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Maiev's commission

By Amaipetisu
Painting commission for :iconmajeev: ^^

Drawing based on FFXI, his character with Fenrir :aww:

I hope I achieved nicely your request Maiev :D thank you.

Thanks for the support and the visit, please feel free to commission me!… << commission info :heart: I'll be truly thankful :)

Photoshop CS3
Textures from CGTextures
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© 2011 - 2021 Amaipetisu
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Me gustan lo lobos ^^
AmaiOrenji's avatar
maravilloso *A* ...... amo los efectos ;w;
Amaipetisu's avatar
Muchisimas gracias!
MiyakoKyouya's avatar
Oh My Gawd its so nicee i love ur art!!!
Btw how do you do BGs i suck at them....
Amaipetisu's avatar
Thank you! How kind. ^^
I like to play with photoshop effects, so that's what make them look quite good, but I still a noob at perspective and many other things about BGs. Take references and spend time on them, don't rush is all I can say! :)
MiyakoKyouya's avatar
Your welcome!!
Ohh Photoshopp!!I dun have one :iconheplz:
But thank you for the advice!!
moonshadebutterfly's avatar
Stunningly beautiful !!!! o.o I just adore the Fenrir cut scenes at the full moon fountain ... awesome job !!! and gorgeous colouring <3
Amaipetisu's avatar
Thank you so much! I am glad that you like it! I enjoyed coloring it, but the final result was improved by the textures mostly!
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noice fenny!
Amaipetisu's avatar
Amaipetisu's avatar
Amaipetisu's avatar
Lol third wow! :D :heart:
krazzyfart's avatar
its really wow!!1 but sorry i think my one comment got reposted .......i wonder how!?
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:omfg: omg that's the best pic of Fenrir I've seen thus far! Oh he's so beautiful!! Hmm, what is the Taru wearing though, that does not look like traditional summoner gear, unless it's one of the newer post lvl 75 gears, I quit playing before they increased the level cap unfortunately :(
Majeev's avatar
hehe, I soloed Fenrir Prime back when I was 75 as RDM, so this piece is essentially saying I conquer Fenrir Prime :)

Hope it clarifies your question :) and my Red Mage always wears Manteel :) like Nashira Manteel so that's why its there :D!
Mykoto's avatar
Oh wow, you solo'd Fenrir?! Wow you deserve this pic then! That's awesome!! Have you ever solo'd Diabolos? I'd give you my absolute best regards if you had, that's a very tough battle even with a full party!

Also thank you for clarifying, I thought she looked a bit more like a red mage than a summoner.
Majeev's avatar
Here's the video =) More than 5 years ago :D old school lol


I never attempted Diablo, but did get Genbu, the magic pot in sky, some toau stuff...
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Thanks so much, Mykoto! :)
I appreciate to read your opinion, thanks for taking time to write!
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Im not a fan of chibis and personaly in this drawing i would wish to just delete this part XD
I really like the wolf,the colors in the background, how you drew the moon,the rocks and then added this magical text over the whole picture
the water is also drawn so realistic but mainly i love the wolf it shows so much power and somehow i can already hear him shouting very loud calling to the moon
i dont know the character because i dont even know FFXI good but i definitely fell in love with this wolf
but as i said i wish the chibi wasnt in the picture because for me personaly it ruins the whole work of course as it was a commission you probably had no real choice XD
I think you should really draw animals more often and such dreamy shiny (somehow wallpaper-like) drawings because you really know how to use colors,put light into everything and then add something magical to it
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