission: Seraph by Amaipetisu 10$ commission sketch: Rosiana 1 by Amaipetisu

I opened Patreon and last month was quite a success! I've got 22 kind souls trusting me and supporting NOI! I would be truly thankful if you could take a moment to browse my Patreon page, and please remember any ammount is appreciated!

That's all I wanted to share so far! I have a lot of messages and deviations to check, and a lot of people that I'd like to recover contact with! So feel free to toss me a message and I'll keep an eye on you and your art again!

Thank you for reading and I wish you a good day! :heart:

Skin by SimplySilent


Journal Entry: Mon Dec 8, 2014, 11:06 AM

Hello dear buddies,

I’ve created a Patreon page to ask your support! I’m willing to start NOI, a yuri story, about Reira and Elunia, two lovely doe ladies I have introduced to you at tumblr. I’ve been working in commissions nonstop for years, and I want to thank you sincerely for the support, I will keep working on them as always while I do my best to make this manga project work. 

How? Patreon lets fans support their favorite creators by becoming patrons, while they get exclusive goodies monthly in exchange for the help. I would be truly thankful if you could take a moment to browse my Patreon page, and please remember any ammount is appreciated!


There will be exclusive and private content for Patrons only, but I will keep updating my other sites as frequently as I can! You have no idea how nervous I am right now. Please wish me well! I want to thank you for considering, signal boost is appreciated as well! THANKS SO MUCH :)


INKTOBER!!! + Commissions closed!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 11:15 AM

Wow, hello, has been long time since I've updated this journal!
I am announcing that I’ll be closing commissions soon temporarily.


Matra, 2 characters
Karinastar, 24 characters
Ginn, 2 characters (nsfw)
Minakomori, 4 characters, waist up
Natalie 12 chararacters
Sorakazuma, 1 character, wallpaper
Karinastar, 2 characters (nsfw)
Leydhen (agreeing)

Those are quite a few, and will require a lot of my time since some are elaborated. If you were going to make a request, please be sure check my commission info and to contact me as soon as possible because otherwise will be closed.

You probably heard about INKTOBER by now! Do you know it? I found in tumblr thanks to some friends. Hopefully I will update daily this tumblr in october with ink drawings, traditionally. It will be a practice to me, both for traditional and inking! I might make small raffles about it, but most of the Inktober will be dedicated to my original characters. I hope you check out my tumblr and my twitter from time to time since I update there a lot more often with art!

I do sincerely hope you enjoy my incoming updates and you give my OCs a warm welcome. Expect to see my demon Demiel, perhaps a little bit of Apricot and Petisu… And some soft yuri of my new doe ladies, though, my apologies if it’s not your cup of tea. It is mine! haha  ^^

I’ve been about SIX years working in commissions as priority nonstop, barely declined one or two request and I am very thankful for all the support you guys gave me and helping me to pay bills :). I probably would have kept stressing myself if wasn’t for kind friends suggesting me to take a break. I will take some time for myself now and to recover the joy of drawing for fun and without pressure as well. I want to be more active on deviantart again and update a little bit my sites, they are pretty much abandoned. (I know myself, I probably won’t xDD).

Commissions will be opened with new samples and information for christmas!! :)

Inktober starts tomorrow. Will you join too? ^^
Thanks for the support and following me here as well. See you tomorrow at tumblr!


Journal Entry: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 9:48 AM
This was not easy! Not easy to choose a new name, and not easy to leave my dear "AAAGH" behind. Took me forever to hit that damn button!

Has been 8 years using AAAGH as nickname around most of the websites I visit on internet, and of course as my artist name too. Has been my signature for a long time.

But I am sure you all understand as much as I do the problems that name can give (spelling, typing it correctly, people without clue how to actually call you, etc). I have some projects going on and I definetly found it an issue to be named AAAGH. u_u

Many of you know me as Petisu or Peti, so please feel free to call me like that! Hope this name keeps with me many years. If you are wondering, AMAI means sweet (among other things) in japanese, and PETISÚ is the name of a small pastry filled with cream (eclair) over here.

I hope you get used to my new name! It will take me a while!
By the way, thank you so much for all your support over all this years. Those who keep here since the beggining or the ones who recently joined, I just want to thank you for following my journey.


Journal Entry: Wed Dec 4, 2013, 4:00 AM

Commission sketch: Akashimo by Amaipetisu Commission sketch: Sorak by Amaipetisu Commission sketch: Raenil by Amaipetisu Gift: Dathus by Amaipetisu Gift: Kinueru by Amaipetisu Gift: Megumii by Amaipetisu

1 10$ commission sketch:  KoumoriChaos by Amaipetisu koumorichaos - done
2 kyero - waiting info
3 10$ commission sketch: Dan-chan by Amaipetisu Dan-chan - done
4 10$ commission sketch: Pennet by AmaipetisuPennet - done
10$ commission sketch: Zandock by AmaipetisuZandock - done
6 10$ commission sketch:  Baby-gwing by Amaipetisu 10$ commission sketch:  Baby-gwing2 by Amaipetisu Baby-gwing  - done
7 Commission sketch: Mekiden by Amaipetisu Mekiden - done
10$ commission sketch:  Christi chan by Amaipetisu 10$ commission sketch:  Christi chan 2 by Amaipetisu  christi-chan - done
9 albinosnowbunny - waiting info
10 10$ commission sketch:   Youngwoon by Amaipetisu FFXIV commission sketch:   Youngwoon 2 by Amaipetisu youngwoon - done
11 10$ commission sketch: Rosiana 1 by Amaipetisu 10$ commission sketch: Rosiana 2 by Amaipetisu Rosiana - done
12 10$ commission sketch: Zandock 2 by Amaipetisu Zandock - done
13 10$ commission sketch: Pennet2 by Amaipetisu Pennet - done
14 10$  commission sketch:  Christi chan 3 by AmaipetisuChristi-chan - done
15 Akashimo - done @ tumblr
EXTRA: rozga-chan x6

  FFXIV: Tiny lalafell Apricot by Amaipetisu Commission: Walkyre by Amaipetisu Commission: A little trick by Amaipetisu

Mature Content

Commission: Alshiana by Amaipetisu
FFXI: Charmed by Amaipetisu FFXI: A place to call home by Amaipetisu Commission: Berri by Amaipetisu Commission: Alshiana by Amaipetisu Commission: Makeda by Amaipetisu

ONLY 5 SLOTS!!! :)
1 Commission: MirroredSky by Amaipetisu Mirroredsky - done
2 Karinastar
3 Perihn - got info
4 Summoner-Hirelena - got info
5 Sorak <3

OFFER ENDS AT DEC. 25TH. Please just toss me a note! If there's anything you like of my gallery that isn't listed here and you want something simillar, write me to discuss a price. ^^ I'll appreciate all the requests!
For all the info about commission:…

Some inspiration?

25 years old + Artbook

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 12, 2013, 5:35 AM

Hello! Long time without writting here any new. ^^

I will write briefly to thank you for the birthday wishes, and for your support in all this years. I am 25 years old, it's incredible.

I am finally in Art school. I started studying art since a few weeks ago, and I'm nervous and excited still!

Also wanted to mention here, even if many of you know by now, that I am working in the small project of a humble ARTBOOK. It will contain some of my old favourite pieces touched-up and some new ones, mostly fanarts. Also, gathered some loved and known deviants and friends for a Final Fantasy XIV collaboration piece.

This project has been delayed as well as my website due real life issues, but I take it very easy. No matter how long it takes, I will do it. I will keep you updated, the preorder and goodies will be shared around Christmas.

I also want to apologize for the lack of activity on here, be commenting your works or uploading my own. I'll manage to fix that.

Thank you so much for being there, my friends. Wish you a lovely day.

Some inspiration?


Journal Entry: Sat Jan 19, 2013, 5:22 AM

"The journey" contest is over. The goal of this contest was to give you a reason to draw something different. To push you a little out of what you usually do, let you improve and be creative. I sincerely hope all of you had fun drawing your entries, and I thank you for participating and making this contest unique and interesting. I can assure you that you made the judges sweat and struggle. I'll be sure to go back trough all the entries to leave a proper feedback, and thank you for your hard work. Now, I have the pleassure to announce the winners of this contest:

· · · · · ·  Congratulations,
SrMOG!!!  · · · · · ·  
You won 2500 deviantart points, 3 months deviantart subscription, Amaipetisu's  commission, Shiyu-Kang's bust commission, Blackash's commission, Tori-Fan's commission,  ZenithOmocha's commission, K0I-B0X's commission, and 1 month featured in my journal.

 · · · · · ·  Congratulations,
Fellier!!!  · · · · · ·  
You won 1500 deviantart points, 3 months deviantart subscription, Amaipetisu's  bust commission, Blackash's bust commission,  LunaticStar's commission, epiphytes's commission,  ZenithOmocha's commission, vinhnyu's sketch, Tori-Fan's sketch, and 1 month featured in my journal.

 · · · · · ·  Congratulations,
artico!!!  · · · · · ·  
You won 600 deviantart points, 1 month  deviantart subscription, Amaipetisu's  bust commission, Blackash's chibi commission, shanyii's chibi commission, LunaticStar's sketch commission and 1 month featured in my journal.

:star: :star: :star: EXTRA PRIZES :star: :star: :star:
Honorable mention of three of the many pieces that were greatly appreciated by the judges and were selected for an extra prize.


Thank you for joining with your entries.  It was a pleasure to browse all your entries and I enjoyed your creativity. Your pieces will keep exposed in the bottom of my journal for a while, so everybody can still see them and appreciate them as much as I do. Keep drawing, keep dreaming, keep your journey!

Thank you for donating prizes or promoting, for helping me to choose a theme, and for being there!

Thank you to minizahito , Blackash , Shiyu-Kang ReevScythe  and Opheliona as well for their hard work and professionality in the judging progress. You all have been amazing and helpful.

Thanks, for making this contest a sucess. :heart:

Some inspiration?

HELP - Contest ideas?

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 13, 2012, 12:24 PM

:heart: A NEW CONTEST? :heart:
Hey friends! I need your opinion.

I'm thinking about organizing a new drawing contest when Christmas is done, we all joined Chirstmas art events around or simply we are busy, so perhaps next month. Don't worry, no main date yet, I'm very busy but soon will have more free time, and I want to give a big deadline. We got very nice experiences back then... let's try again! Would you like any particular theme?

All this began with a suggestion for St. Valentine's theme contest, as many people does art pieces for their loved ones and could easily aim to win prizes as well. I was glad with this idea, but  another buddy told me about how cool would be to see the vision of FFXIV MMORPG players about its "end", about new beggining... It made me think... As always these are nice, but is hard to think about something that a decent ammount of people would like to join or know about.. You can tell me about what topic would you like to see entries  / what would you like to draw if you are willing to join, and I can make a poll later.

All the prizes would be digital, depending of the theme of the contest might change a little or add extra ones, but basically:
:star: Commissions from me (In xmas I'll finish the current list hopefully, don't worry :))
:star: Commissions from great artists (I love this because is a great prize and  I also support other artist by purchasing commissions, win :D)
:star: Deviantart subscriptions :nod:
:star: Deviantart points :meow:
:star: Featuring your entry and some works from your gallery ;p
:star: Suggest, what would you like to win? :)

I've opened a donation poll a while ago to reach 1000 points as first prize... And surprisingly thanks to some generous deviants almost reached it truly quickly!! I thought I could set the goal higher to give more to second and third winner prize... I've added the option to get a free drawing from me if you donate 300+ points... I don't know if that motivates you a little more, but however, don't feel pushed for it please. I'd appreciate if you donate even if it's 1 point hahaha, but honestly, I'd be even MUUCH more thankful if you join the contest and enjoy... Who need cool prizes without entries? I want to have fun and to bring fun, push people to draw, to do their best and enjoy with me, help with exposure of the entries and by interact with other deviants... My other contest went truly good so I'm looking for repeat the experience. I miss it and I think for all the stress I'm dealing with lately, would be a good idea to enjoy and be more active. Help me to find a good topic you'd like to draw about for the contest! Doesn't have to be related with me, nor my characters, just toss ideas you'd be really interested in and I'll make the poll for you all choose. :)

About judges, I count with some judges from the old contests because they were amazing.. But I also will bring few new ones for a fresh view and more variety of opinion. I want good and fair chances for all the contestants, so I'll search for people who know what they talk about, don't worry!

Will come back with news when I get suggestions for the poll and more info. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ^^

EDIT: A provisional list to keep track of all since my head is a mess lately ^^
:iconxmireille-chanx: Donated 300 points!! IDEA:  Moe Petisu (oc) xDDD
:iconarisuwonderland: IDEA: FFXIV A Real Reborn - Love in the new beggining
:icontori-fan: IDEA: New year's wish / Petisu (oc) / Rini (oc)
:icontamura: IDEA: OC mashup / FF 4komas
:iconstormfeder: Donated 20 points!! IDEA: Alternative videogame endings
:iconyugureame: IDEA: FFXIV - The end/beggining of the world
:iconluscia: IDEA: FFXIV - the new beggining
:iconlunaticstar: IDEA: FFXIV - the new beggining
:iconailitta-kuravek: Donated a drawing!! IDEA: Fanart expressing an emotion
:iconterrterr: IDEA: Valentine (me and my man!? <3) /  season (winter/spring) / lolita themed
:iconcobra-11: IDEA: Breaking comfort zone (bird's eye perspective, no lines..)
:iconopheliona: IDEA  FFXIV - the new beggining
:iconblackash:  IDEA: FFXIV - the new beggining
:iconerratus-anima: IDEA: Breaking comfort zone / mix of all / ocs
:iconartico: IDEA:  FFXIV - the end - new beggining / design a new job


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2012, 6:08 AM

:heart: UPDATE :heart:
Raffle is over!
It ended with 87 deviants trying out their luck and giving me supportive feedback, I couldn't be happier. :cuddle:  I'm so glad so many of you joined! So I couldn't keep it in only two prizes for so many friends...
What? You are scrolling down already? Allright, allright! Let's check the results! :eager: *Drums* :D

Let's check the list...  :star:CONGRATULATIONS, :iconberri-blossom:! :star:
I think I didn't know Berri-Blossom before, I just made a brief check and I had to watch her, what a cute style.
EDIT: Here's your prize!
Commission: Berri by Amaipetisu

Now there should be an extra winner for the sketchy colored bust, but...
I'm actually generating three numbers to give more chances! :)

  56. :iconsorebird: !!!    Gift: Kinueru by Amaipetisu
  83. :iconjacknifee: !!! :thumb334105545:
28. :iconchristi-chan: !!! Gift: Flora by Amaipetisu

Congratulations guys!! :la: Send me the character reference you want me to doodle for you! Please try to not delay too much! :)
I hope you all had fun!

W-what? Aww... ; ;

d-...don't stare me with these cute hynotoad eyes! *_*

I .. *o*

AAAGHHH, okaaay! XDD Three more sketches with much love! :heart: Haha! Good luck!!

19. :iconmajeev: *Secret* done!
  35. :iconnekokissa:   Gift: Kitty by Amaipetisu
   44. :iconluscia: Gift: Luscia by Amaipetisu

Congratulations to everybody! ^^ :heart: :party: I'm very glad you all supported me. Hope this was fun! I'll do more in the future, so even if you didn't had luck this time, don't stop trying, you never know!! You all deserve love after all that you gave to me. When my list of to-do things starts to be empty and my gallery quality starts to rise, I will do another interesting raffle involving points and art I had in mind before this one. So until then, be good!!! See you, guys!!! :D

Raffle info:
I'm making a little art raffle to celebrate 700th followers and 100th deviations*.
What you can win:
:star: Winner :star:
Commission of your character.
:star: Extra winner :star:
A sketchy colored bust.

:heart: How to join :heart:
1º) :+fav: Fav this journal (At the right side of the journal, lol :lol:)
2º) :note: If you win, you must send me the info of your character in the following days, or I will repeat the raffle for pick another winner. :)
That's it. Easy! Why fav? When you fav the journal, it will asign you a number on the fav list. I'll use a random number generator ( ) for pick the winner from that list.  Since this is a chance for my dear watchers to win a prize for they amazing support, you should be a watcher to join the raffle. Which, honestly, is a stupid rule, because you could watch now and unwatch when the raffle is done, haha. So, let's just enjoy, allright? The raffle ends Oct. 7th. Good luck!
Feel free to pay a visit to my personal site as well:

~ w w w .  l l e v a m e a l p a r a i s o . c o m ~

Also, From here I want to thank once again to everybody that supported me in this 7 years at deviantart. Every comment and constructive critique has been a like a gift to me, every favourite has been a smile, every art gift has been folded in my heart. Thank you! :heart:
Be good!
*I have uploaded many other deviations that I erased for different reasons (quality, old, etc). Currently there are 100th. YAY! ^^

Sold my first print!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2012, 8:45 AM

I feel the urge to share this! Well, pretty much what the title says. I've sold my first print here at deviantart! And this is the piece:

Mature Content

Commission: Alshiana by Amaipetisu

It is a commission of the original character of Matra. And Koinou-Mitei asked it as a print later. I had no idea it could work like this! I saw a message center of the request, and had to figure out how to submit as print. It's embarrassing but I never paid attention to prints at all. Plus I thought nobody would purchase, but this appeared in my inbox and made me absolutely happy!

So, well, thank you so much Koinou-Mitei for your first purchase! I offered to make a gift to celebrate and got asked for Sailor V. Here it is ^^!


I wanted share my joy, which probably for some artist this is their routine, but to me was flattering! And thats pretty much it. Please feel free to take a peek at my website from time to time!

~ w w w .  l l e v a m e a l p a r a i s o . c o m ~

I go back to work in commissions. Thanks for reading!
Be good!


Journal Entry: Thu Apr 5, 2012, 7:57 AM


My website is finally up!! Feel free to take a look! :D

~ w w w .  l l e v a m e a l p a r a i s o . c o m ~

It will be updated frequently with art, sketches, mature content... and personal/RL stuff as well. A LOT OF BLOGGING OF RANDOM THINGS! I've been avoiding to share my things here because this is an art site and I try to stick with art topics. And tumblr because of it's dashboard's spam. So this is perfect! *nervous and hype!*. I don't plan to whine, rant or drama - maybe some ramble or sharing thoughts! -. What I want is to share memorable events of my life, photos and such. Happy posts for a happy reading! :D

Galleries are currently quite empty, but when I have some free time will upload older artworks.  However I'd rather fill it with new ones hopefully with higher quality!

Please if you are an artist and ever did some gift for me read this message:

"I am trying to gather and feature all the gifts I've received. But for that, I need your permission.
Artwork made for me or of my characters, contest entries, doodles, sketches etc… I don't want to upload anything without having permission! And even if I've got your permission, maybe I missed some piece as I've a big folder for all the gifts.. Please: If you ever did something for me and isn't here yet, please toss a note/message and send me the ones you allow me to share. Some people is embarrassed of older artworks that I've saved in my hard disk and I respect that, so I wait your news before uploading! It is my pleasure to showcase them there together!"

And that's it! Thanks to Majeev for helping with design and hosting my site! He did an amazing job with the layout, looks very clean and neat. It gives me a good feeling! Feel free to give suggestions of what to fix or what would you like to see. :D

Pay a visit from time to time for news! Thank you!


*rolls happy* yaaaay! :la:

Kiriban and Valentine

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 14, 2012, 6:37 AM
:bulletred: EDIT: :bulletred: KIRIBAN CAUGHT BY :iconkarinastar:… Congratulations! :)

Nobody claimed the 100.100 sketch so far, and I wasnt expecting so many people trying to get it, thank you for the interest!

Since nobody claimed the sketch -if you have it, send the screen anyway!-, the new number is...

100.444 and a second sketch for the number 100.555. Good luck!

:bulletred: EDIT 2: :bulletred: 100.444 Caught by neosorcerer…
100.555 hasn't been caught!? Closer screenshot received by Tori-Fan…

Congratulations, and thanks. :aww:



Happy Valentine's Day!

Do you have any special plan? Feel free to share it!

I celebrate with my fiancee. He's very sweet to me everyday, and make me feel like a princess. He care of me.. of my wellbeing, of my happiness, of each detail. And when I love someone I give all myself, but I learnt to be more careful. Even with that, he's so tender with me, and we manage to make our time together special...  I proudly wear something (!/AAAGHie/media/s… *^^* ) that reminds me the moment he offered me his life and makes my heart beats faster...I know him since many years ago, and only recently understood that each day with him is a memorable day for me. Someday I'll talk more about our story and how the hell reached here... /blush

Weeell..  Enough!

Talking of the KIRIBAN...
My deviantart page almost reaches 100.000 hits! WHEN WHAT HOW WHY. Thank you!
If you're interested, there will be a free portrait for the person that catches the number 100.000 and send me a proof screenshot ^^.
Also, an sketch for the hit 100.100. Good luck and thanks for the support. :)

PS: I love how graceful he ate the cake. Oh lord, you've style! It's just suberb! nomnomnomgronfff! lmao jk.. was just a joke for the pic! :D

PS2: Thanks for the Valentine's postcards..!? lol theres one of pedobear.. what? lol..


Journal Entry: Wed Oct 12, 2011, 4:43 AM
Hello! :)

Thank you everybody for the support!

Been away some days, when I logged in, I had birthday wishes, points, badges.. One year subscription from Cobra-11 (woow thanks!), and some lovely art! Please let me feature those here:

Mature Content

Pretty damn Sexy by Kittyillustrations
:thumb262752079: Happy Birthday Petisu 2011 by rtakashi48

Petisu :: Don't Forget Me by StefaniaRusso :thumb262468504:

O M G ... :heart: THANKS!

If I'm forgetting any, please make me know, in fact I haven't checked message center properly yet.. but I will!

I just came back from Disneyland Paris. I cannot afford luxuries like this one, I'm just a lucky bastard with debts. I always travel on my own, but this was the first travel with my new side of family and I didn't wanted to miss it. I'm so glad I didn't.

It's a magical place, I could see how even adults were having fun, every corner gave me memories from childhood. The weather wasn't so nice though, went out of Spain with frilly dress in a sunny day of 30ºc and arrived to France with rainy 14ºc, wearing two trousers, 3 jackets, scarf.. but I caught a cold! The two parks I visited had halloween decorations, shows and costumes everywhere, very cool!

Sweet! This put me in the mood to draw some halloween picture... Tomorrow is my (officially) first day of work as administrative, and also my first exam of german at the language campus academy thing. And in the weekend I've a lolita picnic. I'm a bit nervous and eager for all these things, plus commissions, kiriban, etc. But, looking back, I've never been this active... a year ago I decided to gather strenght to act. to change my whole life and an awful situation that kept going on for many years. And here I am, doing my best to keep going on. I feel strong and somehow, blessed. Thank you. :meow:

PD: Feliz dia de la hispanidad a quien lo celebre, feliz dia de echarme a dormir para mi!

[Found this journal design from c0rpsech0rd, and edited a tiny bit using my last drawing and a bunch of porings. I'm gonna keep editing my page slowly and try to be more active. I'll try to keep track on the artists I enjoy, and in supporters. :)]

Trip + Twitter + Commisions

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 29, 2011, 9:29 AM
Hello!!! Hola!!! :D

I'm alive! I've been busy even in summer, but finally a break! I am going away for three weeks to visit my loved ones to the south of Spain; Andalucia, perhaps a quick visit at Madrid... and then, Italy! ReevScythe, Dulceku, INKtears, Shupyrg, Psykopath-LolitaDoll, everybody that isnt on dA... I'm so excited! 3 weeks triiiiiiiippppppp!!! :la:

You probably won't notice my abscense since I'm not that active anymore... :XD: Well, I don't post art, but I still commenting, browsing and faving! :love: But this means it's TIME TO CLOSE COMMISSIONS for now. THANK YOU everybody for requesting and supporting my art  :heart: Will be open again in a few months, so keep an eye on it if you are interested. :)

But that's not it! Just a break, and then coming back to work on my own artwork and a small project. I'm getting help from Majeev and lurazeda for creating a personal website - hopefully with some more time it will be ready. Very possitive about it!! :heart: I had many blogs, many pages here and there, but I am not very constant on these, end abandoning or closing. So gathering everything on a single place would be great for me. Just my page an deviantart (Will also work on it's design). I'll find the way to keep all linked.

Had the idea on my mind for a while, and surprisingly many people that I barely know has been cheering and encouraging me to do a personal page to gather all my artwork... I think this, and Maiev, gave me the last bit of encouragement needed ^^

Oh! I've a TWITTER! You can follow me there if you want some (mostly) art updates. I would be happy to have you there. I am a bit noob at these things, but I'm learning how to use :) be patient if I don't answer or follow right away. I find it really confusing, lol..

I also have a TUMBLR page, just in case. I post some doodles there meanwhile. I'll find some use for it, since I enjoy browsing my friend's artworks on the dashboard ^^

Mmm.. What else.. Not much to tell! Maybe that I've been on a manga/anime convention last weekend and it was very fun! Lot of time without going to one of these, I realized I'm a bit too much outdated in this field. I didn't went in a cosplay, but it was fun.

((This is my friend Yayra (gothic lolita) and me (classic lolita) :)))

This is the kind of things I would like to tell and share more in details (I've lot of photos of events!) in my personal page; A section for gallery, other for blog... Let's see how it comes! I want to keep it updated, wich is hard, but again, I feel I can do it! I hope you pay me a visit when it's done! ^^

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.
A bit long journal but hopefully entertaining news. Que pasen un buen dia! :D


"My work is not a stock, please ask me permission before use or edit"
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Journal Entry: Sat Jan 29, 2011, 4:31 AM

HOLA! :)

Thank you everybody for cheering me up and for the good wishes in my last journal. It was very heartwarming! Now time to move on and be strong :heart:.

Been encouraged by the adorable Blackash and other folks to post again on tumblr. Thanks! I opened it again, has not been customized that much, but I started posting already. Please to the folks on tumblr, give me your urls again as well! (LOL...Maiev... how you did for watching me there already before I even had time to share url.... creepyyyyy)

The blog contains... well, it's about ADULT CONTENT!!! Lol, jk, but warned! I will post there sketches, works in progress, paintchat doodles, even photos! :) Right now starting to repost old sketches to keep it updated often, while I work on newest art :)

Feel free to give a peek. I hope it entertains you!

Oh! I want to change this journal design already to something more bright, let's see if I find something cute! And need to remake my commission info too!

Have a good day! :aww:


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Personal news

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 22, 2011, 8:45 AM

Hola, holita :)

There are a few things I haven't told here and I feel it's about time. I'm gonna talk about real life info, I avoid to post those on art websites, but please for a time, just skip it not interested :)

First of all, sorry for my long abscense and for the lack of support from me, been on hiatus from everywhere until the point of not even wanting to draw anymore. Been told the best you can do is to take a break until inspiration come back. :aww: Thank you for giving me such a warm welcome and for not forgetting of me in this abscense, means a lot.

I've been trough a lot of changes in my real life that haven't been easy to deal with, and still aren't.

I broke up my relationship, it is always difficult to go trough it and I'm carrying consequences. The situation was unsustainable for me, after all those years I couldn't take more of it. Sadly I still have to deal with certain things. I won't go on reasons of breakup because I still value privacity, I still appreciate him, just clarifying we broke some months ago. :)

I moved AGAIN. New place, new company, new house, new school, all. I'm doing my best to start over on my life.

Talking of moving. I changed adress, got a new phone number, and I need it to keep private. Just make me know if you sent something to old adress please.. :) Also I am sorry, my baggage had just clothes and few things, I had to left there some dear things for me, such as the wonderful poster that dhkite and friends did for me, and lot of gifts, contest prizes I had to send.. Really sorry, but material things are not really what worried me most in that moment, please understand :cuddle: Tried to recover them, but didn't worked. Lo siento. :(

And sadly while was trough it, fell on depression and anxiety, locked myself and cut contact with everybody, lost few friends because they think I don't give a fuck or don't have time for them. I'm sorry, I won't be able to behave as caring as I've been doing until I get out of this.

Is just something a lot of people go trough, and even worse, so I will get well too. :heart: :) Now that I'm a bit better, I wanted to explain what happened with me. I hope it explains why I cut from everything and everybody for a long while.

I got will to draw again, and still got some commission request, so glad to be able to keep working! I have drawing on my mind too often again, even when I'm studying, so that's a good sign :D thanks for being there still waiting for me.

Thanks to Blackash for suggesting me to have my own blog again! As I told her in a comment, I had Livejournal, wordpress, blogger, tumblr and lot of websites! I quit all of them when all this happened, I was being stalked and trolled (Aha, now I can point for sure names of those deviants who has been trying to bother me and my friends, it makes it easier to laugh at :)) Anyway is all fine now :D, I'm really eager to post my random stuff!

BUT! My old sketchblog aaagh . tumblr . com ( ) is taken. SERIOUSLY? Such a stupid name is taken in so little time? Well. Just claryfing is not me! :D Thanks for encouraging me, will open again a new blog to post all the mature/doodles/silly stuff I don't post here, and share it here... so I can hide this personal journal. okay? :) Thanks again Ash and all supportive friends!

Will you keep an eye on it? Thanks!!! :D
AAAGH this took long. Thanks for reading and for understanding my situation. :heart: I want to be as supportive and friendly as always, just feeling a bit down for now. Will get well asap, please wait for me :hug:


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Christmas doodles on your page?

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 23, 2010, 6:12 AM

HOLA!! :wave:

Has been a while. I hope everybody is doing well! :) :heart:

I don't have a lot of free time, and I think nobody does in christmas! Busy days, busy days! So I thought this could be a funny and comfortable alternative to customize christmas greetings...

I haven't been using Deviantartmuro that much. I think is a fun tool that I want to experiment more with! Since christmas is almost here, I want to drop a surprise christmas doodle in your page... :santa:

This deviantart feature allows me to draw and attach it to my comment, so I've been thinking to draw a quick small greeting, customized with your character or something special! :heart:

I've been already messing in some folks pages to test it, and I suck, don't expect a masterpiece... but it's fun! :giggle: Doesn't matter if you don't reply, but I'd love to drop xmas greetings with attached doodles!!! :D

Why I post a journal instead doing by myself? Because I don't want to miss or forget of anyone!! :) If 5 deviants reply, I'll do 5 greetings, if 50 deviants reply, I'll gladly do 50! :D I wish I had time for detailed gifts, but nobody that comment will be left without a greeting. Ready!

Is anyone up for it? :heart: Make me know and i'll drop a surprise doodle in your page! :nod:

Merry christmas! Sorry for my bad english? *smirk*
Feliz navidad! :hug: :heart:


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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 10, 2010, 3:40 AM


Thanks for the birthday wishes in my 22th birthday! :aww: I had a good day! :heart:

I wanted to thank all the people who dropped a message here. I am stunned! Meant a lot! :la:

Deviantart reminder feature saved my ass many times too *nudge nudge*

Thanks also to FFXI-Artico and rtakashi48 for the art gifts... :hug:

Mature Content

Margaritaville Sunset by rtakashi48
Backfired by FFXI-Artico

And also thank you neosorcerer! :cuddle:

I just noticed someone gifted me A YEAR deviantart subscription...!?

GUYS! Who was it? Thank you! If you give annonymous gift I can't draw you something as thank you. Well! I don't use deviantart enough to enjoy it... but I'll post some art, deal? Thanks gift-giver!

Thank you very much again! I hope you are fine. :D
Love to everybody and keep it up! :)
Hugs and rape for all! :peace:


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Hello :)

To my watchers and friends; Thanks for what has been shared, gifted, said, taught. :hug:

I'll try to give tips and critique to those who request, help in contests, etc. Make me know if I can do something for you, I'll help gladly while I'm here.

My activity at comments, favourites and replies will be low, if any.

Thanks for reading and understanding!

Have fuuun! :wave:

Looking for your opinion

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 15, 2010, 9:40 AM