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Daily Deviation
March 23, 2011
The City is at War by ~AlyssaF A take on lyrics that can really be appreciated. A lot of thought had to have gone into this and a wonderfully creative piece is the result.
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The City is at War



Typography assignment done for school. Took freaking FOREVER. You would think I'd hate the font (Helvetica Neue) after that, but I still pretty much love it.

Also, I think next year I'm gonna put this in my portfolio, so any and all suggestions for improvements are greatly appreciated...nay, encouraged!!

The words are the lyrics of the song The City is at War by Cobra Starship. Done in Adobe Illustrator CS4.


Holy Moses! A Daily Deviation??!! :wow: That' :faint: Thanks so much everybody for taking a look at this! And thanks so much to ^hazelnutx for featuring it! Eep...must go sit down now. My hands are shaking!

****EDIT 2******
Oh, and also, GO LISTEN TO THIS SONG!!! It's for seriously awesome. :)

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