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Haha, looks better in the thumbnail as always ;p

Aaaaannnyyyways. This is yet another entry to :iconmythsandlegends: bi weekly contest. I had a pretty epic concept in my head for this, but I just didn't have time to work on it. In know that the deadline is still a day away, but I really want to focus any spare time that I have on commissions rather than this. So have a rather rushed picture of an Impundulu.

Ps: I fail at mythology. the silly bird is apparently a part of South African mythology. Give me Pinkypink or a tokoloshe any day, but a vampire lightening bird that can turn into a sexy man and seduce women? Never heard of it XD
Then again, with so many cultures here, and my own being pretty Western, I guess it's understandable?

Also, spell check is uneducated and doesn't know what a tokoloshe is D<
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this pic is so beautiful! when i found this i could barely believe how amazing it looks!
i grew up in kwa-zulu-natal, south africa. i used to hear stories about tokoloshe's, impundulu's and imbulu's and such all the time
you've given so much life to this! amazing work!