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There seems to be something of a fad lately, not so much with artwork depicting big-breasted women, but in the reactions that people have to it. I'm not sure if this is recent, or if I just noticed, but it seems to be everywhere now. All of a sudden, it seems to be "cool" to hate artwork that depicts women with big breasts. The reasons for this seem to be three-fold - though most postings against such artwork tend to blend these points together - and I'll go over them here. The Personalists Some people don't like big breasts in artwork simply because it's not their thing. In this case, they're simply stating that the depiction isn't to th
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Hey there:)
Please consider joining our group, Creation-Connection:)
We're a new group but we're growing:) -AE

Konnichiwa! I thought I would leave you a comment just for comments sake and start rambling about either nothing or randomness in which case I am doing a pretty good job of just going on and on qualifying this sentence to become a run on sentence that is literally and metaphorically running on and on and might be classified as a fragment, but how can you call a sentence a fragmented sentence if it keeps continuing on for either a very long time or forever? Ack! it ended! Nooooo! Oh well, I didn't want to break records or be in the almanac of records or anything. I hope you are doing well and I was thinking of writing a story from our story line. Whether it maybe canon or not we will only know when I actually start writing it. "Longest Running Comment Achievement unlocked!- 45G" XD
Arigatougozaimasu Alzrius kun!
hii bb here to bug you again :) have you seen the df 3-5 on youtube. i promised myself i wouldnt watch and wait for the offisial ones but im weak.
i just wanted to ask a q if youv seen them if not il keep quit XD
Like you, I swore to myself that I would wait for the official releases from Monty, and not watch any of the second-hand footage posted on Youtube. I managed to keep that promise for about five minutes before I broke down and watched the Youtube clips. Luckily, someone managed to post videos that weren't too badly filmed.

So yeah, I've seen them.
Okay your back, but I still don't think it was when you tested the blocking on me for me that you did. Because my friend tested it too and she's still on my DA.
hay sorry to just butt into you page
but i was stacking your comments on montys page
and was wondering if you could send the clip to me aswell XD
thnxz in advance