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Crystal Heart

EDIT: Deviation removed from group and Rokee is not yet in my name (I forgot somehow that admin still needed to do the switch)…  ,… ,… and… heard rumors of a massive floating crystal in a dark cave. They set out to investigate! 

Cristal-Soul   Eraili 

Link to the import…
Link to the tracking…

Link to the import…
Link to the tracking…

Link to the import:…
Link to the tracking
Relevant familiars, training, or applied items: BTT
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This looks like Mochiraptors... theres an amino about it! Great work, I really like the cavern-styled backround!
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Thanks, they're Kukuri, you can see more about them here :iconkukuri-arpg: 
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wooot i never got the mention *sideglances at dA*
This looks awesome though <3
I love the tectures you used and the kukuris look all so fluffy ahh <33
AmadoodlesARPG's avatar
Yeah DA's bad like that. I realized I messed up a bit here. I drew my new kid, but the ownership transfer hasn't gone through yet, so I'm a bit worried about shenanigans happening because of it >__> 
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The only thing that can happen is that if the activity gets rolled before the ownership has gone through, there would be a problem because of the loot/ your tracker/ the official owner of the kukuri is somebody else, then it would probably land in corrections or so? You can also just remove the deviation from the group again so it wont get rolled and when your kukuri is yours, put it in again ^^
This is the only thing i can think of right now tbh o.O
But he will be yours in a bit anyway, so the problem won't exist for long ^^
AmadoodlesARPG's avatar
Thanks for the advice <3 I thought it might be an issue if I removed them from the group as they were accepted super fast. But I've removed them now, and am waiting for the transfer <3 
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It's okay <3
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This painted environment looks great 👍
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Aww thanks so much! It was an interesting challenge and I tried some different techniques which I'm not used to. 
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