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Project "Unicorn". I like cute stuff, but I also love horror, blood and gore. So what do you get when you combine everything, well ... something like this.
And which cute creature would you love for me to draw in my twisted style ?

Made with my own stocks.

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unicorn horse horn cute undead blood gore zombie fantasy evil dark horror
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I never thought about it that way , frkng love it

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Astonishing.... Love it!

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It still looks cute lol 😆
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O like this..macabre but subtle...on first look it's one thing g but as you examine e it it becomes so much more with so many questions to ask it

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What a pretty little unicorn. lol

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Haha, thank you ! 😊

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Poor creature, looks so painful! (great artwork btw!)

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So eerie and beautiful, how horror can be so serene is just magical.

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Thank you ! It really means a lot to me 😊

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Either the spine's unusually high, or all the flesh has dropped down from on top of it.

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The way I pictured it in my mind, you have some kind of mutation that makes the spine grow bigger. Due the pressure it will rip through the neck and ultimately protrude the skull. But I have to admit the anatomy of a horse, isn't really my strongest point :)

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Fantastic. Beautiful work.
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Ohh, great take on the unicorn indeed. c:

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Now, this...this is my kind of unicorn.

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Thank you, glad you like it ! 😊

this is absolutely insane i love ur artwork

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Thank you so much ! 😊

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