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HemoGoblin Blood Spatter Typeface

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:fusionrock::fusionrock: :heart: Used it in my X-Mas card! Love that font!
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Can I use this font for stuff as long as i give full credit for it???
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It is actually for sale. What do you want to use it for?
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I was just gonna use it for text for random pics i made but i tested it out on paint and it's not a PNG oAo it looks really cool though
i love this font we are working on a Hallowen project and would love to use it. Can one purchase the font? David
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Yes it is possible but it is not in TTF format yet. You can contact me on for further info ;)
YEOWW!!------great----a truly murderous font
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The bloodiest font i have ever seen.
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though I think I could it look more "fresh" and "wet" rather than it looking as though its more than 5 days old how I realize you intended it to look old for a reason.
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Yeah it's meant to be a dried spatter of blood, you can see some cracks in it if you look closely, as if it got absorbed by the substrate it is on.
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lol most people aren't as observant as us.
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haha thank god, else more than half of the planet would have gone crazy :lol:
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lol true, what font creation program you use, I'm fond of the FontCreator 5.6
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actually this one is just a bunch of stacked up photographs but I hear fontforge is pretty good :P
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What I like most about this is how natural this feels. It's very organic as opposed to most blood/plasma oriented fonts that often end up being too cartoonish and goofy looking.
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I really like this, although I wish there was a bit more consistency with the thickness of the "blood". For instance, on the B and M, there are varying amounts of blood and it works really well to have the different depths of red... however on say the 7/Z (which are too obvious on them being duplicates/reused) and 1, the blood seems to be one dimensional.

Is it the level of the blood drying or the amount of blood present? I feel if you added more droplets to give this varying depth to the letters it would look more realistic. Other than that it is a really impressive font design and presentation :)
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:highfive: wow thanks for such constructive feedback :bounce:

Actually it was a kinda tricky process (and a messy one too). They are actually real spatters and it was hard to control the thickness of the liquid as it got blown away. And I also had to "create" another batch of blood because the one I had ran out and I was not done with the whole alphabet yet, and I guess the liquid itself did not have the same density/consistency (it was a different unicorn :lol: ) 7/Z - shameful laziness from my part :blush: The 7 was missing, that's totally my fault. I'll try adding more droplets next time I give it a try ;) thanks for the trick.

It's my first attempt at creating a whole typeface :)
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By the...

Holy crapola batman. This is awesome! 8D
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