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A Subtle Juxtaposition by AlyyBabii954 A Subtle Juxtaposition :iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 8 0 All this Empty Space by AlyyBabii954 All this Empty Space :iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 15 2 Wicked by AlyyBabii954 Wicked :iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 33 4
You Are My Escape
Your lips, my tongue
Your hair, my hands
Your scent, my smile.
:iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 20 3
I sit silently and wonder if you are doing the same thing
Closing your eyes while having flashbacks of our memories
Maybe you sigh deeply and slowly, imagining my eyes
You clasp your hand tightly, wishing for it to be mine
I wonder if you battle a war within yourself, waiting for me
Attempting to sleep but you toss and turn, yearning for warmth
Maybe nostalgia won in this case, causing you to stay awake
You dial my number, yet you hesitantly erase each one by one
Because you realize that I've been long gone, moved on
You try to convince yourself that second chances don't exist:
A sense of reminiscence has simply overcome your mind.
:iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 16 3
Greater than Juvenile Heartache
I wake up to a sorrowful figure whose eyes linger upon mine
A mirror facing the sun which refuses to shine in my eyes
Painful, nearly crippled limbs which refuse to function
A barely beating heart that has given much, received little
Monotonous days and nights blend in with minimal sleep
Scars blending in with the colour of my deep golden skin
No longer becoming a significance, unlike my thoughts
Thinking, breathing, knowing, change is inevitable and close
The only thing left to hold on to is a single memory
No other has held me more closely in their heart than you
I have never been loved more deeply than anyone but you
More than our hands would intertwine: our minds, our souls
Guileless, I might be, but pain has never felt so close to me
:iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 9 1
Fishy Face by AlyyBabii954 Fishy Face :iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 17 30 Smile. by AlyyBabii954 Smile. :iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 2 18 Same Shit, Different Year by AlyyBabii954 Same Shit, Different Year :iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 19 10 Dress. by AlyyBabii954 Dress. :iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 5 0
Sleepless nights turn into sorrowful days
Where all I do is think endless thoughts
For night after night, sunrise to sunset
The absence of emotion often turns into angst
Hopelessness fills my mind and takes over
Or perhaps, that is called despair
My mind seems to wander for hours aimlessly
Without a clue of where to begin or end
I sit alone, wondering where everyone has gone
I look in the mirror, wondering what has come of me
I'm a stranger in my eyes, turning into a beast,
A monster lurking in the shadows of the night.
Unable to sleep...
Unable to dream.
:iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 32 5
Lace. by AlyyBabii954 Lace. :iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 52 13 Theme 8: Silence. by AlyyBabii954 Theme 8: Silence. :iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 28 3 my faggish ID by AlyyBabii954 my faggish ID :iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 3 10
Keep it all Inside
I can't face this alone, or I'll drown in my tears.
It's a feeling I've felt for so many years.
I know I've told you the feeling went away,
But the pain is still raw, until this very day.

I can see the pain you store in your heart.
You try to hide it, but I've known from the start.
You hurt, you cry. And your life: you wish to end.
For reasons that I cannot comprehend.

I feel despair, regret, and numb beyond belief.
All I want to do is breakdown, and have a little relief.
Relief from the screaming in my head, the remorseful, horrible dreams.
My mask hides the real me, nothing's as good as it seems.

I try to get you to open up, try to help you out.
Be true to your heart, please get rid of your pout.
It kills me to see you smile without it reaching your eyes,
Because I know that deep inside, you want someone to hear your cries.
:iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 53 44
Simplicity at Best by AlyyBabii954 Simplicity at Best :iconalyybabii954:AlyyBabii954 54 37



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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Update: I read my bio from many years ago and decided I'm a loser.
Now, for my updated bio...
I'm blunt, bitchy, ignorant, and slightly egotistical but you'll like me, for the most part. G'day.
Hi friends. 

So, I am now a senior in high school. Busy, busy, busy. Upon realizing that senior year is much more difficult than people portray it to be, I thought, part of the path to success (at least, academically) and happiness is diligent work... Mixed with maintaining relationships and balancing extracurriculars. As condescending as this may sound, I also thought, people who tell me senior year is a breeze, are people who take all elective classes that don't require much work or thought. These same people will enter college with terrible work ethics and wonder why it is so difficult to keep up with the work... 

I don't want to be one of these people.

So, I am taking multiple AP classes. Not more than I can handle, but certainly the right amount I need in order to keep my work ethic up. Surprisingly, this might be my best year, academically. Not that it particularly matters anymore, I've already gotten into 9/9 of the schools I applied to, so... Hoorah :')

I may be working hard in school, but I'm not a hermit or anything. I totally don't spend hours online (ahem). But in all seriousness, I've been getting closer to a small group of people, while unintentionally (well, somewhat intentionally) drifting away from others. 

Ultimately, life is pretty good, and I'm happy with how things are. Straight A's, solid friend group, solid relationship with my boyfriend... Yup. 

Happy, happy, happy. 
I hope y'all are doing well ^_^
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