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Mario and Luigi

By am-bearre
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The classic game of Super Mario Brothers! See them in action as they save Princess Peach
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im sorry to say this but i count this as a cursed image. it looks amazing but also a little scary. fantastic job
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"'ve got terminal 7. There's no way someone can actually throw fireballs out of there hands. It's all in your head."
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These are so fucking well-drawn, I can't even! XD You sir, are a master!
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That is just plain awesome! :)
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I had just dropped to the keyboard and burst out laughing from looking at this, but it's still good, don't get me wrong here. Laughing 
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This Is Amazing! You Made Luigi Look Awesome Clap

... And My Desktop Love 
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This is incredible! They look prepared to take on Bowser and save Peach :D
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This is one of the better takes on a more realistically-proportioned Mario that I've seen.  Top effort.
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Shouldn't Mario be more buff? Anyway, awesome art.
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My favorite video game of ALL time!!!
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this is amazing work,this needs to be made into a game or an anime,real talk.
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thank you for your comment!

- Luigi
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what is this, 2050. They look so stupid. Mario and Luigi are both scrawny and weak.
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It's called creativity :)
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stfu, that stands for shutnthe fuck up, i don not care about my gay spelling, fuck y.
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I didn't say anything about your spelling..o.o
Viligairirosa's avatar
shutup btich, i go on this site once a month, u probaly go on every fuckin second of your pathetic life, bitch.
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No need to talk to my friend like that. She said sorry.
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I'm very sorry if I made you upset.
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Kenta: Cool! How do you get your fire to look like that? The only time I've ever been able to draw fire is on a black background, how do you do it on a colored background without blurring everything?
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