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December 26, 2008
Ivi - XP by *amaeli Totally crisp, totally clean and totally deserving a Daily Deviation.
Featured by mrrste
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Ivi - XP

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i would like something like this but with different close/minimize/fill stuff and an actual Start menu
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Nice man, THX, u need money for this Theme '-', but i dont have, if i'm in a job i will pay u
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nice this looks awesome, and congrats on the dd
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YOu should try porting this theme for Win7 VS :icongreengrinplz:
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i love it !
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the wallpaper featured here [link]
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Gadz I wish I could get my mac to look like this :( Perfection... Legendary.
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featured here [link] - excellent work!
dikerumuni tawon gambarnya pet!!!
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With a few minor tweaks I'd think it was perfect. The window controls (min, max, close) aren't very legible. Other then that the only issue I have is this bright white line that shows between a window and its respective titlebar....havent figured out how to change either just yet.

Other then that the work is just wonderful and is the best XP WB skill I've found.
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c'est beau, clean et fonctionnel ! un fav bien mérité, (pis ca me changera de ma vieille skin 4dwm )
en plus, le quicklaunch est skinné !
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Merci beaucoup :)
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Where do you get those icons from I like those?
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I think yoour work is wonderful
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Thnak a lot :)
you can find these icon here
I´m using it on Win7 (with wb7) now!
It´s neat, simple, clean and absolutely amazing!!! :D
Thx again!

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Thanks to you !

It does? That´s great news!! :D
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yep,available for Object Desktop subscribers. :)
Will you make it for Seven?

I know WB doesn´t work on Seven.. yet :)

(I use it on both my XP- & Vista computer at the moment, but soon I have to change to Seven. Would be great to be able to continue using this outstanding visual style.)

Keep up the good work!

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