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My not-late entry for :iconillustriousbits: Emma Frost challenge.[link]

Emma is not one of my favorite characters. In some of the cannons, she's okay, in others she's really quite awful, but while I've never really had anything against her, she's never been one of my favorites.

The thing is, when I was thinking of drawing this character, the first first thing I thought of what how really uncomfortable she has to be all the time. It doesn't really matter which costume version she's in, none of them are designed to be at all comfortable.

So I tried to draw her in something comfortable. For a lot of characters, a bathrobe would verge on pin up, but given Emma's usual wear, I figured I'd be able to avoid that look.

I spent an absurd amount of time on it, and they're still plenty that could be better, but I'm happy enough to call it good and move on.


Emma - [link]
Bathtub - [link]
candles - [link]
Bathrobe and hair - [link]
Bathrobe and feet - [link]
Clothes rack - [link]
Hanging cape - [link]

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Very awesome, thank you for using my stock for this picture! I really like it!
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I like the way her face and hair turned out :)