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Mythostre: Maae Manie CS 2 by AM-Nyeht Mythostre: Maae Manie CS 2 by AM-Nyeht
Character sheet #2

Manie is the main character. This entire comic revolves around Manie's growth and his story of being the first 'hero' in the Mythostre series. Nusa and is the love interest for Manie.

After Manie and Nusa's story arc, humanity places 'Nusa' as the word for light, and 'Manie' as the world for love/gift.

“Maae Manie vale, Tunik e Nusa neida e Manei”
“My love is shadow, begetting the light of the perfect world.”

For Preview pic and Synopsis of coming comic: [link]

copyright Myself, please do not use my story or characters without my promotion. I am an open person, so please ask and I will do my best to see what I can offer.
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Spirited-Violet Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011
Whats that language? :I And I like his grin, lolol 8D.
About how long on average do these take? :O
AM-Nyeht Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
It is my own created language (still naming the name for the language). This mythology takes place in a fantasy world, which I am still naming sadly as well. Manie and Nusa's story is during the time when civilization just begins from tribes to discovering settlements to medieval civilizations.

;) Ya I pretty proud how Manie came out, but I may fix the sketches a bit after the whole comics together. Manie's supposed to be really like-able, but brooding: always in thought of how to fix the world around him.

My sketches for an entire character sheet(depending if school or work gets in the way) takes about a day. Heads take me hour, and full bodies usually take three to four hours. Reason for so long on them is to study and make sure I like what I have designed. As for comic pages: I will be trying to do a page a day. Only way to get it done.

'Maae Manie' story was created last year, but the Mythostre series have been creating/collecting over 4 years. There are 5 main stories (one after Manie and Nusa is long, putting it into three parts) with 4 short stories.

Thank you once again for taking such an interest! You are the inspiration that keeps me at it :)~:heart:
Spirited-Violet Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011
Wowwww O___O *admires*, I hope you see it all through ^^. It'd be great to see the end result.
AM-Nyeht Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
:D aww thank you. Ya its going to be a big project to under take, but one step at a time!
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August 26, 2011
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