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Korra taolu

By amadoutogola
A bit more of the "interactive" thing still the same but with more clean up .
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Tsuki30's avatar
I love it !!
Thanks for that !!
LinBeifongFan's avatar
One word: AMAZING. Y is waterbending missing??
Mboogy's avatar
ur animations and flashes are Awesome... Nice work ;)
OwlsAndCupcakes's avatar
this is so amazing!!!! I was literally like omg wow this is so cool!!! out loud in an empty room haha
f-squared127's avatar
i really wanna know how to do this !
Teratophile's avatar
Woooow I learned how to do the super, didn't even know there was a super
Seeso2D's avatar
Team mortal combat should learn from you how to make a flashy good animation game
RollEXE's avatar
Thank you for making something simple yet so fun to play around with!! This is amazing, and the music is also very nice to listen to.
Obi-quiet's avatar
LOL Okay, that's too fun.  What about water though?
PizzaDemon's avatar
A amazing animation on deviantart that's not stickfigures blasphemy...
MrEdison's avatar
This game is broken; I found an infinite combo: Up, A, A, Z, A, Z, A, Z, A, Z, A, Z, etc... D8

On a serious note, this is pretty awesome stuff! So many combinations!
FenrixIX's avatar
Retracted; Up, A, A, Z, Back, A.
FenrixIX's avatar
OMG!! Down, back, A!!!!
Guts-N-Effort's avatar
dude this is like a fighting game! badass!
GwyniesArt's avatar
OMG, this is just awesome, really amazing!
dtkluvhd's avatar
souleaterlova's avatar
thats the most epic thing i have ever seen :D
tadzikonserwator's avatar serious?? wow, how, what just happened on deviantart exactly? ekhem, I like it very much ;)
tonivioletmikey's avatar
Dunte's avatar
This is wonderful.  So um... when are you making the game for this?
GuyWolfyI's avatar
Wow this is great! I love it! AWESOME WORK~
mysticw01's avatar
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