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Angel Zone OCT: Juna Gold Reference

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Gordon Reference:

Mirror Mage and Gordon's Protege
Juna Gold

Name: Juna Gold
Age: 15 years old
Species: Lightspawn

Height: 6’ 11”

Weight: 120 pounds

Gender: Female

Biology: Lightspawn are a rare and ancient species of humanoids with bodies made of hyper-condensed light. They can grow to be anywhere from 7 to 9 feet tall, and generally weigh anywhere from 80-120 pounds. Their bodies are incredibly flexible, but are also fairly fragile. A Lightspawn’s head floats at a fixed point above their shoulders, and can be removed without adverse effects (though it does cause a feeling of unease). Although they can eat and drink, they require only an hour of sunlight each day to stay healthy.

Personality: Aggressive, Reckless, Determined.

Juna, having grown up alone in the harsh slums of a large industrial city, is very paranoid and aggressive. She often sees potential threats in people’s movements and actions even where there are none and, combined with her hair-trigger temper, can lead her to attack out of nowhere. Gordon often provides a voice of reason for her and keeps her temper in check, though even he can set her off on occasion.

Juna, while having great respect for Gordon, believes he doesn’t respect her back. She believes Gordon considers her weak and stupid, and took her on as an apprentice more because he pitied her rather than because he actually saw potential in her. She’ll often go out of her way to try and prove her worth to Gordon, though Gordon usually misinterprets this as her rushing into things without thinking. This is what has led her to join the tournament, as she wishes to gain the prize and prove to Gordon that she can be worth something.

Biography: Abandoned in the slums of Resilient Rhenium when she was only 3, Juna Gold spent most of her life struggling just to survive. She learned how to fight while fending off vicious gangs, occasional monster attacks, and the local authorities. She hated living in the city slums, but the wilderness was no better and moving into the inner-city was expensive.
She first met Gordon shortly after she turned 15. Gordon ran into trouble with a gang while trying to track down his missing apprentice, and in the ensuing rampage he inadvertently saved Juna’s life from an executioner. Juna followed Gordon and helped him navigate the city until they found his apprentice, and together they all made their escape. Gordon, impressed by Juna’s abilities and sure of her potential, offered to let her stay in his base and give her a proper education, which she accepted.
She has been an apprentice to Gordon for around 3 months by the time the tournament begins, and learned of the tournament before him. Juna wants to get the prize as she feels it will help her prove her worth to Gordon, but she knew Gordon would think the tournament was pointless if the prize was just “to control your own destiny”, so she is trying her best to keep the tournament a secret from Gordon.


    :bulletyellow: Mirror Magic: Juna can create flat magical planes, usually measuring 3 ft2 or smaller. These magical planes have the ability to reflect projectiles while also increasing the speed it started with by a factor of 1.3. This usually takes the form of reflecting projectiles with more speed than when they hit originally. She can create these mirrors within arms reach of herself, and she can either dismiss them after they are used or leave them in the area. Juna only learned of this ability in the last 2 weeks, and so hasn’t had much time to really learn the limits of it.
    :bulletyellow: Mirror Blades:
A pair of 3 ft long blades that can be retracted into Juna’s gauntlets. Each blade is incredibly sharp, but as a result they are also very easy to wear down. Due to this, each gauntlet has a self-maintenance mechanism that activates when the blade is retracted, and usually takes a minute to fully complete. The blades actually have nothing to do with mirrors, they are just shiny like mirrors.
    :bulletyellow: Bio luminescence:
Being a lightspawn, Juna’s body emits dim light at all times. With effort, she can dim or brighten the light on command. As well as this, her blood is also luminescent, though it is MUCH brighter than her skin. Looking directly at her blood can temporarily blind unshielded eyes.

    :bulletyellow: Savory food
    :bulletyellow: Physical activity
    :bulletyellow: Quiet nights
    :bulletyellow: Soft music
    :bulletyellow: Loud noises
    :bulletyellow: Cold
    :bulletyellow: Being rushed (by others)
    :bulletyellow: Being looked down upon
    :bulletyellow: People affiliated with gangs/organized crime groups

    :bulletyellow: Very persistent, never gives up
    :bulletyellow: Excellent against ranged enemies
    :bulletyellow: Very fast and nimble
    :bulletyellow: Keeps her guard up at all times, and is very wary of potential danger
    :bulletyellow: Competent at melee range
can become blind to danger if she’s angry enough
Not particularly intelligent, easy to trick/trap/etc.
Doesn’t wear much armor, and is naturally fragile due to her body structure
Has no ranged capabilities on her own
Often rushes into things without thinking them through

Other Information:
Keeps a pocket knife, a small electronic datapad, a pair of earbuds, and a can of pepper spray on her at all times.
Is an excellent cook.
    :bulletyellow: Hates the cold, and becomes irritable while in cold environments.
    :bulletyellow: Her star is on her back, just below her armor.
    :bulletyellow: Juna will be trying her hardest to keep Gordon from realizing that Angel Zone is actually a fighting tournament.
    :bulletyellow: At a glance, it is easy to mistake Juna as a boy. This makes her furious.
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Glad that Gordon isn't facing this oct alone! You can do it Juna!