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been a while since I posted something here...or anywhere else....and there's a good chance it'll be another while before I post something else :)

I've been using and polishing this for a while now and so decided to upload it

GTK-Theme requires Clearlooks-, Murrine-, Pixmaps- and Aurora-Engine, and was at some point based on CleanLook so credits to hcalves!

Emerald theme is included too.

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Still can't figure out how to fight with shitty fonts in GTK.
Thanks for the materials!
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carlosovniHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice, will use it in my openbox! :D
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Great theme, but I'm having an issue where T3K doesn't style everything GTK-related. I don't know if this is because of T3K or something else. It looks like this might be an issue also for other themes I have, can't say for sure. Here's how it looks with for the programs I've so far been having issues with (Deluge, Skype(tab-ng)), seen anything like it before? [link] [link]
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modal1Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! Really love your work!
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really good-looking
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awesome im using atm...
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What font is this?
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I can't get the window borders to show up correctly in Debian or Ubuntu Karmic. What should I do?
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Very nice! I was looking for something just like this! Using it as we speak. :D
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xapU7Professional Interface Designer
simply delicious! .] yumm_
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Good Job! :)
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Question: Any idea how I get murrine onto Fedora11?
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oops, asked for the wrong one- Aurora.
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AndrewNoNumbers General Artist
That's a very nice looking theme. My only gripe is that the icon theme you're using in the preview doesn't match.
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very nicd...i wonder why there's no VS or WB like this sigh :)
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To all the people who ask for a Windows version:


Why not?

1) Windows uses a completely different method to theme its widgets. GTK uses small programs called engines to generate the pixmaps, while 'doze just loads them straight from a file (yes, I'm well aware of the pixmap/pixbuf engines for GTK).

2) It's clearly stated in the CATEGORY that this is a Linux-only theme. If the author wanted there to be a Windows version, there'd damn well be one.

3) I hate you all for using that godawful piece of shat that Microshaft calls an operating system. Get your heads out of your asses and use a proper OS.

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plz share thats coolthe link for Startup icon pict...thats cool
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Wha do I need to make this theme work correctly? I installed it with all the engines, but the titlebar and menus don't look the same. Actually I'm having the same problem with all the themes..
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atallicus07Student Interface Designer
This is amazing. Setting up a vista/7/ubuntu boot this evening and I'll be using this. /fav
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AlbinoAsianHobbyist Artist
gosh mate where gave you been...
this is awesome though!!!
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Was expecting more from a DD, sorry.
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its really great theme let me say its simply great theme but it needs some improvements like using that skybluish color in the close/maximize/minimize buttons and the samewith the highlighted tabs and if u can change that back and forward buttons to just maching then it will be great sorry it will be finest theme.
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congrats on the dd man. good to see you around
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very nice men o/
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