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MIRACULOUS || Olivier!

aaaaaaaaaa more new kids!!!! i regret
hhhhhh heres hoping hes in with a chance--


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name| Olivier (Vance) Jordan
nicknames| Oli
age| 16
gender| Male
d.o.b| November 18
height/weight| 166cm/57kg
nationality| French
ethnicity| French-Spanish
orientation| Homosexual Panromantic
occupation| Student/Part-time Librarian

super hero identity| Mon☆Star
miraculous| Mongoose's Anklet
Shards of an amber-looking stone on a silver cord, hanging around his ankle. When his transformation is activated, five darker lines appear on the larger piece, resembling the stripes on a mongoose's back. As his transformation dwindles, the lines disappear from the top-down. The last line will blink 3 times and emit a white-gold light to indicate the imminent de-transformation.
| abilities |
- heightened speed & agility
- good flexibility
- very high poison tolerance
- strong eyesight
weapon/s| Castanets (plus good ol' fashioned fists'n'feet!)
power| Tap Dancer
Using his castanets, he plays certain patterns to hypnotise his opponent. There are two patterns he can play; Warp, which disorients and confuses the opponent for about 25 seconds, and Sleep, which puts the opponent in a zombie-like state for about 10 seconds. He can use Warp up to 3 times per transformation, but if he uses Sleep, he only has a certain amount of time before he turns back.

| personality |

Olivier| In his daily life, Oli is quiet and shy, preferring to hide behind a book than interact with the people around him. He normally runs when confronted with any sort of social situation, and feels pressured and stressed in most conversations. However, once you get him to open up to you, he's surprisingly liberal with his emotions, and will often go off on random conversational tangents in line with whatever he's thinking. In this sense, although entirely unintentional, he's not very trustworthy.

Mon☆Star| Oli's alter-ego is like another person entirely. Mon☆Star's exposure as a hero is like a freedom to him, and as a result, he tends to overdo it and throw all caution to the wind. While he does believe in stealth while moving through the city, he prefers the flashier entries into battle, and will often yell ridiculous catchphrases at the enemy and/or take on a taunting manner of speech. When in more serious battles, however, he never fails to rein in the extravagance and concentrate.

| history |

Oli's life has been strange up until this point. His parents were in a long distance relationship until he was 8 years old, at which point his father, Santiago, and his older sister, Linne, made the move from Madrid to Paris. He was overjoyed to finally meet his Papa and sister in the flesh, instead of the awkwardly timed letters they recieved. But something went wrong. They waited, and waited, and waited some more, but Santiago and Linne never arrived. There was no news about a plane crash, no unfortunate call from the police, nothing. They vanished without a trace.
Over the next 6 years, Oli's mother, Genevieve, a kind and generous woman, fell into a fit. She began working herself to the bone, around the house, the yard, the wider community. She cleaned until the bleach hurt her hands, she pulled the weeds until her back went out, and volunteered until she fell. She thought she drove them away; that her fiancee and daughter fell off the face of the Earth because she pushed them. Eventually, she pushed herself too far, and was hospitalised indefinitely.
Oli was taken in by his aunt, Cielle, and her British husband, James, and they cared for him like he was their own. He began visiting his mother every day after school, and often bought her little presents, or stuffed toys to keep her company. For the next few years, we went about his business, just another French student at another French school. The day his life changed, was the day he found a simple anklet and, along with it, a little creature by the name of Chorri.
Now Mon☆Star prowls the streets of Paris most nights, hanging out on rooftops and keeping a sharp eye out for danger. He's also begun following leads on Santiago and Linne, and using his alter-ego to scope out the real life clues under the guise of a citizen's request. He vows to find them so that his dear mother can finally have peace of mind.

| likes & dislikes |
+ sour candy
+ books
+ aromatherapy
+ aesthetic blogs
+ hot chocolate
+ calm rainy days
- coffee
- aggressive sports
- strong smells
- sirens
- the great outdoors
- thunderstorms


kwami| Chorri

| personality |

Chorri is honestly very grouchy, and much prefers to stew in his hiding spot than come out and talk to Oli. His favourite form of communication seems to be a whole lot of heavy sighing, plus a few well-timed eye rolls. However, he does worry for Oli when the situation calls for it. His favourite things to eat are sour candy snakes.

| history with kwami |

Oli found his Miraculous in an antiques store. Thinking it was just a small, decorative box, he wanted to buy it for his mother as a gift. Upon discovering that the shop owner had never seen it before, he was baffled, but resigned to taking it anyway, knowing his mother would love it. If someone left it there, they surely didn't want it anymore, right? Only when he got home did it occur to him to check its contents. Opening the box, he jumped when an anklet fell out onto his bed. Curious, he put it on, intending to give it to his mother anyway. Instantly, an orange light filled the room, and out popped a small...fluffy rat? And oh, did he shriek. The creature hurriedly shushed him, looking around, then back to Oli, who was cowering in the corner of his bed. "Look, buster," it said. "Name's Chorri, 'm a kwami, and that Mongoose's anklet's yours now. 'll explain the rest to ya later, but for now, nice t'meetcha. I think..." Oli nodded in fear, completely forgetting about giving the box as Chorri settled himself amidst his stuffed toys and promptly fell asleep. Oh boy.


partner| TBA?

| history with partner | TBA?


significant other| TBA?

| relatives |
- Genevieve Jordan, mother (hospitalised)
- Santiago Caste, father (MIA)
- Linne Caste-Jordan, sister (MIA)
- Cielle Manet, aunt (caretaker)
- James Manet, uncle (caretaker)

| friends |

| enemies |

| other relations |
- Dianne Hentz (Head Librarian)


- He knows a fair bit of Spanish. He'd been studying since he was little, in order to impress his father and sister.
- When he transforms, his hair becomes ever-so-slightly brighter, and his eyes change to resemble those of a mongoose; bright reddish-orange with a horizontal pupil, with dark shadows around his whole eyes.
- He has little metal studs on his gloves, sorta like little knuckle-busters.
- TBA?
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Hello, my name is KR Bozick, and I'm a user from Quotev. I'm currently working on a Miraculous Ladybug x Reader Oneshot book, and I'm going around this site looking for OCs to use. If it's alright for me to use yours, I have a couple of questions. 

Which character would you like your OC to be paired with for this oneshot? This can be romantically or as friends.
Do you have any preferences when it comes to what will be happening in the oneshot? When I'm writing, I will be taking into account the traits of your OC, so you do not have to have any preferences if you don't want to.
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he looks so warm-hearted! <33
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Ah so cute !!! ;;v;;;
Chorri is so adorable too ! 
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He's so cute ;v;
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Little cutiepie ~<3
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