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"Selena! Here's your lunch!" Mum called. I was going to my unicorn school. I was pretty bad at my school. I was dumb and in the "left over" class, class 11F. Pretty bad, huh? But it gets worse. I didn't know how to use my camera, my prized possession (I know how to use it now :P). 

I still hadn't got my cutie mark yet. None of 11F had. We never studied. We spent all night partying. *sigh* ... But life was FUN! Class F were asked to view a class 11A's school reports to see how much WE could improve and be like a class A student. I got somepony called Ralph Dawnfly. I imagine a nerdy pony with big round glasses on... How wrong was I? He was the most CUTEST pony in the Big Pony Planet! I loved him at first sight! I LOVED him! Of course, I knew he hadn't got a girlfriend because he totally AVOIDED ALL girls!! Ha! What cheek Ralph! But I still had to get him, had to make him mine. 

"You've dropped your lunch, Selena." 
I heard my voice being called. I turned round to see... RALPH!
"umm... Do I know you?" I asked. ((How did he know my name??))
"oh, you used to bully me as a kid. You used to pounce on me and everything." He said with a quiet, sharp voice. 
"Oh... I...I..." 
I had completely forgot about that!!!!!! Wait... What is Ralph, a Pegasus, doing in unicorn school? ....Image by AlyssumPetal
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Submitted on
July 15, 2014