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2P!Axis Crushing on You
2P!Italy: For a master manipulator who sees the majority of the human race as his personal pawns, falling for someone is a rare thing for him. He’ll find himself intrigued, maybe even a little irked at the sudden change in his life. Being a grandson of an excellent charmer and of course, Italian, he will show no hesitation in expressing his affections and making sure they reach you.
2P!Germany: Much like his 1P, he’s a tough guy, but will melt at the very thought of you. Unlike canon Germany, however, he’s less awkward and more upfront; constantly winking at you and lightheartedly making not-safe-for-work jokes that he very much wants to turn into reality. Of course, he knows that isn’t very gentlemanly to admit that.
2P!Japan: More icy than shy, he has to be the kind of guy one would assume to have a zero sex drive. Maybe he believed the same thing until he found himself caught in your web. Yes, he sees it both exciting and terrifying how strong your hold on hi
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2P!Allies Crushing on You
This was another request
2P!America: He’s a borderline sociopathic Casanova *cough* Barney Stinson *cough* who is almost always attracted to someone, but very rarely does he possess real emotions aside from lust for a person. Like Hitman!Jones, he is in constant denial and will often violently insist that he doesn’t like you even though all the signs point otherwise. His dirty jokes and womanizing tendencies will be toned down to a minimum when he’s speaking with you and he’ll find himself smiling subconsciously at the mention of you. Love and crushes aren’t his forte so beware: while he stops treating you as just another game piece to be won, he’s the type to tease and prank you for attention.
2P!England: Coddling is his way of expressing affection, he’s a lot like 1P!Finland for this. He’d be distracted often, too. While he’s doing his chores or making cupcakes, he’d end up getting lost in his daydreaming and his
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 24 1
2P!Axis Reuniting with You After a War
This was a request.
2P!Italy: He keeps pacing back and forth, behind him is his men waiting patiently. Their boss has never been able to sit still since you left. He's always been distracted, and couldn't even eat properly sometimes. When you show up he pulls you in, pressing a kiss on your forehead.
2P!Germany: Tapping his foot impatiently, he glances at his watch. A minute barely passes before he checks again. The moment he spots you he almost falls to his knees. You're finally back.
2P!Japan: He isn't the most expressive person, but when he catches sight of you he finds himself smiling. His smile looks so heavy and light at the same time. It's difficult trying to keep a straight face when the person he loves is far away and in a place he can't protect them. It's even more difficult to hide the relief blooming inside him when that person returns to him.
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 17 0
2P!Allies Reuniting with You After a War
This was a request.
2P!America: He'll probably tackle you to the floor, and no one would mind. He'll bury his face in your hair and keep repeating to you just how much he loves you.
2P!England: He will collapse in tears upon seeing your face again. He doesn't even see the bruises and cuts, just the person he so desperately loves.
2P!France: He may seem calm but he will quickly envelope you in his arms almost immediately. His dreams were haunted by thoughts of you and the fear of losing you, and he isn't letting you go anytime sooner.
2P!China: He will jump over to you, eyes brimming with tears. He'll sob against your neck and forbid you to ever leave him again.
2P!Russia: Silently, he'll snake his arms around you and pull you to his broader form. He has missed this feeling, the feeling of your warmth.
2P!Canada: For all his tough guy tendencies, Canada will break down the moment you two find each other. He will be burying his face in your hair, wetting it with fresh tears. 
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 29 1
Canada Valentine's Card by FeriFairy Canada Valentine's Card :iconferifairy:FeriFairy 42 10 America Valentine's Card by FeriFairy America Valentine's Card :iconferifairy:FeriFairy 22 5 Oliver Kirkland by FeriFairy Oliver Kirkland :iconferifairy:FeriFairy 25 6
2P!England Boyfriend Headcanons
This was a request.
When you’re in a relationship with Oliver Kirkland, think of the two of you as the Marshall and Lily of the Hetalia fandom: inseparable and insufferable to those around you.
He’s so sweet, sometimes too sweet. He calls you with affectionate pet names, insists on wearing matching clothes (especially the sweaters he knitted), and is downright clingy.
He often surprises you randomly with a new kind of cupcake, wanting you to be the first to taste his latest creation. And speaking of cupcakes, nine times out of ten, asking you to join him in making cupcakes is essentially code for “Let’s do it”.
For an emotional guy, Oliver is quite talented at keeping his calm when he grows jealous. But when Francois stands a little too close for comfort, he will pout and lightly slap the Frenchman away.
Yandere Headcanons
He’s the type who truly does believe that every choice he makes, no matter how brutal and possessive it seems,
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 19 2
2P!Axis Boyfriend Headcanons
This was a request.
Romantic. Suave. Italian.He loves to spoil you, sometimes it's in an attempt to impress you. Be careful when you use the phrase "I wish" and the like when you're within his earshot.Because of his alpha male nature, he can get a bit territorial of you and dislikes it when other men or women hit on you.At first it will seem as though he sees you as another thing to possess and dominate, but don't worry, he really does see you as an equal. After all, why would he ever fall for someone he didn't respect?
Flirty. Rough but sweet underneath.He likes to just laze around with you. He doesn't mind not going outside for fancy dinners, just being able to hold you is okay with him.He doesn't get jealous easily. He's really confident that you won't even give a second glance to anyone who isn't him.
Reserved. Taciturn. Enjoys your company more than anyone else, as proof, he talks a lot more than usual when he's with you.Sometimes, he just likes li
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 23 0
Anime face by Cioccolatodorima Anime face :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 436 28 Pizza Overlord by Cioccolatodorima Pizza Overlord :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,298 57 Mr. KitKat- Birthstone Series I by Cioccolatodorima Mr. KitKat- Birthstone Series I :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,289 32 Microsoft Edge by Cioccolatodorima Microsoft Edge :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 5,557 331 Anime Summer dress up game by Rinmaru Anime Summer dress up game :iconrinmaru:Rinmaru 474 42 Bend Your Knees To The Brain Tease [Video] by Commoddity Bend Your Knees To The Brain Tease [Video] :iconcommoddity:Commoddity 338 65 Little kiddo n her mom animated by exceld Little kiddo n her mom animated :iconexceld:exceld 3 0




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