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What I don't draw:

- Furries
- Explicit / R18 / Full Nudity
- Mechas / Robots / Full Armor
- Pure gore / certain fetishes

What I draw:

- Original Characters
- Fanarts
- Basically anything besides the "I don't draw" parts.


Simple Background means backgrounds with only one color/gradient/patterned design.

Detailed Background means backgrounds with certain elements present (clouds, grass, buildings, etc.).

  • Note me with the subject title: Commissions / Special Commissions.
  • Give me enough details on what your commission is all about.
  • Base price includes one character already.
  • Do at least follow the commission detail form on the journal. For it to be clear and understandable.
  • Wait for my paypal invoice before paying. I'm trying to organize on whom got paid and not.
  • Invoice is usually sent in after you, the client, approves of the rough sketches I showed to you (May not be applicable   on Colored Sketches Style commission)
  • After the approval of the rough sketches is the ONLY time I can start on doing the commission.
  • Finishing a commission usually takes about a minimum of 2 days to  within 2-3 weeks depending on the type of commission.
  • Feel free to note me to know the progress of the commission.


* Clients will have a .psd file, a watermarked low-res .jpeg and a hi-res .png of their commission.
* Watermarked version is what I usually upload.
* Clients can also make their commission private/not uploading their commission on my other social medias as long as they let me know firsthand.
* After receiving the said commission, you might get a notice on you email regarding paypal from me. Please ignore it for it's only me finishing up the paypal post.

ps. I might be forgetting some other pointers. I'll update this soon after.
  • Playing: Fate/Grand Order USA
  • Drinking: Water
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February 24, 2017


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