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I have made a flickr account for my not-so-serious stuff. It will probably be updated much more often than my devArt...
Thank you for visiting my gallery; I have become a better photographer with the help of your comments and criticism. I hope that my work will continue to improve as it has in the past year, and I will greatly appreciate all your support in the realization of this goal.
please view this page:…
i hope that, even if you do decide to post on the 7th, you will be able to greet another deviant with a comment, critique, or a simple "hi". because regardless of who you are, it is always pleasant to be reminded that your art is understood and appreciated (otherwise, why would you post it online?).

i'll be in a plane tommorow (actually, several) on my way back to Houston, to where i will arrive the midnight of. it has been a great vacation and i will miss everyone for some time to come...
Hi: I have a one-month trip to China starting next Monday, so I will be busy with traveling/getting back in touch with family. Unfortunately, that means that I might not get much time to comment/reply to artwork/critiques. At best, I'll try to post photos when I have time, but with Communist Internet filters in place, there are no guarantees. In short, I GTG and will BRB.
...use msn spaces? I have recently started blogging in it, and it's pretty nifty. The drag-and-drop interface and variable-size slideshows are notable advantages over other similar services.

here's mine:…

here to sign up:

Have a nice summer break!
Finally, finished all the AP and late AP tests. WHEW! I feel stupid for signing up for so many and having to spread myself thin.

This summer, I'll be taking a photo class (after winning a scholarship, so its FREE!), so expect improvement! Also, wsbc (our photo club) will be going on at least one photo shoot, so exciting times are ahead. Furthermore, I'll be going to Shanghai again this year, this time with proper equipment!

I'll be looking through my 800 messages for a while...
A few days ago, I received an e-mail from Kodak. It was an unexpected one, however, because I don't own a Kodak camera, nor do I shoot film anymore. It's difficult to imagine my surprise after opening the letter.

If you live in New York, you will be able to see one of my photos displayed in Times Square on the Kodak screen on May 14th, because I was one of the 365 winners this year for Kodak's "Picture of the Day" contest.

If otherwise, here is a… to the picture.

At the soul of a photograph lies two things: the heart of the photographer and the lens he chooses. Do you prefer a dynamic wide angle, a versatile normal, a dimensional short telephoto, or a powerful super telephoto?

If you could only carry at most 4 lenses at a time, what would they be? List the focal lengths in 35mm equivalent.

As for me:
-21mm f/2.8
-28mm f/2.8
-50mm f/1.4
-85mm f/1.4
Sorry for the lack of activity recently. Gran Turismo 4 was released. Need I say more?

There has also been a bunch of activities (awards receptions, academic tournaments, etc.) recently, so I'm not home much.

Anyway, thanks for all the support. I'll try to reply to as many comments as I can.

Have a lovely day!

Thank You Cesca!

Fri Jan 21, 2005, 2:28 PM

The DA subscription is super cool! Thanks so much for getting me one. Preview thumbnails and comments are extremely convenient, and the full GalleryStats made my day. rocks!

Wishing you a lively and productive 2005.

  W sbc
Hello, and Merry Christmas!

I came upon this website today:

Please view this page as well:…

I will let these pictures speak for themselves, but I have to say, it's art like this that puts fire into my heart whenever I pick up a camera. Photojournalism at its best tell stories through images; I aspire to this goal.

I have a heavy interest in all things automotive and video games; how about you?
Nothing ever gets better. No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to find it. Wherever I go, I cause pain, I feel pain, I see pain. What good is life for trash like me? Why do I keep living under this cloud of sorrow? My uncle hates me, my father is disappointed in me, my mother-I don't even know where she is. My heart has been deformed by endless pain; will it ever stop? I wish that I could follow the advice of those who once threw gum in my hair and beat me up: "go back to China". If only I had never come into this world at all.